Victoria Kennedy Accepts Cultural and Societal Impact Award at World Changers Summit at The Vatican

Victoria Kennedy Accepts Cultural and Societal Impact Award at The Vatican | The Enterprise World

The World Changers Summit, held on July 5th at The Vatican, was a remarkable event that brought together exceptional individuals from various fields to inspire positive change in the world. Organized by the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation (IASC) in partnership with Sir Dustin Plantholt, known as the Count of Monte Crypto, and Sir G.C.H. Prof. Gabriele Andreoli, President of the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation, the summit aimed to unite diverse voices in a shared commitment to creating a brighter future.

Among the distinguished attendees, Ms. Victoria Kennedy, a renowned singer, speaker, and journalist, was honored with the prestigious Cultural and Societal Impact Award for her significant community influence.

The event featured a series of captivating speeches delivered by accomplished people who have made extraordinary contributions in their respective fields. Dignitaries and prominent figures were in attendance, making the event truly momentous. The speeches were thought-provoking and highlighted the passion and dedication of these exceptional experts in their quest to change the world. Of note, Dr. Christina Rahm was recognized for her outstanding achievements in advancing medical science and was presented with the prestigious “Bright Star” award.

Victoria Kennedy, often referred to as “The Lightkeeper” by Sir Plantholt, has had a profound impact on society through her remarkable talents and advocacy. As a singer, speaker, and journalist, she has used her platform to inspire and uplift countless individuals around the globe. Her commitment to creating positive change in the world has earned her the admiration and respect of many.

Victoria Kennedy

Kennedy’s singing performance at The World Changers Summit was truly awe-inspiring. As she took the stage, her powerful and melodious voice resonated through the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City-State, captivating the hearts of all in attendance. Her rendition of “Ave Maria,” a sacred Catholic hymn, received a standing ovation, with attendees expressing that the experience of hearing such a profound piece in the heart of the world’s most religious city was a blessing and a spiritual moment.

Victoria’s choice to sing “O Mio Babbino Caro,” with its Italian heritage, further added to the enchanting ambiance of the event, paying homage to the country in which the summit took place. Her performances were a testament to her exceptional talent and added a touch of beauty and reverence to an already extraordinary gathering. Her soul-stirring rendition of these cherished pieces resonated with the Vatican-seated attendees, creating a spiritual and memorable experience.

Reflecting on her achievements, Victoria Kennedy expressed her gratitude for being invited to The World Changers Summit and being awarded the honor of excellent Cultural and Societal Impact by Sir Plantholt.

“I consider it a dream come true to attend such a gathering of brilliant minds in a historic and religious setting like The Vatican,” she said. “I had the privilege of performing for the attendees at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City-State, adding a touch of spiritual resonance to the event. Being awarded such a prestigious award makes all of my achievements in my field feel all the more real and rewarding.”

World Changers

The summit featured an array of esteemed speakers who shared their expertise in science, technology, religion, Web3, blockchain, and the metaverse, among other fields. The event fostered an atmosphere of intimacy and allowed for engaging interactions between the speakers and the audience. Each speaker presented a key chapter from their area of expertise, sparking riveting discussions during networking breaks.

The hosts of the event, Sir Plantholt and Sir Andreoli, played gracious and thought-provoking roles. Their vision was to bring together exceptional minds to effect real change in the world, and they succeeded in creating an awe-inspiring event.

The overall atmosphere of the summit was one of unity, peace, and collaboration for the greater good. The event brought together different spheres of thought and study, fostering harmony and opening doors for potential world-changing initiatives.

The success of The World Changers Summit has led to the announcement of the upcoming World Changers Power Women’s Summit, scheduled to take place at The Vatican on October 13th. This invite-only event is eagerly anticipated by past attendees and promises to bring together remarkable women with grand ideas to share on stage.

The World Changers Summit series, initiated in 2008, has attracted thousands of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. The events serve as a platform to elevate attendees’ spiritual perspectives and empower them to create meaningful change. For more information about upcoming events, please visit the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation’s official website at

About Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Victorious PR, is an award-winning classical crossover singer who has performed for ambassadors, lords, and dignitaries in such prestigious locations as at the Vatican and at the House of Commons and Guildhall in London. Her newest song, “O Mio Babbino Caro,” went straight to #1 on the iTunes Classical Charts within just 24 hours of the release. She has been called ‘Singing Magic’ by Las Vegas Seven Magazine and has been applauded by the likes of Renee Fleming. She has opened for Enrique Iglesias at the House of Blues and sung for Forbes Netherlands and Forbes Monaco events. Find out more about her at

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