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Rohit Gupta Co-Founder & CEO Simplify360

Today, digital communication has increased leaps and bounds. The end customer expectations for a brand response on these media have also increased exponentially.

Businesses today need platforms to bring together not only all traditional non-voice media such as chat, email but also all-new sources like – WhatsApp, Location reviews, app reviews, e-commerce tracking, and social media channels.

Simplify360 is the leading digital customer service platform, established in the year 2012. Since then they have been helping brands and enterprises ease their social media journey. They have a physical presence in India and the US, and they function through partners in the APAC region. Simplify360’s product is sold in over 100 countries directly or through partners.

It is a digital engagement platform that aggregates all the online mentions of a brand and helps them make sense of these conversations. Apart from social media, they cover all non-voice channels including local listing, e-commerce, and app reviews. It is an AI-embedded Digital Customer Service platform that retains its social-first DNA.

Mr. Rohit Gupta, Co-Founder, and CEO, and his team are working hard to empower businesses with the latest technologies.

The journey towards the success Simplify360

The initial challenges that Simplify360 faced were similar to any entrant in a new industry. They had to sell the concept before they could sell the product. Digital monitoring was a fairly new concept when they started and most businesses saw it as an advertising opportunity rather than a customer engagement avenue.

Their first few customers were companies that were bullish on social media and even though the ticket size was small they were happy with the product validation. The biggest turning point for them was when they signed up one of the largest telecom companies in India. Not only did it help them in multiplying revenues, but it also made their pitch much easier with large companies.

They valued their customer’s advice, no matter how small or big they were. If there was feedback about the product or the service Simplify360 listed them carefully. Simplify360 believes and is invested in people. Their team consists of business visionaries, data scientists, technologists. Everything that they have built and achieved is because of the support of the team they have.

Simplify360 provides Omni-channel insights for customers to allow for a smooth transition across channels and to engage with customers in the flows they choose.

Taking innovation to the table

Simplify360 is contributing to a digital revolution with its cutting-edge features that are helping businesses.

• The key features of S360 are –Digital engagement, social listening, social insights, publishing, customer service on social, FB Chat/FB messenger, WhatsApp, Email, web-chat, Location reviews, app reviews, and e-commerce reviews.

• They also provide Omni-channel insights for customers to allow for a smooth transition across channels and to engage with customers in the flows they choose. This reduces the cost to operate and improves CSAT in double-digit percentages on average. In addition, they provide AI on Facebook Chat, Twitter DM, and instant messengers.

• They are moving away from a standard platform to one that allows brands to work towards specific business objectives. For eg: Reduce cost to operate non-voice by 20% using Digital deflection, Improve CSAT/NPS on FB by 15%, Improve overall CSAT by 40% (new channel like WhatsApp)

Simplify360 tries to remain ahead of the curve by constantly testing and implementing new technologies. Their emphasis these days has been twofold – embed AI to transform CX and the product experience. Become a true one-stop shop for all non-voice data. This has led them to now become competitive in newer ecosystems such as app and local listings

They have recently added an end-to-end CX VOC solution that allows custom surveys to be administered across platforms and gathers Omni-channel insights from those surveys. They can also administer the surveys via bot interactions.

Every customer interaction is special for them. Even though they are a product company, they sit and brainstorm, discuss the process, and oftentimes are also invited to be part of the strategy sessions by client leaders who are leading digital transformation in our country today.

Unmatched leadership

Mr. Rohit Gupta, Co-Founder, and CEO at simplify360 has been a technologist throughout his professional life and has worked in companies like Fidelity Investments and Cisco Systems before he decided to start on his own. After years of stint in many global MNCs, Rohit left the greener pasture to pursue his dream & started Simplify360. With strong technology and product vision, he drives Simplify360 towards becoming the most loved solution that enables companies to go DIGITAL.

He had always worked on building products either for internal teams or that could help in business growth. Building products to solve business problems came naturally to him.

He always wanted to build software that brought a smile to the user’s faces. He measures his professional achievement through the users’ happy faces. The high point is when a customer reaches him directly to tell, how Simplify360 has helped their team deliver.

While talking about the responsibilities of entrepreneurs Mr.Rohit says, “Among everything you sign up for the moment you choose to become an entrepreneur, I think the responsibility to deliver is the biggest one. From delivering the service to the client, delivering the salary to employees to delivering tax to the government. You become responsible for the smooth functioning of the company.”

He says businesses in the digital landscape should be customers focused. If every department, not just the business team is instilled with this, it leads to customer obsession and that has turned out well in most places!

Steve Jobs has always been a big inspiration for him. He admires Mr.Ratan Tata and Anand Mahindra for the mix of business acumen and humility they exhibit. “I personally really like Tesla for the way they grew despite their odds. Their early and visionary thinking and how their resilience defied their failures”, Mr.Rohit commented.

The Workforce

Simplify360 is a people-oriented company and they work as a team. They are a flat organization and they believe in rewarding hard work and excellence.

They all work towards a single professional goal. Their philosophies for the company are aligned even if they differ in thoughts. They are always seeking a solution to the same problem even if they are using different tools.

Constant Vigilance is a need of more than a strategy. Paying attention to everything large and small are key aspects of any successful entrepreneurial journey. But if any entrepreneur were to lose sight of strategy and focus only on the nitty-gritty then its game over!

A forever Promise Simplify360 is here to solve a problem and they do it well. So at the point of customer acquisition, that is all they think about. For the rest of the feature, organization, and international comparisons, they always have their periodic planning sessions. That rat race can be coped with by downing copious amounts of coffee!

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