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Eric Billingsley CEO & Co-founder Calculi.

DevOps can be defined as a set of practices that help to automate the processes between software development and IT teams. This helps them to build, test, and release software faster and even more reliably. Since the takeover of the methodology and related technologies, business environments have become ever more dynamic to adopt an operational framework that is both fast and sustainable.

Eric Billingsley, CEO, and Co-Founder of Calculi started the organization to help organizations transform quickly to the changing technological landscapes.  

He started his career as a nuclear engineer but quickly transitioned into Information Technology upon joining Alta Vista – an early pioneer in Internet search. From there he took on engineering leadership roles at eBay, Google, and Apple where he led very large engineering organizations in the development of very complex products and solutions.

Winning in business today requires excellence in all facets of software development, delivery, and operations. Knowing that there is no other single solution on the market that helps large organizations accelerate their DevOps transformation end-to-end, the team at Calculi is devoted to helping businesses transform with their best-in-class solutions.

The Inception – Calculi

Calculi were founded in 2018 by a passionate and determined group of Silicon Valley veterans who successfully drove large-scale software engineering transformations for several Fortune 500 companies. Many of these companies spent tens of millions of dollars to overhaul their tooling, personnel, and processes to compete more effectively with nimbler competitors, but many large organizations don’t have the time, money, skill, or desire to do this on their own.

Informing Calculi, the goal has been to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use product to help these large enterprises quickly and cost-effectively transform how they develop, deliver and operate the software. Calculi have developed a first-of-its-kind platform called Guide-Rails. Regardless of the industry, market, or product segment, this software is foundational to business innovation and success.

With so many low-cost – even free – point solutions in the market, many large companies thought it would be fast and cheap for them to integrate many point-solutions into a cohesive DevOps “toolchain”, but most found that it was a costly and incredibly complex endeavor. Having invested so much in building their solutions, many were loath to move to something new, especially once they hadn’t heard of before, despite proof of better capabilities and cost-efficiency.  
Fortunately for Calculi, they were an able partner with a few early customers who were tired of paying for their internally developed “toolchain” that tethered them to aging technologies and processes. They understood the experience of our founding team and the value of our platform, so they agreed to embrace the Guide-Rails Way. 

Each member of our team has dealt with the challenges of large-scale, do-it-yourself DevOps solutions in the past. We’ve utilized this deep experience and expertise to build a platform that ensures our customers avoid the pitfalls and accelerate their transformation.

Calculi’s Products and Services-

Calculi’s flagship product, Guide-Rails, is a comprehensive hybrid cloud management platform that enables organizations to securely shift and optimize the value of their IT investments and accelerate time to market.

Guide-Rails provides the mechanism to ensure well-crafted code zips from commit to production in minutes, freeing teams of repetitive, mundane, low-level tasks that get in the way of higher-level problem-solving. Sitting at the center of software development, delivery, and operations processes, Guide-Rails replaces the need for many commercial and open-source tools, yet integrates seamlessly with many of the point solutions that customers are already using.

The platform collects all relevant data from every code and configuration change, test execution, security scan, and release to production thereby providing customers with unparalleled visibility into their SDLC. This real-time reporting feature empowers executives with an accurate view of the quality of code produced and the activities performed within various groups, all the way down to the engineering level, helping them drive digital transformation.

Guide-Rails does the work to automatically spin up to full testing environments for developers working on new features without the need for any manual effort. As developers iterate through their changes, Guide-Rails builds, tests and deploys, and verifies each change. When development is done, developers merge changes to a release pipeline with the confidence that their changes will flow to production automatically and unimpeded. The unified visibility across the entire toolchain, flexible automation and governance, complete audit and compliance controls, and the ability to scale the creation of ephemeral test environments empowers the enterprise in an entirely new way.  

“Guide-Rails’ effective governance capabilities enable clients to define and enforce goals for a variety of quality metrics such as security scans, test coverage, reliability, activity metrics, and more to support them in realizing their business goals.”

Our application modernization services help clients to take full advantage of modern technologies, including cloud, containers, software-defined-everything, and advanced operational analytics.

The Road Ahead – Calculi

Currently, the company is focused on providing the best solutions for the customers by providing a robust platform and various hosting options ranging from fully managed within a customers’ cloud environment to self-managed, datacenter installations. The next tier of service that is in development is a self-service SaaS offering that individuals and SMBs can take advantage of. 

Calculi are looking forward to providing customers additional value by deriving actionable insights from the data generated throughout their software development lifecycle through the use of machine learning to create an AI co-pilot for engineers, further accelerating its clients’ DevOps transformation.

The Team – Calculi

Without a seasoned, dedicated group of engineers, it would have been impossible to build the platform and secure any early customers. It is a team of dedicated people who believe in the company’s mission – to make software delivery at scale fast, efficient, and safe. Each member of the team has a passion for modern software practices and technologies – from CI/CD, DevOps, and Everything-As-Code, to Cloud, Containers, and Microservices. The company has been select in bringing on people with this passion and skill, and the team is motivated to see the fruits of their labor nearly every day by helping their customers succeed.

Our team is our most valuable asset.

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