Skotti Fietsam: A Recognized Leader in Supply Chain Empowering Business Growth in the Industry

Skotti Fietsam: A Recognized Leader in Supply Chain | The Enterprise World

Today, women in the supply chain industry have been making strides and leading the industry at the forefront. In fact, their contributions have played a crucial role in boosting the efficiency and diversity of the supply chain sector. As more women enter and excel in various roles within this industry, the traditionally male-dominated field is experiencing a positive shift towards greater gender inclusivity. Moreover, embracing these diverse perspectives and talents can help organizations tap into a broader pool of skills and ideas, ultimately fostering innovation and improved problem-solving. Companies recognize the importance of promoting a supportive and inclusive environment, implementing policies encouraging diversity, and actively working to break down systemic barriers.

One such prominent example of vibrant and inspiring women in the supply chain is portrayed by Skotti Fietsam (Senior Vice President Of Global Supply Chain, Accuride). With a proven track record of driving business growth, achieving positive bottom-line results, and demonstrating strong leadership abilities, Skotti Fietsam’s success in expanding businesses is attributed to her keen understanding of customer needs and the strategic alignment of product engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing to deliver competitive products.

Moreover, Skotti Fietsam’s leadership style is characterized by setting high expectations, empowering others, and ensuring accountability. Her managerial courage enables her to make tough decisions across all facets of the business. Known for her engaging attitude and commitment to excellence, Skotti Fietsam fosters an energizing environment that motivates everyone in her sphere.

On the Path to a Proliferative Career

After graduating with a computer science and math degree, Skotti Fietsam initiated her career in the automotive industry approximately 30 years ago. She commenced as a programmer/analyst and subsequently pursued an MBA, leading her transition into Finance. Over 15 years at Chrysler, she held various roles in Finance and Supply Chain, dealing with aspects such as supplier quality, change management, and outsourcing. After her tenure at Chrysler, Skotti Fietsam joined BorgWarner, progressively undertaking responsibilities in data management and supplier development, eventually serving as the plant manager for a startup site in Brazil. Subsequently, she managed a larger Mexico plant focused on producing engine timing chain systems. 

Following this experience, Skotti Fietsam transitioned to Amazon, where she immersed herself in the fast-paced, tech-driven operations environment. Over three years, she honed her skills in expediting processes, from launching new building sites to rapidly developing and deploying content for global operations training. Skotti Fietsam has returned to the manufacturing sector, this time within the realm of commercial vehicles. In her current role, she contributes to Accuride’s “Moving the WorldTM “mission with each wheel the company produces.

Prominent Manufacturer with Distinguished Operations

Accuride, a distinguished commercial vehicle components manufacturer, specializes in producing steel and aluminum wheels for a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, buses, and passenger vehicles. With its headquarters in the United States, the company has expanded its manufacturing footprint to include operations in seven countries worldwide. As a prominent supplier of wheel-end systems to the global commercial vehicle industry, Accuride offers a comprehensive product line that includes both steel and aluminum commercial vehicle wheels, in addition to various wheel-end components and assemblies. 

The company extends its influence into the European automotive sector and the global agricultural, construction, and industrial equipment markets, producing steel wheels to meet the diverse needs of these sectors. These products proudly carry the Accuride® brand and other recognizable names such as, Gunite®, and KIC®.

Accuride stands out not only for its extensive product offerings but also for its robust sales, marketing, and design engineering capabilities. The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in its strategically located manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. This strategic distribution ensures efficient production and timely delivery, reinforcing Accuride’s dedication to providing high-quality products that meet the demands of various markets. 

The dynamic nature of the commercial vehicle industry, marked by fluctuations in truck shipments and new vehicle manufacturing, directly impacts Accuride’s operations. An increase in truck shipments amplifies the demand for replacement wheels. Simultaneously, a surge in new vehicle manufacturing further heightens the need for Accuride’s specialized products. The entire process has triggered tremendous growth for the company. 

In addition, Accuride also recognizes and responds to several industry dynamics, positioning itself as a reliable and responsive player in the commercial vehicle components market. By aligning its production capabilities with the industry’s evolving needs, Accuride sustains its position as a leading supplier and contributes significantly to the efficiency and performance of the global commercial vehicle sector. In fact, the company’s strategic presence, diverse portfolio of offerings, and commitment to high-quality positions it as an influential force in the commercial vehicle components market. Moreover, Accuride’s adaptability to industry changes underscores its resilience and dedication to meeting the demands of an ever-evolving market.

160 Years of Manufacturing Expertise

Accuride’s over 160 years of manufacturing expertise showcases its commitment to excellence through innovative technologies, a versatile product portfolio, and world-class operating performance. The company’s unwavering dedication to customer success is evident in its singular focus: expanding global businesses by providing industry-leading wheel-end products, innovation, and service. Accuride places a significant emphasis on producing safety-critical components for vehicles, particularly wheels and brake components. Recognizing the paramount importance of quality in these safety-critical parts, the company prioritizes excellence in its manufacturing processes.

Accuride’s unique capability to produce steel and aluminum wheels sets Accuride apart, a distinctive feature that sets it ahead of others in the industry. This dual expertise allows Accuride to cater to diverse needs within the automotive sector, offering comprehensive solutions to its customers. In addition to its manufacturing prowess, Accuride plays a crucial role in the industry’s supply chain by sourcing and supplying non-manufactured parts. This involvement underscores the company’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions and further solidifies its position as a reliable partner in the automotive sector.

Customers trust Accuride’s robust supply base, leveraging the company’s expertise in quality sourcing. This trust is built on Accuride’s extensive manufacturing experience and its commitment to consistently delivering reliable products. The company’s dedication to quality sourcing ensures that its products meet the diverse and stringent automotive industry needs. Accuride’s 160-year legacy is a testament to its ability to evolve with the industry while maintaining a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Through its comprehensive product portfolio, manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to quality sourcing, Accuride stands as a reliable and innovative force in the global automotive sector. As the company continues to navigate the industry’s dynamic landscape, its unwavering focus on customer success and commitment to excellence positions it as a leader in providing wheel-end solutions for vehicles worldwide.

Inculcating ‘First Fit’ in the Everyday Process

As a key supplier to major vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Accuride takes pride in ensuring its parts are designated as “first fit” in the manufacturing process. The company strongly emphasizes understanding the needs and feedback of truck fleets, recognizing them as the end-users of the trucks. This approach allows Accuride to comprehend better how it can provide valuable assistance and enhance the overall user experience.

Accuride acknowledges the industry adage that one cannot reinvent the wheel, but the company distinguishes itself by focusing on offering a diverse range of products. This strategy ensures that its stock is strategically located in the right quantities, meeting the demands of a dynamic market. The commitment to product diversity aligns with Accuride’s goal to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the varied needs of its customers.

In addition to its focus on product excellence, Accuride actively engages in environmental sustainability initiatives. Recognizing the importance of reducing carbon emissions, the company has implemented measures to lower the weight of its products. Moreover, Accuride is dedicated to increasing the use of renewable energy sources, demonstrating a proactive commitment to environmental responsibility. The company aims to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process by adopting these measures.

Accuride’s dedication to product excellence, strategic stock management, and environmental sustainability highlight its multifaceted approach to business. By continuously listening to customer needs, offering diverse product options, and actively participating in sustainable practices, the company is a reliable and responsible player in the automotive industry. Accuride’s commitment to delivering high-quality products while embracing environmental stewardship reflects its holistic vision for success and responsible corporate citizenship.

Prudent Experience Coupled with an Outgoing Personality

When Skotti Fietsam joined Accuride at the end of 2021, the company faced a challenging scenario of supply chain disruptions. Initially, a ship was stuck in the Suez Canal, a critical passage for 12% of global trade. Simultaneously, many boats were queued up at the port of Long Beach, California due to a record driver shortage for container pickups. This was compounded by a container shortage and chip storage issues, hindering manufacturing. 

The situation led to a gridlock, with over 100 containers of Accuride products stranded at the port, unbeknownst to the company. Since then, Skotti Fietsam has successfully addressed this challenge by implementing Pando, an ocean freight visibility solution at Accuride. This technology has played a crucial role in resolving supply chain issues and enhancing the company’s logistics efficiency.

Being a motivated and self-directed individual with a broad range of experience spanning various disciplines within the automotive industry, Skotti Fietsam has showcased her expertise in Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, and IT Systems. Skotti Fietsam’s talent development and leadership passion make her a valuable asset for an innovative, growth-oriented company prioritizing cross-functional global experience. 

Known for being friendly, outgoing, and a collaborative team worker, Skotti Fietsam leads with contagious energy and enthusiasm. Her professional approach aligns with a company’s values, seeking dynamic individuals to contribute to its success. Embarking on a remarkable entrepreneurial and professional voyage, Skotti Fietsam has left an indelible mark through her notable achievements. Here’s a glimpse into her impactful contributions:

  • Developed three new steel suppliers in Asia for timing chain manufacturing
  • Produced the first engine timing chain ever produced in Brazil in 2014
  • STEP Top 100 Women in Manufacturing
  • 50% increase in profitability and 40% revenue growth for a $120M plant in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  • President – Automotive Cluster of Jalisco, Mexico in 2016
  • Pando Implementation of Transportation Visibility at Accuride

Catering to Individual Needs as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Skotti Fietsam understands that her responsibilities encompass the critical tasks of innovation and strategic planning. In her role, she is focused on bringing fresh ideas to the forefront and developing thoughtful plans to drive the company forward. At Accuride, Skotti Fietsam spearheads the team at the forefront and undertakes several primary roles and responsibilities to foster the constant growth and development of the organization. As one of the primary leaders at the forefront, she also ensures that the requirements of her team members are fulfilled and offers them a supportive work environment for work efficiency. 

Thus, being at the helm, Skotti Fietsam ensures catering to the team’s needs and looks after them. She believes in actively listening to her team members, sharing essential information, presenting growth opportunities, ensuring fairness and consistency, holding individuals accountable, leading by example, and offering career coaching and development opportunities. In her perspective, these practices contribute to a positive and effective leadership approach within the company. “We all get along and we consider work fun, despite the obstacles and difficulties. We suffer together and we succeed together,” says Skotti Fietsam. Lastly, she advises all aspirants to showcase their skills and abilities instead of telling or trying to convince them by ‘removing their doubts with your outstanding results.’ 

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