The Enterprise World releases The Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019

The Enterprise World, a business magazine, a platform for all the master business minds to share their stories of success, releases their issues.

The Trailblazing Companies to Watch Out: 2019, the US edition, features the stories of companies pioneering in their industry and present to people innovative and reliable services.

 Featuring for the cover story is Atempo, a globally renowned data protection and management software vendor. With impeccable services that have helped the companies to recover their data easily, Atempo is now shifting emphasis from backup to global data management.

Other features include Approyo, a SAP solution technology company. Approyo makes it easy to manage, upgrade and migrate to your SAP environments. Helping the companies with better cybersecurity solutions is Nucleon, building on innovative technology that gives organizations the ability to block cyber-attacks. Providing painless and easy treatment solutions to NMSC patients is OncoBeta. With their state-of-the-art, innovative therapies utilizing epidermal radioisotope applications, OncoBeta is giving its patients a painless therapy.

Identifying the threats, a system or your organization could come across, Praesidio Group is determined to get rid of them for the companies so that people can work in peace and focus only on their work.  With the mission of giving people back time by creating technologies, UIB is enabling people to simply communicate. FluidX Creations is a new-generation, award-winning IT Consultancy based in India, which is solely dedicated and committed to providing creative solutions.

In an interview with The Enterprise World, features, Victor Ruiz, the co-founder of actiMirror, the smart mirror solutions.

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