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ason Lawrence Founder & MD SalesFix

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important aspects of any business. Many organizations rely on a CRM software which helps them manage current and potential customer relationships. In today’s world, CRM implementation is important not only to manage customer relations, but also to analyze customer interactions, track leads and streamline processes.

Founded in 2010 by Jason Lawrence, SalesFix are experts in Salesforce CRM implementation, integration, and service. With a strong culture of industry leading processes, customer service and innovation for clients, SalesFix is focused on implementing Salesforce solutions that are simple to use and provide powerful outcomes that drive customer success.

Whether you’re just starting to understand Salesforce or need assistance to amplify your Salesforce platform, SalesFix offers businesses more. As Salesforce CRM implementation, integration, and service experts, SalesFix is your specialist partner in business process improvement.

At SalesFix we’re always looking at the next level of industry excellence and growth.

Talking about the journey of SalesFix, Jason recalls the challenges he faced initially. The main challenge, he says, was that of “transitioning from an owner/operator to a small business with employees. Becoming a boss is a big step as suddenly there are people relying on you and your expertise and you don’t want to let them down.” The growth of the company was not something that happened overnight. It was mostly about consistently delivering successful projects. This resulted in happy customers so the work kept coming and the business kept growing. The graphs below show a glimpse of their journey.

Their Products and Services-

SalesFix prides itself on its close relationships with their customers. They are big believers in consulting rather than selling, so before they even take on new customers they work with them to get a better understanding of their business and the goals they are trying to achieve to determine if SalesFix are the right fit for them.

Salesforce Consulting Services-

SalesFix’s Salesforce Consulting Services can take your business to a whole new level. Successful CRM involves many different areas of your company, starting with sales and extending to other customer-facing areas like marketing, analytics, and customer service. offers a technology solution for all those areas… and more. With SalesFix as your Salesforce Consulting Partner, you can monitor your customers and your budget at the same time.

Salesforce CRM Health Check-

SalesFix’s Salesforce CRM Health Check and Business Review is an inexpensive way to make sure your business is getting the most from your investment in people, processes and technology. It is perfect for SMB’s who have had significant business change or growth in the past 1-2 years and are unsure what to do next.

Salesforce Financial Process Integration-

Building an integration between Salesforce and your financial solution allows you to manage your data from a single source; having financial information in your accounting system and another system for your customer service, for example, is not helping customer service. In order to gain a full overview of your customer, you need to have all the information in one place.

Salesforce Support Services-

We all know that ongoing Salesforce support is crucial to ensure your Salesforce CRM is moving forward with your business. It’s nice to know there is someone available that can step in when you need it, providing expertise, availability and guidance that meet your business needs and keep your users happy.

While SalesFix already offers a range of accelerator and product specific services, such as their Quickstart and Not For Profit packages, that they know will benefit a range of customer businesses, SalesFix is continually refining their offerings and providing solutions to new problems. If, for example, they have several customers who are looking for a specific tool that isn’t already available, they may build or develop something themselves. The company can then replicate this and customise it for other customers and projects.

What Makes SalesFix Different?

Professional Team

SalesFix is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with certified consultants who utilise their expertise to aid you in the implementation and operation of your CRM system. They aid organisations of all sizes to ensure they get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

Holistic Approach

SalesFix’s friendly experts will sit down with you in order to fully understand your individual organisation’s needs and goals. With a firm grasp on your business’ operations, SalesFix can provide you with solutions that best meet your specific requirements and can help devise a plan that fully encompasses all aspects of your operations.

Quality Services

By going the extra mile, SalesFix ensures your expectations are not just met but exceeded. SalesFix provides a one-stop-shop of Salesforce CRM solutions including implementation, integration and ongoing support. Their experts will turn you and your staff into Salesforce pros – increasing productivity and your return on investment in Salesforce.

Salesforce CRM

The customers have always been right, but in today’s global economy it can be nearly impossible to keep track of just what the customer is right about. With a Salesforce customer relationship management system, that job becomes simpler and much more rewarding. Salesforce CRM offers a wide variety of systems and functionality that suit your needs at a fully scalable cost for businesses of all sizes.

The Team-

Jason is the business founder and Managing Director of SalesFix, a proud Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2012. Prior to opening SalesFix in 2010, Jason spent over 20 years working in Management Accounting for multinational organisations such as Rentokil Initial, P&O Ferries, Initial City Link, and Laing O’Rourke Construction. Jason holds 12 Salesforce certifications and is a Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member.

We have a great team here at SalesFix.

All the employees are very collaborative and genuinely care about the customers and help them succeed. The company offers a casual, team oriented, flexible working environment that is both fun and professional, an inclusive culture, incentives, and ongoing career development opportunities. The goal is to build an organization of smart, ambitious individuals who are committed to the team and customers’ success, while still being able to balance a respectful, healthy work environment and lifestyle.

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