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Dr. Rajesh Joshi- Skynet Expert

Assessment solutions not only compare the results of multiple solutions, ruling out the best course of action to be recommended for use. They are of very high importance in any company, business, start-up as they not only provide the proposed solution but also assess the value delivered by each solution or service, providing one with the best course of action and the output value generated by each of these solutions.

As the world of business is ruthless and filled with cutthroat competition in each sector, industry, and domain, and more rewarding to those who use the best tools to assess every process and step of a company, turning them successful and strong holding their roots in their respective domain or field. Thus, as one enters or is currently owning a company, business, or start-up, it becomes very important to use the specialized services of companies dealing in assessment tools.

In the world of business, one should be very cautious and have a thorough check before implementing any service or product in the market as the survival of the company, business, etc. depends on it. To deal with this extremely intricate and delicate process, numerous companies are providing exemplary and scalable solutions but there are only a few leading the domain and taking the innovation curve to explore new boundaries and setting milestones along the way.

Skynet Experts Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company, dealing in the domain of assessment solutions, providing exemplary, unmatched, and accurate services, making sure that your company, business, etc. gets the best course of action and the results to each solution with best-in-class services, industry standards, and practices.

They are not only leading the innovation curve but also their team of experts is one of the best and specialized groups of personnel working relentlessly to provide the best services and that too in the best possible time. They are known for their extremely high customer satisfaction ratings and vivid industry-wide base of loyal clients. They deliver their expert assessment solutions in the Consulting, Content Development, Delivery, Platform, and Assessment Management Services, making them a complete assessment solutions company.

They are not only the best among the competition in the market but also their experience and enormous client base is what truly makes them one of the best in the assessment solutions domain.

The Company, The Journey- Skynet Experts Pvt. Ltd.

The company was founded with one inspiration, one goal in mind – Pursuit of excellence. The team is in sync with the idea and mission behind the company’s foundation, allowing them to push past the barriers of normal and conventional methodologies and break the barriers of innovation and service standards, i.e., in pursuing excellence, no matter what the problems, situations, and circumstances, they feel compelled to provide the best and most dedicated services to their clients.

Our mission is to unlock opportunity through education for India’s workforce, with a double-bottom-line business model. Using the latest technology to develop better livelihood for the professional, unqualified at Global level. Simply put, we’re trying to become the bridge that brings students from where they’re now, to where they want to be.

Skynet Experts’ Mission

Skynet Experts is the leading, globally operating Technology Management consulting company with headquarter in Maharashtra, India which has been combining classic management consulting with high technological competence for over 04 years. The focus of its activities is on digital transformation- in the education sector, supports companies from all areas of the business to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of the digitalized, globalized economy with state-of-the-art communication and information technology.

Skynet Experts’ expertise bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and technology consulting projects in over 04 countries India, Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia. Skynet Experts Group of Companies comprises a technology wing, consultancy forum, business incubator, abroad education, skill assessment, and certification.

They have successfully achieved unparalleled growth in a short period. Impanelled with more than 5000 assessors pan-India, the Skynet Expert’s team has conducted 17000+ assessments, has successfully added 50000+ assessed and appraised professionals to the system. Aligned with the vision of the company, every employee contributes to pushing the boundaries and delivering outstanding results.

This not only speaks a great deal about the practices that are followed in this company but also of their work and the sincerity they pool in when providing and dealing with any customer, not only taking them right to the top of the companies in the assessment solutions domain but right into the hearts of their customers, who are not only satisfied but also looking forward to work with them again.

Every company, every business has to deal and face a lot of problems right after their inception, it not only takes a true leader, a never giving up attitude, discipline, constantly supporting and ever ready team but this is just the checklist for entering into the world of business, as initial challenges take many forms and faces. Skynet luckily, having a great team and an experienced leader managed to cut short the problems but they had their few shares of ups and downs.

Skynet had its fair share of challenges, starting from generating awareness about their company, their services, and how it benefits their client’s company, sticking to their needs, demands, and requirements. They also had trouble presenting their clients with their services, as to the accuracy and authenticity of their assessment solutions. All this presented Skynet and its team with a trivial challenge but it is to their bold and never-ending efforts, the company made it through that time and catapulted on the way to becoming a successful company, pioneering the assessment solutions domain. 

Skynet Experts’ Services, New Additions, and the Factors Setting them Apart from the Competition in the Market.

Skynet provides state-of-the-art assessment services to Consulting, Content Development, Delivery, Platform, and Assessment Management Services. That not only makes them a one-stop assessment solutions company but also makes them one of the efficient trusted and scalable solutions providers in their domain. Their services are accurate, definitive, efficient, and provide their clients the results promised by the team and the company in the best possible manner and with the use of the latest technology packed with thorough experience and knowledge of their unrivalled team at Skynet Exports.

As a Technology Company, they also provide skills and vocational career guidance, certification, and assessment solution platform. To date, they have issued more than 2 million evaluations in 200 + districts in 20 states of India. Their three-dimensional work style helps their corporate partners to reduce the frequency of interviews using their central evaluation platform. It also helps their institutional partners in measuring and improving employability and helps candidates to move ahead on their career path. They provide guaranteed placement to their certified candidates.

To be the global leader in the feld of educational assessment and help today’s generation in shaping their career as well as life. Our vision is to build a global platform and a connected community to guide the students on their journey to achieve their aspirations.

Skynet Experts’ Vision

AI-Based Online Assessment Platform / Tool, Skynet Experts Learning Management System (SLMS), Augmented Technology Content for educational & training institutions, E-Commerce platform, Attendance Solution, School ERP, Smart School, Smart Anganwadi, Smart Village Council, RozgarKhoj, etc.

They also provide other services such as:

  • Consultant: They work as a consultant for the criteria for skills training and business evaluation for various governments and private entities too, viz. Govt. of Nepal, Govt. of Thailand, Govt. of Malaysia, and corporate clients i.e. Acumen Healthcare and Wellness Pvt. Ltd., City Trancelink, Sai Social Micro Finance Foundation, Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., RT Divine EduTech Pvt. Ltd., Vedone Foundation, Geet Growth Pvt. Ltd., SSBSS Trust, and The Imperial Foundation, etc. for developing new business models to them.
  • Fundraising: They are an expert in the Fund-Raising field. They have also worked for private entities in the field of fund-raising, marketing, public relations, sales, and over the years they have discovered how to raise money. Now, they have turned a decade of successes into a lucrative consulting business.

They are always looking forward to pushing past their boundaries, with only one thing in mind, no matter what they do, whom they do it for, and that thing driving the team and Skynet Experts is – Excellence. They are looking for ways to innovate and present foolproof services to their clients and they do it with feedback from their clients and the compilation of experience generated by working for and in many domains and industries. They are trying their best to expand their services, to make sure they can help and deliver their services to clients spread all across the globe, and also develop new tools and solutions as they cater to clients with different needs and requirements.

List of new additions to the services offered by Skynet Exports:

  • Public Sector: Regional Development and Innovation
  • Private Sector: Advisory Services
  • Mutual for both Sector:
  • – Quality Assurance.
  • – Business Intelligence – BI Services.
  • – Big Data Analysis.
  • – Informatics and Technologies.
  • – Communication and Marketing.
  • – Education and Training.
  • – Research and Development.
  • – International Collaborations and Programs

Other Core Services

  • – Government consultant on Educational Changes and Policies.
  • – Career Mapping Test of ideal career for children aged between 12 to 17.
  • – Career Guidance Counselling.
  • – Sports Interest Test (Psychometric & Physical).
  • – Gap identification of the criteria of educational skills and industry.
  • – State professional training and business evaluation needs a consultant.
  • – Business placement of qualified candidates.
  • – Use of the latest technologies such as AI, cloud computing, chatbots, proctoring, face recognition, visual analysis, and machine learning.
  • – Online Marketing Solutions, Web-based Applications, Mobile applications, E-Commerce Platforms for SHG’s, Bachat-Gats, and Farmers of India.
  • – Content designing and content development, as per client’s requirement.
  • – In-house developed LMS and AI-based assessment tool available and can be customized as required.
  • – VFX, 2D, 3D, Audio-Visual and Augmented Technology Content development as per client’s requirement.
  • – Smart Anganwadi, Smart School, Smart Village Council – technology development and implementation

Seeing covid-19 situations they have molded their approach and established themselves to explore new opportunities with new products. Mission Agro Aisle is one of them. It is the Business Incubation Hub concept for FARMERS, MAHILA BACHAT GAT’S, and SELF-HELP GROUPS.

For this, Skynet Experts has come up with an idea of ‘Gramin Vikreta – Online E-Commerce Platform for Farmers’, Bachat Gat’s and SHG’s’ under their project ‘Mission Agro Aisle’ and will act as a partner to relevant authorities’ consultant for the implementation of the project. The portal/platform will help farmers and women to sell their products at their fingertips. They have also added Smart School Programme, Smart Anganwadi ‘Digi Breeze’, and Smart Village Councils (Gram Panchayat) products, and implementation services. 

The company’s aim, goal, and the dexterity of the team combine to create one of the leading assessment solutions provider companies i.e., Skynet Exports. Their experience spread across fields and the skills, knowledge of their team, which is ever-increasing, are some of the reasons that not only take them a leap ahead of the competition in the market but also make them a complete assessment solutions provider.

Their commitment towards their clients and their sincerity towards uplifting and highlighting the company’s mission – To effectively channelize their resources and build a thriving network of experts that shall work together to augment value for the clienteles, the internal team, and all stakeholders. To go beyond business and become a trusted partner and advisor their mutual growth is another adding factor to the Skynet Export’s dominance over the competition in the market.

A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them.

M. D. Arnold

The work culture and the team of Skynet Experts

The company’s environment encourages people to work in groups. That way, ideas can be shared along with responsibility and the credit for success. Not every idea is going to be a great idea but it is important not to ridicule people who are brave enough to think differently from the rest, hence Skynet takes utmost care and precautions and listens to their employees. The company’s open culture and friendly environment are what encourages them to do that. Due to this open and flexible approach, the team is always open and acceptable, and enthusiastic in implementing innovative solutions

Also, Skynet maintains a sensible approach towards its workforce. Enthusiastic employees portray a holistic picture of the company; hence, they prioritize the needs of their employees just like their clients. The Company maintains integrity and a transparent communication channel that helps them to answer the issues and queries employees might have. Employees’ efforts and hard work are acknowledged, which further keeps them motivated at work.

The company also organizes, team lunches, recreational activities picnics, get-togethers, birthday celebrations, etc. to further maintain their zeal. Also, to safeguard their employees from contagion, they are providing work from home.    

The team of Skynet Experts is not a team but a close-knit family, always looking after one another and always present to help their colleagues and the company. They are not only experts in their field but are also highly experienced with many clients and deliverance of results in strenuous conditions. The team is always looking forward to upholding the vision of the Skynet Experts – To be the leader in the talent development industry and encourage and promote a culture of assessment by bringing together talent, experience, and expertise.

This not only binds them together to pursue excellence but also makes them devote their sincerity and hard work to the overall growth and development of themself and the company. These factors not only make the team of Skynet unique but also proves to be an asset for the company as without their work, support, and belief in the company’s policies, Skynet would have never reached the top of the competition and achieved a phenomenal success rate.

SKynet Experts- Rajesh Joshi

The leadership at Skynet Experts.

Dr. Rajesh Joshi, a great visionary heading the company as the Chairman and Managing Director of Skynet Experts Pvt. Ltd. and is an IIT, IIM, graduate, and a Ph.D. holder in IT and operations, Princes 2 Certified, PMP Certified, and has worked for HCL, Microsoft on development of native tools and designed and deployed lots of large-scale projects. For the last ten years, he is into policy designing for the central and state of India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. He is an Expert in Projects Management in the fields of entrepreneurial assistance, information technology, training, and regional development in the Private and Public sectors. 

Dr. Joshi is working for a social cause; initiating the youth for changing the system, utilizing opportunities, and spreading awareness among the community to make society a better place. Dr. Joshi has been striving to achieve ‘the development of “Me” is developing and helping oneself in becoming the best of the society.

As a technology and consultancy company Dr. Joshi strives for enabling digitalized transformation for our client’s businesses. The automated processes and tech-based solutions help for growth and revenue generation. Implementing digital platforms, AI technology, E-commerce solutions helps to serve end customers and clients. When it comes to innovative solutions and offerings certain unprecedented disruptions require transformations i.e., building a customer base, reinventing core operations, and partners experience as well. It has been more alleviated by the trend of focusing on smart, connected, and AI-powered products.

Today’s digital turbulence is driving a major pivot to as-a-service and other new business models. Reinventing core business and simultaneously mounting new business models is the gist of Skynet Experts’ business model. And by the time Dr. Joshi has evolved this deep-rooted in it. 

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