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Kalpesh Patel CEO- Solution Analysts

One, who adopts new technologies, leads the market. All of us know that in this era of digitization there is a new technology rising with every new dawn. Businesses that are not capable of changing with time might hold their growth back. To transform businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions Solution Analysts are making hard and smart efforts under the holistic vision of its CEO, Mr. Kalpesh Patel.

Solution Analysts is an enterprise software development company. Since its inception in 2011, they have assisted many startups, SMEs, and large companies to get the benefits of technological advancements in web and mobile app domains. They have accomplished over 500 projects for the global corporate clientele and maintained the tradition of providing customized IT solutions to date.

Journey since inception of Solution Analysts

Just like other IT startups, they established Solution Analysts with a few professionals. They also faced the same initial hiccups, but at one point, got stuck. Due to late payment, they faced cash flow issues and had to delay the salary of the team by seven days. From that point on, thankfully, Solution Analysts have never been in troubled waters to date.

Mr. Kalpesh established Solution Analysts intending to bring automation to the client’s business processes and enhance their convenience. They witnessed a troubled time in the initial years, but as he got the assistance in real-time, it became a turning point for Solution Analysts. There on, they have successfully set new milestones in providing enterprise-grade software solutions across different technology domains.

Automation and comfort for the client. Growth and opportunities for the team.

Solution Analysts’ Motto

Solutions Analysts’ have had an exciting journey so far. After having a bumpy ride in the initial years, things have been steady as they embrace futuristic technologies like IoT and wearables.

 Mr. Kalpesh says, “I will give all credit to my dedicated team members. Since its inception, every employee at Solution Analysts has remained committed to the single goal- developing technology solutions that can assist corporate clients to take their business to the next level. Our long-standing success stays on four mainstays- dedication, client-focused approach, timely delivery, and innovation.”

Their Offerings

Solution Analysts is an IT services provider. They focus on mobile app development, web design and development, eCommerce development, and enterprise software development. The teams have hands-on experience in using cutting-edge tools and technologies for developing customized, enterprise-grade software. Focus on quality and integrity helps them stay strong amid growing competition.

Solution Analysts, continuously stay updated with technological advancements and changing market trends to develop client-focused IT solutions. For example, they have started implementing rising trends like IoT and AR in their advanced app solutions to meet the client’s business needs in the best possible way.

They are working on emerging technologies like IoT, AR, VR, and wearables. In cross-platform app development, they have implemented the most happening technology Flutter to build next-gen hybrid apps.  

An Unmatched Leadership

Mr. Kalpesh Patel has over seventeen years of experience in the tech domain. After completing BE in Computer Science, He took training in Alfresco. He has trained 100+ professionals from different backgrounds to date. In seventeen years, he has designed and delivered many IT solutions using J2EE, PHP, Alfresco, Liferay, Android, iOS, and other platforms. Mr. Kalpesh has architected systems that are being used by some of his clients for the last seven to eight years.  

Whether you think you Can or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.

Henry Ford

While talking about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur he says, “The responsibilities of an entrepreneur are neither limited nor restricted. Certainly, depending on the growth stage of an organization, your focus and priorities keep on changing. But then, certain aspects of business remain in focus forever. As an entrepreneur, my vast responsibilities include mentoring, grooming, and defining work culture. These responsibilities always are on priority and focus. To ensure Solution Analysts runs and grows smoothly, entrepreneurs need to perform many other activities to ensure the growth of Solution Analysts and the well-being of employees.”

The Key achievements

There are many achievements worth mentioning. Onboarding many marquee customers is always an important and proud moment for any entrepreneur. But, as he says he takes more pride to mention, his first customer and his first employee are still with Solution Analysts. In the initial few quarters, client payments got delayed and he was facing cash flow issues. I was feeling the utmost discomfort spending time in the office as my team’s salary was delayed by 7 days.

My team stood by me and gave me confidence which has been the fuel of our growth since then. It is also worth mentioning that all his employees have shown integrity and dedication in the recent troubled times when they were compelled to implement the ‘Work from Home’ concept.

Happy people working together

Mr. Kalpesh Says, “Many people don’t believe when I say, my team looks after me more than the care I show for them. And that is what makes my team unique.”  Care for an individual’s preference, comfort, dignity is deeply weaved in a company’s work culture. They believe and operate as a family in a true sense. The internal communication group and distribution lists have been addressed as “SA Family” since inception. “I am proud of my team and I declare this on multiple occasions, My TEAM is seriously AWESOME”, he commented.

Overwhelming client experience

With employees being in the center, solution analysts know all the clients are extremely important and they are the reason why they exist. During the company’s initial days of business, the client was highly dependent on their technological needs. They considered this as a potential business risk and were very keen and extremely aggressive in assigning the project to the company. They had a tough time convincing the client that their project is in safe hands, and they won’t take any undue advantage of this dependency. In the end, sharing a long-term vision and hiring plan made everybody comfortable. The company still shares a very good personal and professional relationship with this client.

Words from founder for rising businesses in the digital landscape

I believe that though technologies keep on evolving and market trends keep on changing, some key business factors always remain the same. We have given priority to bring automation and enhance convenience to the client’s business processes since inception. In today’s digital landscape, we focus on integrating technological advancements in client-oriented solutions to achieve these objectives. Other factors include integrity and timely project completion to gain the trust of a global corporate clientele.

A few years back, enterprise mobility and BYOD concepts were in vogue. They have brought radical changes in the way we work by improving connectivity and establishing real-time communication. Then on-demand app technology was introduced. Today, the entire service industry relies on on-demand apps for providing improved customer services and managing the business by bringing automation. Now, we are working on the integration of IoT in mobility and on-demand technology to build futuristic app solutions.

Coping up with the rat race in the market

It’s a rat race everywhere. But, at Solution Analysts, rather than focusing on making them better than anyone else, they constantly focus on internal improvements. They have been successful in implementing a few innovative processes which make them stand apart. Mr kalpesh says, “We also need to improve further on a few aspects. We have yet to cover some ground to declare us a perfect organization. But we are happy we compete with ourselves more than anyone else.” Solution Analyst is an extremely innovative and automation-focused company. They live their vision every day “Automation and comfort for the client. Growth and opportunities for the team”

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