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Sahiba Ahluwalia, , is a dynamic and accomplished dispute resolution lawyer with a proven track record of success in the legal profession. With over seven years  of experience, she has established herself as a leading authority in the area of dispute resolution, particularly arbitration. Her expertise, coupled with her commitment to delivering exceptional results for her clients, has earned her a reputation as a  trusted and respected legal advisors in the industry. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce her to one of the Most Influential Lawyers to Watch in 2023.

Sahiba Ahluwalia has with time gained immense knowledge in the field of arbitration and commercial litigation, particularly infrastructure arbitration. Sahiba is a natural leader who leads by example and has a deep understanding of the nuances of the legal profession

Her innovative approach to problem-solving and the ability to anticipate industry trends have helped her clients stay ahead of the curve. Sahiba’s leadership and pioneering spirit have made her a role model for many aspiring lawyers, and her contributions to the legal profession have been widely recognized.

“The quintessential quality for a leader to thrive in competition is being able to adapt to the dynamic environment while building a strong and trustworthy relationship with their team as well as clients.”

Sahiba Ahluwalia believes that leaders must remain open to adjustments and accommodations to maintain strong relationships with those around them. In her opinion, a leader who lacks kindness, understanding, and respect cannot be considered a good leader. 

The Shift in Leadership Style

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was just an abstract concept, and business leaders focused solely on getting the job done.However, since then, there has been a radical shift in leadership style. Today’s leaders are more collaborative and people-oriented, and they have taken on the role of being mentors, providing guidance and inspiration to their teams. 

As a result, leaders have become more productive and have found greater satisfaction in their work. Successful leaders today prioritize their people. They understand that creating a two-way relationship between leaders and team members is essential to maintaining work-life balance in this era of technological innovation and globalization. 

The Importance of Agility and Flexibility 

As Sahiba Ahluwalia puts it, “Agility and flexibility are no longer just concepts but essential to the morale of employees.” In today’s real-time competitive environment, lawyers must be able to take overload of information thrown in their faces each day, organise, categorise and make decisions accordingly.In the legal profession, the ability to adapt to the dynamic environment  quickly and efficiently is critical. In the age of COVID-19, where remote working has become the norm, lawyers must be able to work remotely and communicate effectively with their teams. 

The legal industry has had to adapt quickly to these changes and has done so successfully by leveraging technology and developing new methods of communication. Leaders in the legal profession must continue to prioritize agility and flexibility to ensure their teams are equipped to handle whatever challenges come their way.

Sources of Inspiration

While Sahiba Ahluwalia has found inspiration in many individuals throughout her journey, she attributes much of her success to her mother. From a young age, her mother instilled in her the value of hard work, and on difficult days, reminded her that consistency and courage are essential for achieving one’s goals. Witnessing her mother balance her work and personal life with grace has taught Sahiba the importance of managing one’s time and resources effectively while maintaining meaningful connections with loved ones.

Maintaining work-life balance is a constantly evolving process that requires a personal commitment to finding the right balance. In Sahiba’s opinion, it is an individual’s responsibility to prioritize their well-being by making non-negotiable commitments to themselves. Mindfulness practices, according to her, can be an effective tool for managing high-stress situations and rewiring one’s flight or fight response. To ensure she maintains a healthy balance between work and life, she spends quality time with her loved ones, meditates, and indulges in hobbies such as reading, long walks, and traveling. She believes that taking breaks regularly can help increase productivity, contentment, and overcome feelings of burnout.

Unveiling the Path to Success 

Sahiba Ahluwalia is a Principal Associate at S&A Law Offices, a leading law firm in New Delhi, where she serves as part of the Dispute Resolution team. Before joining S&A, Sahiba gained valuable experience as an Associate at L&L Partners and MSA Partners, where she specialized in commercial arbitration with a particular focus on infrastructure disputes arising out of EPC contracts.

With a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degree from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Sahiba Ahluwalia went on to earn her Masters in International Commercial Laws with Distinction from University College, London in 2018. She credits her interest in law to her fascination with the democratic form of government and the realization that the legal fraternity plays a key role in bringing about change in society.

Sahiba believes that the legal profession offers immense potential for those willing to put in the hard work, and has found her niche in commercial arbitration, with a particular focus on infrastructure disputes. She has had the opportunity to work on high-stakes cases for eminent companies, which has allowed her to hone her skills and ensure efficiency even under high pressure.

Sahiba Ahluwalia takes pride in the landmark judgments she has played an instrumental role in and attributes her success to the guidance and mentorship of the stalwarts in the legal industry she has worked with. She says, “Working on high-stake cases for eminent companies has greatly shaped my approach in handling subject matters and obtaining an aggressive approach for ensuring the desired result within the desired time.” With her extensive experience and expertise in commercial arbitration, Sahiba is poised to continue making significant contributions to the legal profession and society at large.

The Pursuit of DreamsSahiba’s Impactful Contributions

“My work ranges from advising and assisting clients prior to the onset of litigation to representing companies in various legal forums,” says Sahiba. Her approach towards every matter is to provide a composite legal strategy to ensure that her clients’ needs are met with the desired result. Through her work, Sahiba Ahluwalia has had the opportunity to play an instrumental role in landmark judgments in the field of arbitration. She believes that her work has enabled her to hone her skills, be proficient in her specialization and ensure efficiency even under high pressure. 

“Having worked with the stalwarts of the legal industry has greatly shaped my approach in handling subject matters and obtaining an aggressive approach for ensuring the desired result within the desired time,” adds Sahiba.

Rising to the Challenge

Sahiba Ahluwalia’s journey in the legal industry has not been free from challenges. As a litigator, she has faced numerous hurdles in her quest to provide the best legal advice to her clients. She acknowledges that the legal field is ever-evolving, and one must keep learning to keep up with the changes. 

“Law being dynamic in nature, the learning never ends.”

Working in a law firm can be demanding, and one must be prepared to tackle deadlines, multitasking, and other challenges that come with the job. For Sahiba, these challenges have helped her grow and develop a better version of herself. 

“Such challenges do not only empower us to put our best foot forward and to do complete justice to the aggrieved clients who bestow their valuable trust in us but also empower us to develop a fresh perspective on life to overcome all adversity,” she says.

Sahiba Ahluwalia emphasizes the importance of being a quick learner and having the ability to grasp both legal and non-legal issues. She believes that maintaining a work-life balance is the biggest challenge in the legal profession. Despite the challenges, Sahiba remains committed to providing the best legal services to her clients and striving towards a better version of herself every day.

Change is the Need of the Hour

Sahiba Ahluwalia finds her work to be one of the most liberating and exciting fields as it allows her to be a student of law for life. In her opinion, the legal industry is constantly evolving, and lawyers are expected to be well-versed in the changing trends and positions in law. 

She believes that staying up-to-date with the latest judgments passed by the Honorable Courts is an essential habit for any legal professional, especially with technology being readily accessible. By doing so, one can develop a deeper and more intricate understanding of the changes in jurisprudence and their effects on different conditions. Additionally, Sahiba also benefits from various legal journals and websites, which help her stay updated with the changing trends in the industry.

Word of the Wise

The youth of this generation have a lot to offer and I believe that the legal industry can often seem overwhelming. I believe that the next generation of lawyers will pave the way for the industry with their technological prowess, fresh perspective, and zeal towards learning the law. For me, consistency is the key, and holistic development of both physical and mental health are integral aspects that one should not ignore in order for achieving a balance in their life. 

I would like to advise what I have always followed in my professional career and observed in my mentors that leaders in the legal fraternity are keen learners and lifelong students of law. Every day in the legal fraternity comes with a new learning opportunity and as long as the young aspirants make consistent efforts towards enhancing their knowledge, their toil will definitely come to fruition. 

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