Shaily Mehrotra: A Passionate Woman Leader behind the Skincare Revolution

Shaily Mehrotra: A Passionate Woman Leader | The Enterprise World

The fire within. It’s a spark that fuels the most passionate leaders, the ones who pour their heart and soul into their work. It’s a fire that burns bright, pushing them to learn and strive for excellence. 

“In a field like mine, the constant change in the skincare industry is both a challenge and a source of inspiration. However, this change allows us to be at the forefront of breakthroughs, shaping how people approach their well-being.

There’s a certain magic in knowing our work becomes a trusted part of someone’s daily routine, impacting their lives in a meaningful way.”

This passion, however, extends beyond the product itself. It’s about embracing a shift in perspective. 

“For me, the true goal is to redefine how we view skincare – moving away from superficial aesthetics and focusing on genuine skin health.”

This philosophy is a cornerstone for Shaily Mehrotra, a woman whose journey in the cosmeceutical industry exemplifies passion and dedication. With over two decades of experience, Shaily’s path began in sales and marketing, laying a firm foundation for her future endeavors. 

Today, she stands as the CEO and Co-founder of Fixderma India Pvt Ltd, a company committed to developing scientifically-backed skincare solutions trusted by leading dermatologists in India. Shaily’s story is a witness to the true potential of passion and a glimpse into the remarkable women shaping the future of the cosmeceutical industry.

Journey of Innovation and Impact

Shaily Mehrotra’s story reflects innovation and a desire to improve people’s lives through healthy skin. 

“I founded Fixderma India Pvt Ltd and FCL Skincare in 2010, aiming to revolutionize skincare,”  

Shaily Mehrotra

Shaily Mehrotra and her team of experts saw a world overflowing with skincare choices yet lacking a focus on clinical efficacy and dermatologist-approved formulations. This realization became the seed for Fixderma, a name that embodies its mission to provide solutions that truly “fix” and improve the skin. The idea was to bridge this gap by offering consumers access to clinically tested and dermatologist-recommended products. Essentially, Fixderma aimed to empower everyone to take charge of their skin health by making dermaceutic options readily available.

It recognized the need for targeted, results-oriented formulations that addressed specific concerns. This led the company to focus on dermaceutic skincare, a unique blend of dermatological, aesthetic, and cosmetic benefits. Fixderma’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that restore skin health, strengthen the skin barrier, and help people unlock their healthiest, most radiant skin.

Shaily Mehrotra’s leadership and Fixderma’s dedication to science-backed innovation have earned the trust of leading Indian dermatologists. Their use and recommendation of Fixderma’s products speak volumes about the brand’s quality. This dedication has also been recognized through prestigious awards, solidifying Fixderma’s position as a leader in the skincare industry.

Vision (Filling the Skincare Gap):The company was born to bridge the market gap—delivering high-quality derma products to the customers developed using the formulations clinically tested by dermatologists.
Mission (Empowering Healthy Skin):From the start, its mission has been to empower individuals to achieve healthy, radiant skin. The company achieves this by targeting dermaceutical products that combine dermatological, aesthetic, and cosmetic benefits.
Innovation at Our Core:It believes in constantly evolving. Fixderma relentlessly pursues progress, evidenced by its ever-expanding product line and multiple patented formulations.
Dermatologist-Trusted Quality:The clinical accuracy of the Fixderma products made it a reliable brand, gaining the trust of both customers and top dermatologists in India.
Shaily Mehrotra: A Passionate Woman Leader | The Enterprise World


Thriving in a Crowded Market

The skincare D2C market is booming, with new competitors launching daily. While entry is easy, standing out and achieving long-term success is a different story. 

“In business, we must always be ready for challenging and tough times. The market is always dynamic and unexpected, There is a rising preference for clinically proven products. Efficacy first is the new mindset among shoppers, since the beauty market is riddled with dupes in terms of packaging, claims and content.”

Shaily Mehrotra

Fixderma, a leading D2C brand, understands these challenges well. Product differentiation is crucial, as the market is saturated. The company combats this by leveraging its in-house manufacturing facility, allowing for greater control over quality. Social media advertising costs have also skyrocketed, making it difficult for new entrants to gain traction. Fixderma recognizes this and focuses on building strong customer relationships and exploring alternative marketing techniques. Influencer partnerships, user-generated content campaigns, and innovative digital shopping experiences are all part of its strategy.

“I personally always believe in preparedness and positivity. The ideal way is to always pause and think it through, and come up with the best possible solution,”

Shaily adds

Ultimately, Fixderma believes that success hinges on three key areas: cost reduction, customer relationships, and enabling unique consumer experiences. By solidifying its position as a leader in the competitive D2C skincare market, the company aims to continue excelling in these areas.

Road to Future: Growth, Expansion, and Leadership

Fixderma’s journey has been paved with hard work and a deep understanding of the Indian pharmaceutical and skincare industry. Its product range caters to specific customer needs, offering complete solutions for healthy skin. However, the company’s vision extends far beyond its current success.

Fixderma aspires to reach a wider audience, connecting with more customers and dermatologists across India. To achieve this, the company is expanding its market share in the dermaceutical segment. This strategic move is fueled by team growth and the nurturing leadership of Shaily Mehrotra, bringing in new expertise in business and marketing. 

“As a leader, I am guided by a steadfast commitment to our core values of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity. I believe in leading by example and nurturing a culture of empowerment and accountability within our organization,” she asserts. 

This expanded team strengthened Fixderma’s presence in existing markets and propelled it into new regional areas, with a particular focus on establishing a substantial presence in South India.

The company’s futuristic plans are ambitious, as it aims to make its products available on all major online channels, solidifying its position as the fastest-growing skincare brand.

“Our success is not measured solely by financial metrics, but by the tangible impact we make on the lives of our customers, instilling in them a newfound sense of confidence and well-being.”

Shaily Mehrotra

A Timeline of Achievements

Fixderma’s story is one of continuous innovation and recognition. Here’s a glimpse into its impressive achievements, highlighting both the company’s growth and Shaily Mehrotra’s leadership:

2014-2016:Fixderma established itself as a key player in the export market, receiving the Chemexcil Award for Outstanding Export Performance.
2016-2017:Fixderma’s commitment to innovation is recognized with consecutive IPE Business Excellence Awards for Innovation & Packaging and Export Driven Company.
2019-Present:Fixderma maintains its high-quality standards, achieving ISO certification (valid 2019-2022 and renewed in 2022).
2021:Fixderma is acknowledged as a leading provider of comprehensive skincare solutions, receiving the “Most Wholesome Skincare Brand” recognition by Business Connect.
2022:Fixderma’s success is further validated. The company was awarded the “Result Oriented Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Brand” title at the Indo-Asian Business Excellence Summit. Moreover, Shaily Mehrotra’s visionary leadership is celebrated with the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the MSME Excellence Awards.
2022-2023:Shaily Mehrotra’s contributions are further recognized. She received the prestigious “Shakti Award” from social activist Kiran Bedi and was felicitated by the boxing legend, MC Mary Kom, at The Economic Times Inspiring Women Leaders event.
Shaily Mehrotra: A Passionate Woman Leader | The Enterprise World

Women’s Corner: 

We, The Enterprise World Magazine, are honored to present this story of unbeatable Passion and empowering leadership of Shaily Mehrotra as “The Most Influential Business Leaders to Watch In 2024.” In a candid interview with us, Shaily Mehrotra shares her secret recipes for a perfect work-life balance, her inspirations, and the Legacy to leave behind.

1. What motivates you to continue leading the company through both triumphs and challenges?

Working in a team and leading one is my motivation to do a good job. “United we stand, divided we fall” has been my mantra for success all along. Working in a team has taught me so much more. It has enlightened me and opened up my mind to a whole new world. The confluence of ideas, thoughts, and opinions encouraged me to know and learn from my peers. There was a time when I believed I could do everything on my own. With time, I realized the magnitude of achievement possible with teamwork.

It took me some time to get used to leading a team of varied individuals. Gradually, I realized that it was more about dealing with their personalities and less about their skill sets. It was a challenge that I took up and I gained valuable insights related to team building and motivation. As a leader, you must trust your team members and support them. It is also important to create synergy from their capabilities.

2. How do you maintain a work-life balance as a leader? Can you share any tips or practices that have helped you stay focused and energized?

An entrepreneur has no weekend. We are active and working 24×7. The only thing that changes over the weekend is the place of work. But of course, I believe in work-life balance. Every day is different, however, one thing that never changes in an entrepreneur’s everyday routine is the fire to keep going, do better, face every challenge with new energy, and bring a new perspective. 

My job is my baby. I am always driven by the passion and energy I have for my work. I love that the skincare industry is ever-evolving and ever-challenging. 

Hobbies are extremely important as they help define a person. One of my favorite things to do is nourish and give it back to nature. I spend time with my plants, taking care of them, and making them a part of my everyday life. There is nothing that soothes your mind like nature.

I look forward to spending time with my beagle, marbles. Animals are so pure, selfless, and innocent. One can learn so much from them about life and mental health. My furry friend not only peps up my day but also keeps me away from negativity. I also keep recharging myself and my go-to’s are my warm refreshing cup of green tea, checking out cute adorable pictures of dogs on Instagram, and of course, keeping up with the trends and competition by staying updated on my reel feed.

3. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or future leaders who aim to make a positive impact in their respective industries?

When I look around today, everything is about creating a trend, whether it’s content marketing, product promotion, or even services. Everyone wants to be a part of the trend, win awards, and get the success tag. But the most important step is to work on a plan to sustain the success. Take the example of the difficult time of COVID-19. This period made all of us realize how important it is to have a contingency plan. Many faced loss and many businesses were shut down.

The ones who survived either had a plan B or were efficient enough to figure out a sustainable place ASAP. So, my advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs or future leaders would be to stop thinking of ideas that can break the internet. Rather, practice sustainability in business because that is the key to long-term success. You all are doing great. You all are taking our economy ahead by generating employment and making us proud. And I want all of you to sustain this success and keep growing.

3. Lastly, what legacy do you hope to leave behind as a leader and how do you envision the company contributing to the broader business landscape in the future?

As a leader, I would like to leave behind a legacy by investing in people and encouraging them to pass on everything they learn from you to others who will do the same. People are what matters in this world, not money, fame, buildings, organizations, or institutions, but only people. I envision Fixderma embracing technology and innovation. In today’s interconnected world, having a robust online presence globally is non-negotiable. While technology is essential, building strong customer relationships and a community can set you apart from your competitors. Besides, unexpected challenges are inevitable in a dynamic business landscape, so it’s important to remain open to change and pivot when necessary.

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