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Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a critical aspect of every organization, no matter the size or industry. With the ever-evolving technology landscape, cyber threats have become more sophisticated and prevalent, making it essential for organizations to prioritize their cybersecurity measures to protect their sensitive data and assets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of digital technologies, leading to an increase in remote work and reliance on cloud-based services. This has created new vulnerabilities, with cybercriminals taking advantage of the situation to launch cyber-attacks such as phishing, ransomware, and data breaches.

The consequences of a successful cyber-attack can be devastating to an organization, including financial losses, damage to reputation, loss of intellectual property, and even legal implications. It is, therefore, crucial for organizations to invest in robust cybersecurity measures to prevent, detect, and respond to these threats.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy involves a combination of technical solutions, policies, and employee training. It is also essential to regularly review and update the strategy to stay ahead of emerging threats.

In conclusion, as the work culture becomes increasingly digital and dynamic, cybersecurity is not an option but a critical aspect of every organization. The cost of a cyber-attack can be significant, making it essential for organizations to prioritize their cybersecurity measures to protect their assets, customers, and reputation.

Empowering enterprises across the globe is Seceon Inc., a cybersecurity company providing companies with comprehensive defense against cyber threats with Artificial Intelligence. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Enterprising Companies of the Year is Seceon Inc’s story. 

The Company-Seceon Inc

Seceon’s mission is to provide comprehensive defense against cyber threats with Artificial Intelligence. Seceon Inc’s Open Threat Management platform is able to detect, and analyze contain potential threats in real-time scaling to millions of assets for data collection, threat detection, and contextual awareness. Their suite of award-winning solutions, like aiSIEM and aiMSSP, is built on the OTM platform to meet the deep cyber security needs of Enterprises and MSSPs with flexible deployment and implementation. 

Overcoming the Challenges

When Chandra S. Pandey, CEO and Founder of the Seceon Inc first started Seceon, his vision was to provide clients with a solution that would impact their organizations’ health. He thus recognized that there needed to be a comprehensive approach to cyber security, something which other solutions providers failed to tap. 

Thus began the journey of Seceon, a platform that addressed this need. 

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

“We made sure to bring together experts from networking, system administration, machine learning, and AI – strengths in each field combined to form a powerful whole.”

The first challenge was bringing the team together and designing the platform. But after these roadblocks were removed, the journey of Seceon Inc has been smooth sailing. By taking a platform-based approach instead of just a product-based one, the team has been able to quickly and easily add any new functionality they need, and keep up with an ever-evolving Cybersecurity landscape.

When Seceon Inc first developed its product, it was expected to be widely adopted. Although, their biggest growth came from MSSPs who saw the capabilities of our platform, and sought to take it to the next level, taking the Seceon Inc team by surprise. 

Seceon Inc responded to this need by adding multitenancy and multi-tier capabilities to the platform. Adding to this, when partnered with MSSPs, the platform expanded to new levels and brought numerous customers in the process. 

“The introduction of multitenancy and multi-tier capability was a pivotal point in unlocking the customer potential of our platform.”

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

Growth Graphs

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

“Over the years, our hard work to bring more partners to the platform and further solve our customers’ problems has paid off! We are proud to say we’ve seen 7000+ customers join our platform and 250+ MSSP partners – in turn, our customers have seen their profits double and we have seen a significant increase (which is in triple digits) in our own profits.”, says Chandra Pandey. 

Nothing Succeeds like Success

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

Even though Seceon Inc hasn’t been in the market for a decade, it has not stopped the team from achieving success. Seceon Inc understands that customer satisfaction and long-term relationships are integral to a successful business model. 

This is main reason why Seceon Inc prioritizes customer satisfaction and long-term relationships in its business model, helping them create a win-win situation that ensures both parties benefit from the partnership. 

“We focus on innovation each and every day, seeking out solutions that work for our customers today and that will benefit them in the long run.”

Seceon Inc’s Suite of Products and Services

“At Seceon Inc., we are passionate about offering comprehensive and secure cybersecurity to customers of every shape and size.”

By leveraging disruptive innovation, the team is committed to providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that are affordably priced, and more accessible than ever before. 

The OTM platform offers 2 Solutions 

Seceon aiSIEM™ is the modern SIEM solution that allows businesses to realize the advanced capabilities of the platform far surpassing the traditional SIEM solutions. Through its ability to ingest streaming data from all systems, applications, and devices, real-time insights are quickly gained. What’s more, Seceon Inc aiSIEM™ effectively monitors user activity to detect suspicious behavior and quickly identify potential threats. This cuts incident response time and lowers risk, also enabling organizations to maintain compliance standards.     

Seceon aiXDR™ is the ultimate cyber threat detection and remediation solution, providing a fully-automated, real-time security experience, it deploys smart security using endpoint, network, and cloud data to identify and neutralize threats before they can wreak havoc. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform offers integrated visibility, detection, prioritization, and response for efficiency and accuracy in cyber defense.

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

What the Future Holds?

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving industry driven by the desire to prevent potential threats and breaches. Seceon’s team of experts brings innovation to the forefront and offers tailored solutions that meet all compliance requirements, so the customers and partners can defend their systems with confidence. 

The team’s expertise can help you stay ahead of the game with innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

“Our platform allows you to monitor quickly and prevent potential threats in a proactive way, as well as meet compliance requirements with customizable KPIs. Our team of professionals strives to ensure all our partners and customers access the best protection to stay secure and get the peace of mind they need.”, says Chandra Pandey.

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

Chandra Pandey further adds that the team of Seceon Inc is continuously innovating too keep the customers safe from any potential cyber threats. 

By creating a platform that allows users to monitor their cyber security from both the inside and outside, it is easier to identify any new security risks that may arise. 

“We provide customers with new and improved features every month, so they can be sure to stay informed on the latest developments.”

Seceon Inc- Empowering Enterprises | Chandra S. Pandey | The Enterprise World

Chandra S. Pandey- Leading the Way

For the past two decades, Mr. Chandra Shekhar Pandey has witnessed the evolution of the industry and seen immense advances in technology, particularly in the internet and artificial intelligence. 

“As how we interact with technology changes and becomes increasingly advanced, we must also be proactive in our approach to security and safety.”

To ensure that your organization – and those you work with and serve – remain protected from potential threats, it is essential that you keep up to date with the latest innovations and educate yourselves in methods of safeguarding against them. Collaboration and communication among those using the technology and those providing it ensure that the greatest amount of precaution is taken and that the greatest opportunities for success are embraced.

“As entrepreneurs, we recognize the importance of providing comprehensive security in order to create the ideal environment for our employees, customers, partners, and the community.”, he adds. 

At Seceon Inc, the team understands the weight of this responsibility and stays true to the core mission of comprehensive cyber security, understanding that this is essential in order to generate the most rewarding experience for everyone. 

They focus on bringing the right people together to amplify the benefits for all involved and make sure everyone can reap the rewards of our services. 

“It’s not just about making money, it’s also about creating a space where the community can come together and prosper from our services.”

When Speaking about the Team, Mr. Chandra Pandey says

“We truly believe that the employees working at our organization are an invaluable component of our success. Drawing on their collective knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence, they are the driving force behind any issues they are tasked with solving. We never shy away from any challenge and work toward creating an amazing experience for our customers every time. 

With a sharp focus on their needs, we are dedicated to delivering our customers’ outstanding results and working together to find the resolution that works best for them. If we do not have the right solution, we are upfront and honest with our customers to ensure that they find the solution that perfectly fits their needs/ If for any reason we do not succeed, our team is eager, to be frank in declaring that another organization may better fit the customer’s needs.”

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