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In the highly specialized realm of aerospace and defense manufacturing sector, individuals with an unwavering passion for aviation are indispensable. These influential figures not only shape the trajectory of their country’s aerospace sector but also play a crucial role in advancing their nation’s capabilities and establishing it a formidable player in the global aviation landscape. Through strategic leadership, they drive innovation, stimulate economic growth, and bolster national security. These leaders, with their specialized expertise and unwavering commitment, steer the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry towards a promising future, significantly contributing to their country’s global standing.

Rishab Gupta, Promoter and Managing Director of Rossell Techsys, stands as a prime example of such leadership, dedicated to elevating his country’s position in the aerospace and defense manufacturing arena.

In an exclusive interview with The Enterprise World, Rishab Gupta sheds light on Rossell Techsys’ remarkable journey, discussing its successes, challenges, and fundamental leadership principles and more.

1. Brief us about your journey at the company, what inspired you to start the company?

My journey at Rossell Techsys has been very satisfying, driven by a passion for aerospace and a vision to contribute to India’s emergence as a global aerospace powerhouse. Inspired by the potential of India’s talented workforce and competitive manufacturing landscape, I founded the company in 2011 upon returning from my academic pursuits in Massachusetts. The aerospace and defense sector presented a unique opportunity for India to showcase its capabilities on the global stage, and I was determined to be a part of that transformation.

2. What are the initial challenges you faced, and what are the reasons behind both company’s long-standing success? 

When it started, all I had was a dream and a passion for aviation, along with a willingness to take on the most challenging tasks. In the nascent stages, we encountered numerous challenges, including establishing credibility in a highly competitive industry and securing our first major contracts. However, our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and integrity paved the way for our success. By prioritizing operational excellence and fostering a culture of innovation, we were able to earn the trust of industry leaders like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, laying the foundation for our long-standing success.

3. What are the products or services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Rossell Techsys specializes in custom engineering and manufacturing services, focusing on a range of competencies, including Electrical Wiring and Interconnect Systems (EWIS), Electrical Panel Assemblies (EPA), Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs), Electronic Systems, Systems Integration, and Electrical Products Aftermarket Support. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, coupled with a strong customer-centric approach. We prioritize understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients, delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and quality ensures that our products and services are at the forefront of industry standards, guaranteeing superior performance, reliability, and value for our customers. Additionally, Rossell Techsys has strategically established collaborations worldwide to enhance its ability to provide exemplary services on a global scale. Through these strategic partnerships, we aim to leverage the expertise and capabilities of our partners in addition to our own, to deliver even greater value to our customers across the globe. Our commitment to fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships remains unwavering as we continue to seek out opportunities for collaboration and expansion in key markets and enhance our capabilities to better serve our customers worldwide.

4. How do you decide to take the company a step further?

Our decision-making process is guided by a forward-thinking approach aimed at anticipating market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and leveraging emerging technologies. By investing in immersive association on various programs, investments in prototypes, strategic partnerships, and talent development, we continuously strive to expand our capabilities, penetrate new geographies and customers, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry landscape. My long-term vision is to offer the best value to our customers and expand our presence globally. 

We aspire to make the company a truly global enterprise, with diversified business segments. In short, to build a company for the future. We have already diversified into electro-mechanicals, fiber optics, sheet metal and machining, robotics, and automation. We also commenced our US operations, with the opening of a 100% owned subsidiary in Arizona, to provide state-side support to our ever-growing client list in the Americas. We have also entered into strategic teaming agreements with a few more companies in the pursuit of expanding our long-term business interests. We hope to follow this up with inorganic growth, through a series of acquisitions in areas of interest and synergy. 

The company has a clear strategy called “Vision 2050,” and we are wholeheartedly committed to pursuing it. There is a significant element of foresight in it, including some aspects that are too early to talk about. However, what remains consistent and clear is our dedication to be a company that harnesses the full potential of technology, innovation, and excellence, in all aspects of operations, people, processes, and relationships and grows into a comprehensive systems and solution provider.

5. Being a successful leader, please share your views on the current business scenario across the globe after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a wave of unprecedented challenges for businesses globally, upending supply chains, reshaping customer outlook, and hastening the shift towards increased technology absorption and digitalization. In response, businesses have undergone rapid adaptation, embracing remote work, fortifying digital infrastructures, and emphasizing resilience and flexibility. Amidst these changes, the aerospace and defense industry is experiencing a resurgence in economic activity. With global travel rebounding to pre-pandemic levels, with some regions even surpassing the previous benchmarks, there’s a palpable sense of optimism on the horizon.

This resurgence is not merely a return to the status quo but heralds a period of growth and innovation, particularly in emerging technologies and sectors such as space, urban air mobility (UAM) / Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and military aerospace. The trend towards smart factories is gaining momentum, with manufacturing firms across diverse domains focusing on innovation and integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, AAM, and hyper-automation into their operations.

However, alongside these opportunities, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with geopolitical tensions, have compounded supply chain complexities. Addressing these challenges will necessitate a concerted effort across the industry towards innovation, collaboration, and de-risking. The most successful companies will be those adept at navigating uncertainty, fostering a culture of innovation, and prioritizing the welfare of their employees and communities. By embracing change and forging strategic partnerships, businesses can not only weather the storm but emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of future challenges.

6. Why it is said that the workforce plays a vital role in every business’s growth? Please tell us about your team.

The workforce serves as the bedrock of any thriving business, propelling innovation, enhancing productivity, and ensuring customer satisfaction. At Rossell Techsys, our brand is synonymous with quality, built upon a foundation of unwavering credibility. With a workforce of over 600 employees and a leadership team comprising very experienced industry professionals, we take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Our team at Rossell Techsys is comprised of talented and devoted professionals who exemplify our core values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration. Their passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication to excellence are pivotal to our success. We prioritize nurturing their development, well-being, and professional growth, recognizing that their contributions are instrumental in driving our company forward. We are committed to investing in each employee’s professional growth through in-house training and providing support for higher learning. The Rossell School of Learning, established in 2014, plays a key role in this endeavor.

7. Can you please brief us about your professional experience? 

My professional experience spans over a decade in the aerospace and defense industry with a focus on business development, strategic planning, and operations management. My academic stint at Suffolk University in Massachusetts and my experience with various other aerospace companies have helped shape a practical and realistic view of the industry. This coupled with my family roots in business and industry, has shaped the formation, growth, and success of Rossell Techsys.

8. What are the key achievements of your business journey?

Rossell Techsys was founded in 2011, with very humble beginnings, in a 4000 sq. ft space and a small and motley team of around 15. It has since undergone a remarkable journey of growth and transformation over the past 13 years. From its inception as a greenfield entity, the company has emerged as a trusted partner for global OEMs such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, IAI, BAE, Thales, IAF, HAL, BEL, and more.

Our journey of excellence, spanning over a decade, is marked by significant milestones and operational certifications that underscore our commitment to quality and innovation. We hold certifications such as AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001, ISO37001, ISO17025, and NADCAP AC 7121. Additionally, we are CEMILAC certified and compliant with ISO31000 and NIST SP 800-171 standards. With soon-to-add certifications including AS9110 and PAR21/PAR145, our dedication to upholding the highest industry standards remains unwavering. Furthermore, our AS9100-certified subsidiary in the US demonstrates our commitment to serving customers on a global scale. 

Operating today from a state-of-the-art 225,000 sq. ft. IGBC GOLD-rated facility in Devanahalli, Bangalore, we have a global workforce of over 650 professionals.

Rossell Techsys has been honored with numerous awards, including two prestigious ‘Supplier of the Year’ awards from Boeing, affirming our consistent delivery of excellence. Additionally, our DSIR-certified Research and Development Unit focuses on advancing aerospace and defense-specific R&D activities, further enhancing our capabilities and driving innovation in the industry. Additionally, our ability to weather challenges and emerge stronger, as evidenced by our resilience during the pandemic, sustained operations, growth, and reputation in the industry, stands as a testament to the grit and determination of every member of the Rossell Techsys family

9. ‘Innovation is the key to business growth’, Please share your views.

Innovation is indeed the cornerstone of business growth, driving competitiveness, differentiation, and value creation. By fostering a culture of openness, honesty, and trust, it has driven innovation and encouraged creativity and the willingness to embrace efficiency and productivity tools and techniques. This is a sure way in which businesses can unlock new opportunities, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving landscape. At Rossell Techsys, we prioritize excellence in thought, word, and action, and thereby in all aspects of our operations, from Customer Engagement to Product Development to Manufacturing, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive sustainable growth.

10. Any client experience you would like to highlight?

One memorable client experience that stands out is the genesis of our partnership with Boeing, a leading aerospace manufacturer. It was during the early stages when we were striving to establish our foothold in the fiercely competitive domestic aerospace industry. Despite our best efforts, we found ourselves facing challenges in gaining traction and visibility. It was then that we made a pivotal decision to explore opportunities in the export market alongside domestic ventures to gain more ground – a bold move for a fledgling startup like ours.

Although, as a startup, we lacked tangible proof of our capabilities, we approached potential clients with honesty and transparency, presenting our vision and intentions candidly. This genuine approach resonated with a company as reputable as Boeing. We were challenged to “Walk the talk”, something that we were great at. This initial break was all that we needed. Rising to the occasion, we delivered on our promises, securing our very first export order within the subsequent 12 months.

This breakthrough not only marked a significant milestone for us but also opened doors to a multitude of other opportunities, not only with Boeing but also with other global OEMs. It underscored the importance of integrity, transparency, perseverance, and the willingness to seize opportunities, ultimately propelling our company forward on a path to success.

Through our collaboration, we have successfully delivered high-quality components and services, exceeding expectations and solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and long-term value creation.

11. Which one is your favorite quote? 

There are many that I can recall but one message that stands out is “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” This quote resonates with me as it underscores the importance of resilience, perseverance, and determination in the face of adversity, guiding me in both personal and professional endeavors. 

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