COVID-19 Vaccine – Russia could be the first country to announce data on final trial

COVID-19 Vaccine - Russia

While the world is eagerly waiting for a COVID-19 Vaccine to end this pandemic, Russia has announced some good news that will lighten up the days ahead.

Based on the first six weeks of monitoring the participants, Russia is ready to share the preliminary results of its COVID-19 vaccine trials. This news from Russia has raised the tempo in an already frantic race to end this global pandemic.

The head of the Gamaleya Institute, that produced the Sputnik V vaccine, Alexander Gintsburg has said that the pace of the development of this vaccine was important during the wartime conditions of the pandemic, although no corners were cut.

With its potential COVID-19 vaccine, Russia has pushed ahead at top speed with mass public vaccinations with the main human trial. This has although raised concerns among the observers that Russia is prioritizing national prestige over solid science and safety.

“People are dying just like during a war,” said Gintsburg, holding a crystal model of a coronavirus in his hand. “But this fast-tracked pace is not synonymous, as some media have suggested, with corners being cut. No way.”

Gintsburg and his team had set a tight deadline to produce COVID-19 Vaccine while following all the guidelines required for testing Sputnik V’s safety and efficacy.

Since Russia is planning to publish the interim results of the vaccine on the first 42 days of monitoring the results, it only means that Russia has high chances of becoming the first country to announce any data from a final phase trial of Phase III.

The first 5000 volunteers for the vaccine were vaccinated on 9th September, which means that the interim results will be published on 21st October. The sovereign wealth fund of Russia, which invested in the vaccine’s rollout has said that it is expecting the interim results by October or November.

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