Infosysta: Leading the Business World towards Digital Transformation

Feras El Hajjar Founder & Chairman Infosysta

The world has gone digital, and there’s no going back. Digital transformation denotes the adoption of digital processes and tools to reach the desired business goals. In other words, it’s known as a multifaceted process that represents a tremendous cultural shift in the workplace.

Reforming corporate culture is a crucial and often undervalued factor in enabling successful digital transformation. Changing the culture in most cases is more difficult than changing technology. That’s why it is important to proactively address the changes needed to instill a digital culture. Digital transformation affects every area of the business and requires teams to coordinate and collaborate effectively.

Infosysta is one such company that faced the initial challenge of organizational resistance to change. But, it was ready to take the challenge head-on by providing Business Problem Solvers, Solution Architects, Developers, and Experts to companies targeting end-to-end Agile Digital Transformation and Custom Solutions. It is a multi-national Software Experts & Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) labeled Enterprise

We are an agile culture implementer with extensive expertise in the Digital Transformation.

Nizar Deeb, Infosysta COO

Infosysta’s Dynamics

Established in 2012, twice Infosysta has touched the right trajectory of growth in EMEA for the last 4 years. With 120+ internal experts located in 4 countries, the company’s business model is based on providing software licenses and professional services for clients on-site and offshore. Clients of Infosysta are large organizations (Governments, Banks, Telecom, Airlines, Groups, and more) located in 25+ countries. This puts the firm in unique positioning in EMEA as a Technology Leader, recognized by Gartner.

The company reveres its employees as the principal strength and is always looking to expand its culture. The benefits provided by the company are one of the main reasons why people stay and continue working with the Infosysta family. “I believe that many organizations forget that real loyalty comes when employees believe that the organization and its leadership care about them professionally and personally,” says Feras El Hajjar, the Founder and Chairman of Infosysta. This eventually results in long-tenured employees, which has a very real and direct effect on the company’s growth.

Being an Atlassian authorized Platinum Solution Partner; its experts have the know-how to provide customers with complete IT and Business Support. It provides technical expertise to help customers effectively implement, and enable various product technologies. “My team is my success partner,” shares Feras. The uniqueness of its team is a combination of stable leadership, communication, and access to useful resources that contribute to productive collaboration. Still, it all comes down to having people who understand each other and work well together. Mutual respect, specialization, competitiveness, continued learning, all lead to its uniqueness.

A Leading Personality

Feras is also the Founder & CEO of App4Legal, a company specialized in Legal Technology. He is an expert in Information Systems with more than 18 years of multi-national experience in the Software industry including CRM, ERP & HRMS solutions. He is a Software Engineer with solid Management and leadership skills, graduated from Ecole ParisTech in 2002 and Paris Dauphine (Paris IX) in 2003.

I believe that many organizations forget that real loyalty comes when employees believe that the organization and its leadership care about them professionally and personally.

Ferras El Hajjar

Feras has years of experience in multi-national companies in Paris, Singapore, Dublin, Beirut, Riyadh, Cairo, & Dubai. His solid experience in the domain of Information Technology with the most known solutions in the market is the success key to building sustainable two mature multi-national companies. He is a permanent speaker at Agile Summits in the Middle East. He is also a board member of different organizations including the Industry Advisory Board of Heriot-Watt University in Dubai and Atlassian Ecosystem Partners Board Member in San Francisco.

“When starting a business, you should try the best to your customers, employees, society, the environment, and yourself,” shares Feras. According to him, an entrepreneur must have a strategic mindset and be able to think strategically about the big picture and make well-structured decisions that will drive employees in the organization in a prevailing direction. The primary responsibilities include building the team and shaping the vision for the company. 

Distinguished Products and Services

Digital transformation trend is reaching all types of companies and sectors; none can remain on the sidelines. It helps companies to traverse the complicated digital transformation journey. The company focuses on Agile Digital Transformation Solutions such as Agile Project Management, Task Management, IT Service Management (ITSM, ITIL), Service Desk, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Software Development Management (SDLC), DevOps, Demand Management, Capacity Management, Legal Practice Management, Education Systems and more.

The firm provides the best-in-class Atlassian & App4Legal Products that help organizations increase automation, improve collaborations, increase productivity, and achieve new competitive edges. “We provide our clients with a fully comprehensive experience. We offer a wide range of Applications & software, so they run their business the way they dreamed of,” states Feras.

The company offers a full scale of professional services to help customers quickly and effectively implement, customize, migrate, integrate and enable Infosysta’s various products to accelerate growth and get the max-out of their investment.

Clients can also delegate the administration process of Atlassian products to Infosysta’s certified professionals through its managed services programs that include administration of enterprise systems, the installation of new modules, active support, and keeping performance at the highest level with affordable investment.

As a customer-focus company, we run on-going market research and consult our related teams about their plans so that we can act accordingly.

The Infosysta Motto

Final Saying

No doubt that new products and services are the lifeblood of all businesses in the Digital Transformation era. Investing in the development isn’t an optional extra – it is crucial to business growth and profitability. Embarking on the development process requires considerable planning and organization.

“As a customer-focus company, we run on-going market research and consult our related teams about their plans so that we can act accordingly,” states the team of Infosysta. The firm tests a lot of ideas and seeks the views of business associates to match these new steps and to market needs.“Things are changing so fast around us,” tells Feras. Business Decision Makers must be aware of these changes and be prepared to expect the unexpected.

The unexpected, by definition, could happen at any time and, sometimes, it is impossible to plan for every possible eventuality. “We, at Infosysta, tend to implement a learning organization with a customer-focused mindset that looks for meaningful and long-term interaction with clients. We also have a shared vision with well-defined strategies in which all employees in Infosysta share the same vision and know where the company needs to go,” concludes Feras and the team of Infosysta.

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