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“My belief is in treating other people’s businesses as I would my own.”

Simon Bernal, the powerhouse of businesses, is set to transform industries and help them pave their way to success. 

The Global Executive Director of Toaster, Simon Bernal, has 20 years of experience as a financial, operational, commercial, and strategic leader. Having immense knowledge, Simon Bernal has expertise in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Media, Advertising, Venture Capital, and Real Estate, among many others. 

Along with this, Simon Bernal has a number of non-executive engagements. With such a varied range of industries under his wing, his leadership knows no bounds. 

Simon Bernal has the foundation to spot any early warning indications of future problems as well as chances for expansion through strategic partnerships or acquisitions, leading due diligence, and M&A strategies, all thanks to his advising work on transforming businesses. 

Innovation to Simon Bernal is the key to progression, eventually leading to growth. In business, often there are new challenges and issues that arise due to numerous unpredictable reasons. The key to innovation is ensuring that it enables us to adapt and overcome the challenges of change. It fosters growth. 

Stagnation can be detrimental, even to the point of failure of any business. It does, however, benefit rivals who are innovating. Thus, the long-term success depends on attaining organizational and economic growth through innovation, particularly in such a highly competitive global economy. 

With this sole initial thought, Simon Bernal has been successful in every venture that he invests in. Some of his previous roles include saving numerous jobs through effective turnaround engagements, helping raise finance, and setting up and running the operational structure to support the rapid growth of a very successful SaaS company. The real key achievements, he believes, are those that have been shared successes. 

Toaster is one such feather in his cap. 

The Company 

“At Toaster, we have a positive and ambitious global team, we respect the values of personal family life and the importance of mental well-being.”

Toaster was born out of the drive to create freely and deliver inspiring work for both our clients and for all of us within Toaster. The founders asked me to join them in achieving our collective ambitions. Being an independent agency enables more agility and more freedom to express and inspire through our work. 

The desire to do inspired work for both the clients and for each other at Toaster was the basis which led to the creation of the company. With shared goals between the founders and Simon, Toaster is on the way to reaching new heights in the industry. 

Toaster is a multi-award winning market leader in developing beautiful designs with cutting-edge technology to connect people and companies. As a creative and technological partner, its multidisciplinary teams explore concepts, create, and innovate. 

In his part at Toaster, Simon’s work is far from merely being the group CFO and COO. He is paramount in directing the creation of the strategic outlook and making sure that it is delivered through the administration of the worldwide Toaster network. 

Right from creating and executing business plans on an international level to amalgamating these plans into new business and marketing agendas, Simon Bernal creates his significance in the success of the company. 

His focus on the strategic direction aspect does not end here for the company. Simon Bernal leads the financial growth along with leading the operations team, ensuring top-notch project oversight and management for the company’s internal teams and clientele. 

Being an independent agency gives Toaster greater flexibility and freedom to express its creativity and inspire others. Based in London, San Francisco, Singapore, and New Delhi,, its small teams work closely together. 

With the help of clients, the company has developed some of the most innovative integrated digital campaigns on the internet, which are frequently cited as models in the rapidly developing advertising business. 

Milestones Along The Way 

“The agency model is always going to present challenges to a business like ours.”

While upholding the Toaster’s ethos and values that their teams work so hard to ingrain, the company juggles serving both international and local clients. Similarly to this, the difficulties of entering new markets bring forth new cultural dynamics and working practices. 

The company has been able to respond to the demands of the markets and collaborate with numerous clients to guarantee that it continues to be a successful and ambitious organisation. This has all been made possible by adhering to the singular aim of being a self-funded and independent agency. 

Success Starts Here 

“Our focus remains on being the pioneering creative agency of choice.”

The company has a lot of innovation to offer. It collaborates with progressive brands and businesses to help them flourish in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing. Toaster aligns its ideas in order to assist them in realizing their own, unique goals. 

Toaster delivers this, with many awards to support this, by creating long-standing partnerships with its clients that continue to this day. 

Team For The Win 

Simon Bernal believes that their team is one of the crucial sources for the success of Toaster. Simon Bernal further says, “Our technical development team continues to deliver the most innovative and user-friendly digital experiences year after year. The creative teams’ ingenuity, imagination, and ideation help concepting and artistically deliver outstanding work. Our global producers and account managers nurture and develop our relationships both within Toaster and with our clients and networks.” 

Close, open and regular communication maintains the cohesive nature of how the company works, whilst the back-office functions ensure that the live and trusted data is always on hand to help them remain proactive and successful. 

Leadership Starts Within 

A stable organization is a direct result of strong leadership. In any company, it is thought that effective leaders drive organisational development and progress. They have the necessary skill sets to boost numerous business processes’ productivity and efficiency, which spurs the expansion and improvement of organisations. 

Simon Bernal is the best illustration of this thought. Even during adversity such as that of Covid-19, he has provided a competitive edge to boost effectiveness and productivity has been encouraged. Covid-19 presented hurdles businesses had not faced previously. 

Speaking about it Simon Bernal says, “The ability to be agile and to adapt has been the key to our success in quickly moving the business to a new model and ways of working. The key is in being able to quickly adapt within the organisation whilst ensuring our clients experience seamless delivery.” 

A Step Further 

“It is always the clients that are the number one priority at Toaster and this is aligned with Simon.”

Fundamentally, it’s about comprehending the issues that exist—either for a client and their consumers or, as is more relevant, for the world and the environment. Whether it’s assisting in the communication of an elderly population with their neighbourhood, strengthening and boosting younger generations’ usage of the internet, or ushering in the future of supply chain logistics. 

Nevertheless, the company makes sure that it has a deep knowledge of the problems being faced. It uses data to underpin the approach and strategic outlook and then deliver innovative creative output.

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