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Gaurav Soni Founder of Lean Apps

Digital is the new word for speed! Today, if a business desires to deliver a wow experience to the customer and attain speed, they need to go digital. Digitalization has changed every aspect of business around the world. In the competitive market, one always prefers to get things done with a single click.

We all are familiar with the current pandemic scenario across the globe. In this context, a business that has its digital presence can survive and dream for massive growth.

Knowing its responsibility well, Lean Apps is making hard and smart efforts to empower businesses digitally.   

Based in Berlin and having offices in India, Russia, and Croatia, Lean Apps has made a unique position in the app and web development landscape with its comprehensive technology offerings.

Driven by passion, Garuav Soni, Co-Founder & Owner at Lean Apps is the backbone behind their longstanding growth.

Lean Apps

Lean Apps is an app and web development company based in Berlin with offices in India, Russia, and Croatia. They are working with large, mid-segment, enterprises and startups in Healthcare, Music, retail, and e-commerce domains helping them build digital products at lightning speed.

Lean Apps works closely with the Digital innovation teams, Product Leaders, Product Owners & the Product Designers to validate new business models using lean startup and lean innovation framework.

The early struggling days of every business bring a brighter future. Like many, Lean Apps also faced some initial challenges that made them what they are today.  They were struggling to find their service market fit. There are so many companies providing digital services and they didn’t know their unique selling point. Getting foot into the door was a big issue for Lean Apps mainly in large enterprises.

The Growth

Being part of the Bayer Corporate programme was a triggering point for Lean Apps. They created a unique service for product and idea validation using lean innovation and lean experiments, which along with product development acted as a catalyst for their growth. 

Lean Apps have scaled up their revenue to 5X in the last 2 years. They have built multiple digital solutions for some of the large companies in the Healthcare, Music & Automobile domain mainly Bayer, BMG, Allianz, BMW, Zeiss. All these customers were acquired by Lean Apps in the last 2 years. 

Their vision as a company is to be a trusted advisor to all their customers. They believe in delivering value and create a wow experience for the customers, partners, and employees. This is the reason their customers, partners, and employees love working with them at every level. They believe in Lifetime value for everyone and this has helped them to scale and build a sustainable business.  

Their Comprehensive Offerings

Lean Apps offers a wide range of digital services for emerging technologies (AI/ML, AR/VR, Chatbot, Web and Mobile Apps, Blockchain and Voice). The product development journey starts from defining the problem through discovery sprints, validating the problem, building prototypes using design sprint and creating products at 5X speed using Agile methodology.

They work with digital and innovation teams at healthcare, pharma companies like Bayer, Charite hospitals, Allianz mainly focusing on new business models. They have built a complete framework to help companies do innovation at speed by validating the ideas with users through marketing experiments and discovery sprints. 

At Bayer, they’ve tested more than 100 ideas & launched 10 new products. 1 has already been acquired by Elanco and 11 more are on their way to market. The total potential revenue is now just above 1-billion €.

Gaurav Soni – A leader with a revolutionary vision

Gaurav Soni, Cofounder at Lean Apps is passionate about digital healthcare, problems & ideas which are directly linked to people’s life. He has an extensive experience in validating, building, and launching multiple digital products for Retail, Music, healthcare, and telecom using Lean experiments, Design sprint, and Agile framework. He admires Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, and Amazon’s business story inspires him a lot.

He loves solving problems for his customers, teams, colleagues, and vendors. Gaurav always had a passion from the start of his career to be an entrepreneur and he is happy to be on the right path!

Mr. Gaurav loves mentoring and coaching people in product management, product leadership, and all other aspects of building a scalable and profitable product.

He has solved multiple business problems in different domains and delivered 100+ digital products like mobile apps, web apps, chatbots, voice solutions, AR/VR, and AI solutions.

Talking about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur Gaurav says, “The core responsibility of an entrepreneur is to build a vision and strategy for the company, define clear goals for everyone, build the right culture, and hire the right people. It’s also important for an entrepreneur to validate the idea before building a product and find the product-market fit first for the product/service before building a product or a service” 

According to Gaurav, companies who are on the digital innovation journey should focus on the following:

• Understanding your customer pain points

• Building a culture of innovation

• Creating new business models and reinventing existing business model using digital transformation framework

Gaurav spends two days a week with project delivery teams, HR, finance, and admin team to make sure everyone is working towards one common goal,

“Delivering a wow experience to everyone”.

Gaurav is also responsible for the company’s future growth and spends the remaining time connecting with business leaders in different domains and understanding the new trends in the market. 

Gaurav says,” I don’t want to be part of a rat-race. We don’t want our customers to look at us as another commodity.

The Team

The workforce is a vital factor behind the long-standing growth of any business. We can definitely say that the happier and transparent working environment boosts up productivity. At Lean Apps, they value honesty, accountability, and wow experience and respect for each other in all their interactions. They are not an average team!

The hardest thing when you think about focusing. You think focusing is about saying “Yes.” No. Focusing is about saying “No.” And when you say “No,” you piss off people

Steve Jobs

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