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Ashokan Ashok CEO UnfoldLabs Inc.

Keeping up with the changing technology trends can sometimes be too intimidating. Owing to the technology trends, the business landscape has become even more dynamic. As technology trends are growing/changing at a tremendous rate, organizations need to re-focus and align with the new waves to keep pace with the changing trends and technology.

In this new world of ever-changing market dynamics, having products or new product ideas is not sufficient to capitalize. With disruptive technologies coming out each day, we must get ideas out there on time, with the right user experience and innovation in products to capture the imagination of the consumers. UnfoldLabs is well equipped to partner with you and your team to identify and taking the new challenges and converting them into the right opportunities for you.

Led by Asokan Ashok, CEO, UnfoldLabs LLC is an Innovative Products and Services Company based in Sunny San Diego, California. The professionals at UnfoldLabs are there to help you capture these changes through
innovation and reach new heights.

The Journey of UnfoldLabs

Believing that innovation is the only way to win and succeed, UnfoldLabs Inc. started its journey in 2015. Their motto has always been to ease people’s lives with innovative technology products & solutions. The company is backed up by a great team that brings out creative, best ideas and works together. Over the years, the company has grown with many happy clients considering all the customer needs.

Our team strives to bring best output that fits customers requirement.

But building this successful company has been tough luck. For a team that succeeds at work, you need to start by building it right. You need to mold the mindset of the people and instill in them the values that work the best. In the initial days of UnfoldLabs, this posed a challenge.

The initial few comments – both positive and negative boosted the work quality. Being an innovative technology products/ solution developing company, it was tough to get the first few customers.

Whatever the challenges may be, giving up is never an option. After all the challenges UnfoldLabs faced, what triggered the growth was the consequent on-boarding of many happy clients for their creative thoughts and excellent product delivery. RedGreen – the best Android optimizer was their first project which got 500k downloads in the initial years only.

Our innovative & creative thoughts made us stand different from others and brought success.

During the last 4 years,

  • Products number increased from 1 to 7.
  • RedGreen is our first project reached 500K user downloads and received many awards as an innovative product.
  • 2020Applock – Got great progress initially that boosted our progress and made us work better.
  • MyFamily – A creative digital parenting product gave us happy users for making their life easy and better.
  • Team size increased from 2 to 35

The Products and Services:

UnfoldLabs focuses on world/user problems then creates a solution that is easy to access and user-friendly. Continuous learning keeps them updated with trends and this helps in developing innovative products/ solutions. Each of their products is projected creative and innovative to give the best solutions for mankind. The team at UnfoldLabs has the right expertise to help the companies to take their ideas to fruition through tough marketing strategies and business plans.

Their Services Include Architecture, Design, and Development.

In this digital era, all are moving to the cloud and depend on mobile solutions for their interactions with the consumers. UnfoldLabs has strong expertise in this area and can cover both iOS and Android solutions. Their architecture takes into account the strength and weaknesses of cloud-based solutions and can optimize the solutions accordingly.

Based on the needs and financial resources of the customers, they are in a position to deliver quality products. UnfoldLabs has the flexibility of using on-site/ off-site (based in San Diego) teams & offshore teams from our offices in India.

UnfoldLabs is focused on quality – quality in their interactions, quality in the products, quality in their adherence to schedules. They assure you high-quality projects and products, with customer satisfaction as one of the core values.

User Experience Design

User experience plays an important role in the success of any product. UnfoldLabs understands the importance of user-centric design. They work with you to define the use case flows based on the consumer design paradigms. The team is well versed in UI/ UX design and information architecture that is critical in product development. This will be aptly supported by strong data-driven/ analytics architecture ensuring a flexible and data-driven UI/ UX that can drive user-friendly customer interactions.

Product Management and Maintenance

UnfoldLabs’ product managers are hands-on technical folks and not just managers. Their technical expertise ensures that the products that are reaching the market are of the highest standards while having the project management skills to keep the budget and schedule in check. Efficiency and quality are their mantras. Using agile methodologies and scrum-based meetings, they partner with your teams to ensure that we deliver what customers want, and not just have a cool idea with no buyers. Their expertise in iOS and Android application stores can help you get your products certified and also have the right content for delivery

The Road Ahead

We feel that exploration and innovation are important for an organization to grow. As a part of our creative and innovative thinking.

The company is currently focusing on the “Mood Detection” project to understand the human mood and make him/her happy. Their entry into AI, ML, and NLP technologies will bring a change in the human lifestyle soon. They are also all set to launch “MyFamily” – a digital parenting application that helps people to secure and monitor their family members, kids. SecureME is another innovative Android kiosk mode launcher that allows businesses to restrict users’ access to only allowed applications on a device.

Asokan Ashok- Leading The Way

Asokan Ashok, CEO of UnfoldLabs Inc. – has 25+ years of international experience in high technology sectors. He has held a variety of senior technology management positions in high-tech companies like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Compaq (HP), and some start-ups. Presently he is serving on the board of directors/advisors of some technology start-ups. Recommending strategies to address technology & market trends along with strategic alliances is one of the main things to be noted.

If you want something that you never had – you have to do something that you have never done.

Asokan Ashok

The Team

Employees are the greatest asset of a successful company.

UnfoldLabs gives liberty to every employee to express his/ her views at any point in time and make them feel a sense of ownership. Projecting how important their contribution to a project makes them feel that they are not doing a 9-5 job.

We appreciate and give them a chance to grow.

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