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Chirag Pratap Palande Founder- Schoolhandy

In these testing times amid Covid-19 pandemic, educational organizations especially schools have been severely impacted. The epidemic has shifted the entire teaching and learning ecosystem to online mode. What few months back used to be a luxury has now become a necessity. Students, teachers and other staff are meant to be online to run their operations until the pandemic starts loosening its impact. To help sustain this ecosystem, we need some online tools which could assist us in doing things comfortably in our comfort zone.

The Enterprise World is proud to feature Schoolhandy; a one of a kind online platform which has made complex things look so flawless that you would just forget the hassles related to learning and teaching.

Chirag Pratap Palande, founder of the app, has been working on providing this platform for a long time. This was his ambitious pet project for a long time. His prime goal is to make work hassle free for students, parents and teachers. Chirag PratapPalande is a serial entrepreneur at heart and the founder of numerous successful ventures like SchoolHandy, which is a communication bridge between School and Parents. Gift Box, which is into corporate gifting and Mobaccs, an e-commerce platform which houses private label electronic gadgets, Chirag’s expertise has acknowledged across the gifting industry with his noteworthy stints at companies like Sodexo and Network TV18.

Talking about SchoolHandy, it is home to a gamut of services for an efficient schooling experience. Among all the services, the ‘Live School Bus Tracking’ feature is extremely helpful. Parents feel at ease, knowing that their children are safe en route to school. Child Safety is a growing concern in India at the moment; this feature acts like a guardian angel watching over kids.

Apart from that, they have hosts of services like Emergency Alerts and Notifications for parents, One-to-One Chat Platform for quick resolution of queries, RFID based attendance system to eliminate time-consuming roll call systems, Real-time updates on forum discussions, online fee payment, online shopping for school merchandise and much more yet to come down the line.

There are many factors which all together helped them become successful, from having a strong idea and being able to give life to it, strategy, passion, hard work and self-confidence. The important thing that has made them successful is a trustworthy and efficient team. 

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When it comes to features, it is one of the best management apps designed to bridge the communication gap between teachers and students. You can interact easily with the contemporary features of school handy ranging from fee management to its instant alert system. Progress with convenient management network and get to know daily updates from your school at a single click. Have a look at some of the flawless features of the app.

  • Attendance – Simple and easy school attendance management.
  • Parent/School interaction – Make your parents-teachers communications easy with School handy.
  • Fees & Payments – Make your fee payments easy with School Handy’s user friendly interface.

The app is highly secured, configurable, user friendly offering teacher/parent login. Apart from this, you also get the option to set reminders.


The app comes power packed with a number of useful functions that help you cut down on your time and energy. Given below are some of the functions of School handy app.

  • Admission and Enrollment – Online admission and enrollment, admission fee collection and integration with student.
  • Fee management – Comprehensive school fee scheduling and collective system with automatic due fee reminders and online payment gateway.
  • Student security – School bus tracking and bus attendance system that ensures reliable security of students during transit.
  • Daily calendar – Create a school planner to inform parent about school events.
  • Attendance – Stake class attendance on School Handy app. Inform a parent through the app if their child is absent.
  • Instant alerts – Get immediate notifications and alerts about any schedule changes and important updates.

Sustaining Positive Attitude and Bringing a New Change

Chirag had a fair share of work on getting the experience and knowledge, but he always wanted to have something of his own rather than working for others. “My desire to have something of my own has led me to take the first step to set up my own business”, he explains.

Talking about his successful habits, he works on sustaining positive attitude, getting knowledge about everything. “In other words, reading, personal care because if I don’t care about the health of my mind and body, all of this would be for nothing”, he says. Being an early bird, waking up early helps our body in many ways and also gives us time to do our morning routine and also helps to think. But most important is not to waste time. “From the day when I realized that I want to have my own business, the first decision that I took was to eliminate laziness and use my time efficiently”, he says. 

Talking about the turning point of his life, his association with Mobaccs India Private Limited proved to a major event in his career.“An idea of setting up Mobaccs and working on it is the best experience I would ever have in my lifetime”, he rejoices. From 2 employees to have a staff of 50 is the picture of being successful. He likes to call his employees his extended family.

As a leader, it is vital to run your business by taking important decisions in favor of the organisation. “I think the Goal setting would be the most important decision I make as a leader in my organization”, he says. Apart from that, if one identifies and recruits excellent staff as per the individual’s caliber and skills as per the Company’s requirement, it would work wonders. There comes a time when his family members (employees) feel down or demotivated. Being a good listener, he has tried to understand their problems and motivated them from time to time. 

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Recognizing creativity and implying award schemes

The firm believes in encouraging employees to keep looking for a new approach to do their work and ask what works well and what doesn’t. Chirag motivates them to come up with more winning ideas by recognizing creativity and implying award schemes. He makes sure to respond enthusiastically to all their plans. And always take actions to their ideas and provide time and resources to develop and implement them to action.“I believe this is a powerful way of encouraging staff to keep being creative, coming up with more new ideas to improve the business”, he asserts.

He believes in making people feel comfortable. “To take away stress from people, the one thing that I would change would be to create a rule that every manager and leader must spend a minimum of two hours per week of one-on-one time with each of their staff members”, he says.

From the day when I realized that I want to have my own business, the first decision that I took was to eliminate laziness and use my time efficiently.

Chirag Palande- Founder- Schoolhandy

Talking about the leadership traits, he believes the one characteristic that every leader should possess is communication. Effective leadership and communication are intertwined. Every leader should be able to communicate in a variety of ways, from transmitting information to coaching the people across their organization roles, social identities. Communication not only means telling or explaining people your ideas but also to listen to their innovative approach or problems. This quality makes a leader a good one.

He voiced his opinion on female leaders and their challenges. The biggest challenge faced by female leaders today working in a dominantly male field is maintaining a healthy work-life balance while building a network, changing the stereotype mindset of people. He says, “Women are more emotional and less decisive than men.” And mostly, expectations are often set low for women.

Schoolhandy is one of the best management apps designed to bridge the communication gap between teachers and students.

Innovation is the key to success

He takes a lot of vital steps to ensure that the firm continues to grow and develop as a leader. He believes innovation is the key to keep any organization running successfully, and the firm follows the same approach to grow and develop as a leader and as an organization.

Talking about the work-life balance, he says that balancing the work-life responsibilities is a bit difficult, but if anyone ace it, that person will be the most successful in the world. He is still practising the same, and he tries to follow a timetable and tries not to take his work at home and personal life issues to my work. 

He always remain charged to deal with all sorts of challenges. Challenges are part and parcel in everything we do in our daily life. He tries to face all his challenges with a positive approach. And his final goal and hard work of my people is what encourages me to keep going. As a kid, he always wanted to be professional bike racer as Superbikes, Speed and thrills have always excited him. He follows his dream, he owns two superbikes, Harley Davidson and Honda. 

He wants to share a piece of advice that he finds very real in testing times. “When the world says it’s a bad idea, that’s when you need to believe in it the most”, he says.

Talking about the clients of SchoolHandy, they consist of many renowned names such asNazareth High School, Dr Pillai Global Academy, Mother Teresa High School & Junior College and many more.

Free to use mobile app

For School, SchoolHandy is a free-to-use mobile app to facilitate communication between the school and students/parents and makes them happier. It has been developed keeping in mind all user types attached with school one or another way. There is login for Parents and Students to manage multiple school activities. They can register by going to Click on the register button. If you are a school admin click on the role – School. Fill in the registration form. Your SchoolHandy account would be ready to use. Both School Administration & Teachers can register from the web. Talking about the advantages of using School Handy, it is a free to use mobile application to facilitate communication between the school and students/parents. School Handy is absolutely free to use.

When the world says it’s a bad idea, that’s when you need to believe in it the most.

Teachers can register on the website by going to Click on the register button. Click on the role as Teacher. Enter the teacher pin provided by school & create your profile. Alternately, download Teno app on your smartphone from Playstore / iOS store, choose role as teacher, enter teacher registration pin provided by school & create your profile.

To get Schoolhandy app in your mobile, go to google playstore on your android devices or iOS Store on your apple device & write Schoolhandy in search bar. Click on the Schoolhandy icon. Click install. Register your school/Institute with School Handy app, Sign in and we process the data. Get your admin login, password and you go Live

For Parents, there are few set guidelines set by default. One such guideline is that they cannot reply back to teachers unless the group owners allow the same. In that case, they are meant to get in touch with the class teacher to know more.

To get the Schoolhandy app on your mobile, go to Google Play-Store on your android devices or iOS Store on your apple device & write School Handy in search bar. Click on the teno icon. Click Install.Once your school go live, you get your ID and Password in email or from school. Download School Handy from Apple Store or Google Play Store Login using mobile app or PC for web account.

So far, School handy has connected more than 500 teachers, 50000+ parents, 50+ cities and 100+ schools.

“Together, we can shape this digital world to create an imperative impact of strong networks which enable communication among all academic channels. We at SchoolHandy are ready to connect and reach out to people who are willing to step forward and contribute in nurturing our education sector”, Chirag concludes.

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