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Madhura Samarth Co-founder - Ripple Animation

Your business may offer the best product or service but if people are not aware of your offering and if you’re not making a strong effort to promote it, you might be holding back business growth. There are many ways to promote your business but if you want to reach out to people effectively, then the best option is video content.

Informative videos that are also creative can do wonders to increase your conversion rates and sales.

It’s always advisable to work with a leading video agency that specializes in creating videos for business purposes. And here ends your search for strategic out-of-the-box thinkers with deep experience in creating business videos.

Ripple Animation is a leading agency focused on creating animated video content for businesses.  With offices In Mumbai, Delhi, New York, and Tel Aviv, their sole purpose is to create videos that drive business results.

In a candid talk with Ms. Madhura Samarth, Co-founder at Ripple Animation, let’s learn more about Ripple Animation and how the Company helps businesses achieve results using video content.

Tell us about Ripple Animation

Ripple Animation work with large conglomerates, mid-size companies, and start-ups across the US, India, Israel, Singapore & the Middle East. As companies and brands begin to see ROI on video assets, the need for a reliable partner to produce quality content at scale, on time, and a budget has become a very real one. Ripple Animation serves as such a partner for its clients.

Our in-house team comprises strategists, conceptualizers, scriptwriters, graphic designers, visualizers, directors, and animators. All of us collectively, have one goal – to make 100% of the work we do for our clients memorable.

  • What were the initial challenges you faced?

When we started Ripple Animation, my partner, Vivek, and I was working from a living room with freelancers. The clients we worked with were large conglomerates – it was hard to deliver on time as we had no dedicated resources. But we pulled it off and as the business grew, we were able to move into our own offices and hire high-quality talent.

  • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

For the first 2 years, we were providing several services – these included social media management, design work, and videos. A couple of years after we started we analyzed our numbers and realized that the highest revenue and profit was coming from our video content offering. Also, the resource allocation to the other offerings was much higher in proportion in terms of cost.

Ripple Animation decided to drop the other offerings – it was a tough decision as retainers needed to be dropped and therefore, we had very little visibility in terms of revenue for each coming month. We also let go of highly paid resources from the social media team. Within about a year of the shift in strategy, we started seeing rapid growth.

  • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?   
  • Focus on delivering work that helps clients achieve business results
  • Listen carefully to client feedback at every stage of the video-making process and do our best to find optimal solutions
  • Give freedom to our internal teams to deal with clients as long as they are courteous, give clients the benefit of the doubt and are responsive.
  • A strong company culture and value systems that empowers employees to make the right decisions.
  • What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Ripple Animation focuses on creating animated and stock footage videos that drive business results for clients. We are different because we have in-house teams that understand businesses and what makes businesses in various verticals tick. Our scripts are the key to our success. Ripple Animation also has a proprietary 5 step approval-based process that keeps the clients on the same page as our team as the work is in progress, ensuring that the film is up to the mark and delivered on time. Finally, we have the strongest portfolio of clients in the Indian market and deep expertise in over 10 verticals – this portfolio shows credibility and we can sell more effectively.

  • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

Currently, Ripple Animation is creating customized videos for large or well-funded businesses. Our next offering is going to be mass personalized videos for SMEs. This new offering requires a high level of technology as well as creative and easy-to-use templates. We expect to launch in FY 2021.

  • Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

Before founding Ripple Animation, I ran Sharp Shooter Films, a TVC production firm, which was a joint venture with WPP, the largest media group in the world.

During my career in advertising, I’ve worked with large, global brands including Coke, Sunsilk, AT&T, BskyB, Samsonite, and Mentos.

I’m an investment banker by training. I spent several years at Brean Murray & Co. Inc. in New York before I decided to join my family business, a TV commercial production company.

I completed my B.A. in Economics from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, USA.

  • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

The joint venture with the WPP group and starting Ripple Animation – being able to predict that digital video was going to be big at a time when people in the advertising industry were only focused on TV commercials.

In the depths of my sorrow

In the ecstasy of my joy

In the stillness of bliss

And everywhere in between

I saw that it couldn’t be any other way

It’s perfect as it is

  • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team so creative?

Ripple Animation give everyone a chance to express their opinions, each team is empowered to deal directly with our high profile clients, we have an open-door policy and there’s no real hierarchy.

  • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

Our Google reviews, say it all. We’ve also been selected as the best B2B agency in India by, a leading US-based review platform. All our clients work with us repeatedly – many of these are large conglomerates – ICICI, HDFC, E&Y, SBI, Amazon…the list goes on.

  • One person, who you admire the most?

My grandmother, who was a legendary actress in Hindi cinema, Shobhana Samarth. I admire her for her resilience, her grace, her ability to never be afraid no matter what, and her faith in her abilities.

  • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?

Bhavin Turakhia’s successes.

  • Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views.

A need – always be on top of what your competitors are doing, what your clients need, and how you need to evolve your organization to meet changing circumstances.

  • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that?

Make sure your clients get results and that your employees are happy.

The idea is that everything that happens to anyone is the best thing that could have happened to them at that moment, no matter how good or bad it may appear when it occurs.

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