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Chandra S. Pandey- Seceon

Today, the internet is being widely used all over the world. With the passage of time and the midst of pandemic situations, the number of internet users is also increasing. As fast as we are moving towards the digital world, the number of cybercrimes is also increasing at the same rate. A recent example of this is the cyber-attack on Australia’s communication system, which has disrupted its communication system.

Today, in the world of the internet, problems like hacking, fraud, data theft are constantly taking place on the first page of the newspaper, in such a situation, a kind of security shield is required to avoid all these problems, and that’s the cybersecurity.

While businesses are running their processes remotely with the help of cloud and the web-based applications, the hike in internet demand has increased which has opened tremendous opportunities for cyber criminals. While struggling to achieve desired growth, cyber-attacks and data thefts can force businesses to hold their growth back.

In this context, a pioneer company Seceon is providing the utmost innovative and highly reliable cybersecurity solutions that protect businesses and empower them to accelerate their growth.

We at The Enterprise World, feel the delight to feature Seceon as a cover story of our very special issue, The 10 Most Recommended Cyber Security Solution Providers in 2021.

Under the visionary leadership of its founder and CEO, Mr. Chandra S. Pandey, Seceon dominates the industry with its position as a flag bearer in the cybersecurity space. The company’s solutions deliver unparalleled cybersecurity as they focus on enterprise safety and growth. Their services and work showcase their rich domain knowledge and a flexible & agile workflow.

Seceon started six years back with a crystal clear goal from day one to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity platform not just a better version of an existing product. It was not an easy task as they were trying to establish a platform with multiple functionalities and features that require a lot of R&D efforts and resources. With huge experience, hard and smart efforts of highly skilled professionals, and a passion to deliver something unique that lasts longer and to protect businesses, Seceon has marked its firm footing in the cybersecurity sector across the globe.

Seceon’s highly passionate and dedicated team strived one and half years to come out with the platform which was received very well by the marketplace. In a less period, Seceon has established itself as a niche in the cybersecurity and technology domain. The company is processing very well in the industry as their partners and customers see the full-powered Seceon aiXDR platform in action. They not just adapting the company’s platforms but also many of them are taking it to thousands of customers because they see this is the future of cybersecurity that can help businesses to tackle well with most sophisticated cybersecurity attacks like Ransomware using multi-steps and multi-vectors.

We are excited to have thousands of customers and more customers are being onboarded on the platform every day.

Chandra Pandey

Antecedent Hurdles

Seceon has its fair share of hurdles and achievements on the way to becoming a market leader in the cybersecurity industry. They aim to provide the best service to their clients and contribute to different industry verticals as a whole.

The initial challenge while establishing a platform for any company requires having the right set of talent. Seceon needed people in the team, who are creators with innovative ideas and striving to mark the footprint. The company overcomes the challenges by getting the right set of people in the team at right time and as they say, the company is lucky to have a lot of talented and motivated people in its team with a common vision to solve today’s digital world biggest challenge faced by smallest businesses as well as the unicorns.

Reason for Seceon’s success is their clear focus on delivering the ‘Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era’ and every member of team Seceon takes it to the heart to execute rapid innovations in the fast-changing world of cyber threats.

Seceon’s Cutting Edge Offerings

Seceon’s unique and innovative solutions are cognitively ahead, more advanced, sophisticated, and easier to use than any other solutions in the space. Seceon’s cybersecurity experience is more intuitive and proactively delivering the best digital protection to businesses.

The company offers a couple of highly reliable and utmost innovative platforms in the market. Seceon’s aiSIEM™ and aiXDR™ are powered with multi-tenancy capability and solve the customer’s cybersecurity problem. Today’s cybersecurity threats are using multi-step and multi-vectors, are automated, and have machine learning and AI to blend with the organization under attacks to avoid detection.

To proactively detect these sophisticated threats, the Seceon platform offers CMDS “Continuous real-time Monitoring, proactive Detection & auto Stopping of any threats even those using multi-step/multi-vectors in early stages to avoid damages. If you look at the industry point of view, most companies have been focused on doing a product that can make them quick money selling silos product but not focused on solving the real problem and that is where Seceon has differentiated itself from day one.

Seceon Products- aiXDR- 1


Seceon aiSIEM helps organizations visualize user activities, network traffic flows, anomalous behaviors, and host-based suspicious processes through a single pane of glass while ensuring cyber threats, exploits, and attacks are detected early and accurately with automated intelligence, advanced correlation, and real-time analytics. The solution empowers SOC analysts to respond to real alerts by cutting out the noise and providing a simplified path to threat containment and risk mitigation.

  • Advanced event correlation (on-prem and cloud) and behavioral patterns with AI and Dynamic Threat Models
  • Behavior baselining and profiling for anomaly detection leveraging Machine Learning techniques
  • Contextual enrichment with threat intelligence (70+ sources), vulnerability assessment, and historical data
  • Exhaustive reporting across several key areas – security, compliance, operations, and investigation
  • Rules-based policy creation, enforcement, and notification for appropriate action and governance

Seceon aiXDR takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity by gathering deep insights from endpoints, servers, network devices, applications, IoT, and security systems and applying user identity, threat intelligence, and vulnerability assessment to establish threat profile, generate threat indicators, raise essential alerts and offer remediation path – automated or triaged.

In essence, the solution ensures defense-in-depth threat detection and response, relying on EDR, Network Behavior, Advanced Correlation (SIEM), Network Traffic Analysis, UEBA (ML-based), and SOAR for an All-In-One experience that is organically and seamlessly fused.

  • Endpoint Security with agent-based and agentless technology for Windows, macOS, and Linux OS.
  • Behavior baselining with applied Machine Learning for users and entities based on host-centric insights (services, processes, file access, telemetry, etc) and network flows
  • Data Exfiltration (breach), Insider Threat, and DDoS Attack detection with network traffic pattern analysis

If you have to put together 20 products, developed by different teams within the same company or brought together as an acquisition, they will never work together effectively. These challenges not only create a huge cybersecurity whole for companies, which have collected many silos over the years but even those, who keep and buying silos/feature product today and keep on underestimating the work to integrate them and get stuck in a loop of continuous ask for more resources without any measurable cybersecurity posture improvement.

Innovation is the key to business growth

Seceon, taking a step ahead with…

Seceon has a clear vision of delivering the “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era” and this vision comes with a significant drive for innovations every day to tackle ever-growing cybersecurity threats and sophisticated attacks being released by threat actors. The company is focused on driving the innovations in cybersecurity and it requires not only significant R&D and ML and AI algorithms but also developing the right set of feature extractions and data enrichment to ensure that they are not missing a feature that can be exploited by attackers.

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Mr. Chandra’s views on the current cybersecurity scenario across the globe

Cybersecurity is a big challenge. There are hundreds of billions of dollars spent today for it, the big question mark is, whether the money spent is on the right set of product and solution or not. Ransomware has become the most popular type of attack today because attackers can make quick money. Solarwinds™ hack is one of the most discussed supply chain attacks witnessed recently, which exposed thousands of organizations and the USA Government.

Most of the company they don’t have a good platform to detect these threats because either they lack a Detection solution altogether or their Detection solution consists of multiple silos and if attack vectors do not pass through those silos then no detection happens. 

Cybersecurity companies have a big challenge coming in front of them. Currently, they keep on selling feature/silos product and buyers do not have access to all the information and still keep on buying products, which do not add much value to their cybersecurity posture improvement and will rarely ever detect a multi-step, multi-vector attack in its earlier stage and keep the organization safe and improve their security posture. This approach will not work in the long run as thousands of organizations keep getting breaches every day and feel helpless even after investing significantly in cybersecurity.

The Driving Force

Seceon has a diversified team of experts who have been in the industry for a long time with deep knowledge of domains like cybersecurity, networking, machine learning, AI, analytics, and UX design. They have developed the platform in a way that is not only easy to use but also scale. It reduces the complexity for the customers and a single cybersecurity analyst is enough to handle solutions for multiple organizations. The team is always appreciated for their work by customers, partners all over the world and always looks forward to getting regular feedback from customers and partners.

Chandra says, “We are lucky to attract many young talents, provide them the opportunity to develop as a leader and quickly enhance their capabilities and take pride in making a positive impact in society.”

Platform with Best Cybersecurity EFFICACY, EFFICIENCY & ROI

A Simple Vision of Team Seceon to Deliver

Mr. Chandra S. Pandey, – Anchor of Seceon’s growth!

Mr. Chandra S. Pandey is Founder and CEO at Seceon. He has been in the industry for more than 25+ years and has seen the phase of industry evolution along the way. Throughout his journey, he got opportunities to work with the best peoples in the industry and keep learning from them and solving some of the biggest challenges, which the industry faced at a point of time whether it comes to be in networking, cybersecurity, or cyber hygiene side.

Now at Seceon under his leadership, the team has taken the challenge to provide CMDS “Continuous real-time Monitoring, proactive Detection & auto Stopping of any Threats or breaches”. He is focused on making CMDS affordable for all organizations irrespective of their size not only Fortune500 companies, most of VC’s funded company focus from day one.

As Seceon’s CEO he works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, consequences and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise. Chandra holds multiple patents in application virtualization, highly scalable data centre architecture, scalable multicast distribution and power optimization for high performance computers.

Secure Your Data, Secure Your Future.

The Key Achievements

Currently, Seceon has 200+ partners and 4300+ customers around the globe and they see an opportunity to empower their partners to go after millions of organizations because CMDS is required by every organization to keep them away from being breached with huge damage or even potentially driven out of business. “The biggest success for our team in the future will be to see our solution getting empowering millions of organizations to have Comprehensive Cybersecurity at a price they can afford.

Currently, if you look around, thousands of organizations are getting breached, getting the ransomware attacks that can be stopped using an aiXDR™ platform. Seceon’s team takes a lot of pride in what we are doing and that is not possible without motivated team members focused on delivering the disruptive innovation.” Chandra commented.

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Overwhelming Client Experience

Seceon is a partner/customers focused organization and their customers appreciate the company for the work and service that they provide. Some of the company’s customers come with their experience using the legacy product and find it hard to believe a platform like Seceon’s is even possible.

One of their customers was previously using a product, which requires multiple dozen peoples to operate it and when they tried Seceon’s platform, the first reaction was no way it is possible and within a couple of weeks of Seceon’s platform deployment in their environment, they become the strong supporters and not only enjoy using the platform but keep on expanding its use.  

Within few months they become a big proponent for Seceon’s solution and not only they deployed themselves they started referring to other organizations that can take advantage of the company’s platform. Chandra says, “We are thankful for them and we enjoy our regular cadence with them and we are driving multiple co-innovations with them.” 

When we asked Mr. Chandra, how a business ignoring the importance of cybersecurity, holding its growth back? he said,

In today’s world, any organization if does not care about cybersecurity sooner than later will find itself in a tough spot because threat actors are after every organization, and automation has made it easier for them to attack more and more organized every day. Organizations, which get breached not only have immediate financial hardship but also other organizations working with them, start having a second thought and their exposer to attack.

It’s critical for any organization to not ignore cybersecurity. The organization must think about both cybersecurity hygiene and CMDS “Continuous real-time Monitoring, proactive Detection & auto Stopping of threats” with continuous cybersecurity posture improvement. From a cybersecurity point of view, we have made it possible for any organization to afford the best CMDS solution and we will remain focused on it going forward.

Without innovation, we will not be able to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of today and the sophistication hackers are adding with their own set of automation, machine learning, and adaptive tool. We have to make sure that we are building not only incremental innovation but also introducing disruptive innovation. Innovations are key to tackle sophisticated cybersecurity challenges and it requires not only the best technology but talented peoples as well as processes in place.

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