July | 2020

The Most Creative Web And Mobile App Development Companies In 2020

The Most Creative Web And Mobile App Development Companies In 2020 features,

Featuring for the cover story is Softuvo Solutions. Softuvo Solutions is one of such landmarks on the huge landscape of technology.

With the passion to create something out of the box with hard & smart efforts, Softuvo Solutions is transforming businesses with cutting edge IT solutions.

Mr Shanky Gupta, Managing Director, is a backbone behind the company’s long standing success.

ChicMic is a leading name in the landscape of Mobile App and Game Development that is transforming businesses with its cutting edge and comprehensive offerings.

In a talk with Mr. Manish Gulati, Co-Founder & CEO at ChicMic discover more about the company and their quality offerings.

Solution Analysts is an enterprise software development company. Since inception in 2011, they have assisted many startups, SMEs, and large companies to get benefits of technological advancements in web and mobile app domains.

To transform businesses with the cutting edge IT solutions, Solution Analysts is making hard and smart efforts under the holistic vision of its CEO, Mr. Kalpesh Patel.

iPrism Technologies is one of the leading names in the field of technology that has made a unique position in the market with the comprehensive and best offerings. In an interview with

Mr. Mohammed Masrat, CEO at the iPrism Technologies, know more about the company and its quality offerings.

Lean Apps is an app and web development company based in Berlin with offices in India, Russia, and Croatia.

They are working with large, mid-segment, enterprises and startups in Healthcare, Music, retail, and e-commerce domains helping them build digital products at lightning speed.

Driven by passion, Garuav Soni, Co-Founder & Owner at the company is the backbone behind their longstanding growth.

Magazine Profiles

Lean Apps

Delivering Digital Products At Lightning Speed!

Gaurav Soni Founder of Lean Apps

Solution Analysts

The Best IT Solutions Provider For Your Business

Kalpesh Patel CEO- Solution Analysts

Leadership Talks

iPrism Technologies

Inspiring Tech Needs For Business

Mohammed Masrat CEO- iPrism Technologies


Building Smarter Applications For Smart Users

Manish Gulati Co-Founder & CEO- ChicMic

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