Selling More Cars: 3 Tips for Car Salesmen

Selling More Cars: 3 Best Tips for Car Salesmen

While being charismatic and having a natural gift for sales will certainly give you an edge, working hard and investing in Dealership Phone Training will put you on the road to success.

However, when it comes to selling more cars in today’s market, working hard isn’t as important as working smart.

Although vehicles are more convenient, more eco-friendly, and more technologically advanced than ever before, consumers are purchasing fewer cars. Buyers also spend less time in dealerships and more time looking at vehicles online. That means that once a customer is interested, you must do everything to keep them there – without being pushy. Make them feel they made the right choice by talking to you when planning to get their dream car like you sell my Porsche to them affordably and economically.

When dealing with current, future, and potential customers, here are three things you should do to sell more cars.

1. Get Personal

When a potential buyer walks through the door, learn their name and listen to what they have to say. Consumers don’t want to feel like a faceless number – they want to be acknowledged as individuals and have their personal needs met.

While remembering someone’s name and using it in conversation may seem simple, it can make a huge difference when it comes to making a sale. Engaging a potential client and addressing them by name demonstrates that you are listening to them and you take their needs seriously.

When you’ve established a potential buyer’s name, ask them questions about what they’re looking for. For instance – if a potential customer tells you that they use their car to commute to work, suggest a vehicle with excellent gas mileage.  

2. Don’t Push Browsers

There will always be people who walk into a dealership with no intention of buying a car – but that’s perfectly okay. Browsing through the vehicles on the showroom floor is the vital first step in the cars purchasing process.

Engage browsers by greeting them and telling them you’re available if they need information, but learn to differentiate between serious buyers and tire kickers early on. If someone does not ask the questions that a serious buyer would – like requesting a test drive or enquiring about finance options – don’t push them. Instead, hand them your business card and move on.

These potential customers may call you when they are serious about making a decision. But for now, your energy is better spent on serious leads from buyers looking to buy a car immediately.

3. Use the BANT Method

For Selling cars, The BANT method is an effective sales technique that helps you qualify auto leads. BANT is an acronym for budget, authority, need, and timeline.

Start by asking what the customer’s budget is and only show them cars that fall within their price range. Buying authority means you should determine if the customer has the buying authority to purchase a car. The vehicles you recommend should serve the customer’s personal needs. Lastly, you’ll need to determine whether you can deliver the vehicle that meets the customer’s needs within an acceptable timeframe.

Final Words

While getting customers to visit your dealership is the first step to making more sales, the challenges don’t end there.

Following these tried-and-tested auto sales techniques will help you engage with clients and determine where to focus your energy. It also pays to remember that most buyers will not buy a car after their first trip to your dealership – most need more time to make a buying decision.

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