4 Benefits of a Shared Inbox

4 Benefits Shared Email Inbox

Small businesses number in the millions, which means even a small business may have thousands of competitors. Companies need to do all they can to ensure that they can beat their competitors. Email is one of the most commonly used avenues of communication worldwide. A shared email inbox is an email address that multiple individuals can use simultaneously. It could also be software that allows employees to manage their emails from a single platform. There are many benefits of a shared email inbox to businesses, including the following: 

1. Easy For Customers

It is tiresome for customers to look for the exact email they need to send a comment or query to a business. With a shared email inbox, the customer can simply send the email to one address, and the inbox users can direct the email to the appropriate party. You should consider setting up a Gmail shared mailbox as a business. It will provide you with a single dashboard where you can manage thousands of emails. 

2. Better Customer Service

The primary method of communication for customer support between companies and customers is email. Having a shared email inbox can help you provide better customer service via email. If you have one email for customer support, making it easier for customers to reach you, having one person manage the email will lead to many disappointed customers. 

If you have a shared email inbox, multiple customer support representatives can use the email and handle the emails faster and better than one person. The people using the inbox can track conversations which means two reps won’t respond to a single email. The result of a shared email inbox is much better customer service than before. 

3. More Employee Collaboration, Transparency and Accountability

All employees using the platform or email address have to work together with a shared inbox, and have to be collaborative if they are to deliver the best results, especially as it pertains to customer relationship management. A shared inbox promotes employees helping each other as well as customers. There is also more transparency when using a shared inbox. As opposed to a single email user who can delete data without the knowledge of others, a shared inbox will ensure that your employees are more open and can hold each other accountable. 

When everyone is using the same email address, it is easy to see who sent and received each message. This makes it easier to track down important messages, and it also encourages transparency and accountability. Employees will be less likely to send spam or forward jokes to the entire office if they know that their coworkers can see all of their emails.

A shared inbox can also help to prevent email overload. When employees are using their own email addresses, they may be tempted to check their email every few minutes. This can lead to wasted time and more stress. A shared inbox eliminates the need for employees to constantly check their email, which allows them to focus on their work.

4. Flexibility

As your business grows, the demands on customer support will also increase. If you only have one email as a small business, you will need more as you add more representatives, or you can use a shared inbox. A shared email inbox is excellent for flexibility, as you can add representatives to the inbox while maintaining the same email address. It is also easier to bring or withdraw employees into the fold with a shared inbox.

A shared email inbox can benefit your business in various ways. Start using a shared email inbox and find out the benefits it can have on your business.

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