Maha Otu: Fuelling Betwinner to Become a Globally Trusted Brand

Maha Otu: Fuelling Betwinner to Become a Globally Trusted Brand | The Enterprise World

The five emotions that make sports a global phenomenon also apply to betting—thrill, entertainment, excitement, reward, and disappointment.

Sports betting is an amalgamation of the two and has become a competitive playground for businesses and entrepreneurs, majorly led by its rapid growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, becoming a trustworthy betting brand in such a highly competitive industry is not easy. It presents unique challenges that require leaders to abide by ethical standards and regulations to ensure the well-being of society and individuals at large.

One of the prominent businesses emerging from this industry is Betwinner, a business that enables you to earn money by referring new customers to its betting platform. At the helm of Betwinner is its DirectorMaha Otu, who aims to make it a go-to betting platform on a global scale.

What Does Betwinner Do?

Betwinneris a global online gambling platform that offers an array of sports betting, casino games, and other gaming products. It enables users to bet on various sports events—football, basketball, tennis, and more. For virtual sporting events, users can also bet in real-time. Presently, the company operates in Europe, Brazil, India, and Africa. However, it plans to expand to new markets in the newer African markets and beyond.

Gaining Trust through challenges

For Betwinner, gaining brand acceptance in the fiercely competitive betting field was a primary challenge. Word-of-mouth and testimonials are imperative to success in the betting industry, highlighting the crucial role of trust in the brand for customer acquisition.

As an unestablished brand, going past that stage requires a large amount of investment, and there is a persistent challenge of competing with much bigger companies with higher budgets. Betwinner had to develop retention methods such as incentives, referral bonuses, prompt payouts, and services that helped them become trustworthy.

Leadership Philosophy

Maha Otu’s leadership philosophy primarily revolves around cultivating professional and personal development in others. She enjoys learning new things daily, expanding her knowledge base. She also shares this line of thinking with her team and emphasizes that she dislikes the idea of only being an expert on one topic. The more skills employees apply to the business endeavors, the more it will grow—internally or externally.

“Ensuring each employee feels their input is essential as every component is needed to grow the business to its greatest potential.”

Stable Road to Profitability

The sports betting market is inherently risky, and businesses must adapt to changes as they arise. Similar to other industries, innovation is vital to provide customer satisfaction. The more creative ways you utilize for user engagement, the more beneficial it will be for the brand.

Aiming for higher profits, Betwinner does not shy away from taking risks. However, it consults people before executing any decisions to avoid any mishaps. With this approach, it can also maintain consistency and offer solutions that create a balance between marketing and products.

Brewing the Talent

Maha Otu’s job as a director plays a vital role in recognizing and nurturing talent to help individuals reach their full potential. One of the methods Maha Otu applies to execute this process precisely is by observing the ability of its employees as they approach the tasks—valuing those who go beyond the bare minimum.

As someone who values personal growth, she pushes her team to expand their horizons. She operates a reward-based system to incentivize employees’ performance and guarantees they don’t give up. By trusting people with various roles, she cultivates a mindset that enables individuals to reach their maximum ability.

Taking a Step Forward

Betwinner runs a sizable affiliate program, collaborating with individuals or businesses to gain traffic from every country. It also provides a range of sports betting options with impressive odds, an online casino, esports betting, virtual games, sports, and bonuses.

The current offerings are distinctive, and Betwinner aims to leverage this uniqueness to boost its revenue further. To become a brand that also appeals to younger audiences, Betwinner plans to modify its offerings and campaigns accordingly. To ensure customer retention, the company offers personalized services that are up-to-date with the industry trends.

Tech Bringing Customers Closer

Mobile-friendly applications have brought customers closer to the platform, enabling users the convenience to enjoy its offerings seamlessly on multiple devices. Moreover, various payment gateways have made it easy for users to make deposits within seconds. 

One of the perks of the platform is that people who do not wish to bet on sports can also enjoy it. Betwinner also accommodates various interests of individuals and adapts them into virtual firms, providing a good customer experience. For issues and inquiries, its customer service is just a click away.

As a betting company, Betwinner processes a lot of data. As a result, implementing the correct technology was a challenge and required a cautious approach. It also needed the finest security available to protect that data to protect its consumers.

We are committed to personalized experiences that extend to tailored promotions and recommendations based on user preferences.

Leveraging the Digital Aspects

As a digital betting platform, the COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for Betwinner as people increasingly began betting online instead of the retail shops. Its dynamic nature enabled the business to quickly adjust to the evolving environment by offering flexibility with its solutions, including live streaming and virtual sports experiences. This change in consumer behavior led to tremendous growth for Betwinner.

Since its inception, Betwinner has had a consistently upward growth trajectory and a 30% revenue increase—reflecting its commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and strategic expansion.

Our success can be attributed to several factors, including our dedication to providing a diverse and engaging range of betting options, the seamless user experience offered by our platform, and our ability to adapt to evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

Data-Driven Operations

Betwinner leverages a combination of strategies to stay competitive in the fast-paced market. Staying abreast of the domestic and international markets and understanding their impact is vital to the development process. In addition, it continuously conducts studies to comprehend user behaviors with the goal of effectively fulfilling their wants.

With innovation at its core, Betwinner collaborates with technology providers, leveraging their expertise to refine its innovative processes. Moreover, it opts for effective marketing strategies and localized approaches tailored to appeal to the target audience.

As a powerful analysis tool, data is crucial in helping Betwinner make informed decisions and foresee risks before they occur. Diverse offerings and revenue streams to reduce dependence on any single market or product, maintaining a reliable compliance and risk management system, and prioritizing data-driven decisions help mitigate risk.

Maha Otu: Fuelling Betwinner to Become a Globally Trusted Brand | The Enterprise World
Industry: Gambling Facilities and Casinos
Company size: 201-500 employees
Headquarters: Cyprus, Nicosia
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2007
Maha Otu: Fuelling Betwinner to Become a Globally Trusted Brand | The Enterprise World


  • Expected Growth Rate of the Sports Betting Market: A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030. (Source: Grand View Research)
  • Sports betting and lottery market size worldwide: 235 billion USD
  • Number of businesses in the sports betting market worldwide: 24,244

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