SMI Coated Products Pvt. Ltd- The Indian Flag Bearer in the Global Label Stock Market!

Ajay Mehta- SMI Coated Products

SMI Coated Products Pvt. Ltd- The Indian Flag Bearer in the Global Label Stock Market!

The packaging industry provides value-added services for many industries. It includes many sectors like manufacturing, pharma, retail, FMCG, etc.   The pharma and food industry is expanding, due to which the packaging market is booming. Also, the boost in the digital economy due to an increase in e-commerce businesses has highlighted the need for innovative labeling.

Product packaging plays an important role in product sales, and consumers make decisions that subsequently increase business. It works as a powerfully effective marketing tool for many businesses worldwide. The packaging is not just a cover to protect your product; it spreads the story of your brand to your end customers. If the packaging is appealing people tend to purchase the product more often. Another importance is that it protects products from getting damaged from dust or leakage.

The labeling industry is growing at a fast pace and it is about to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% in the tenure of 2020 to 2025.

SMI Coated Products is one of the leading companies in label stock manufacturing that is accelerating this digital revolution. Mr. Ajay Mehta, Founder, and Director, and his team of experts at SMI Coated Products, are empowering businesses with their cutting edge offerings.  SMI was incepted in 1993 in Daman.  Starting with a sale of 3, 00,000 square meters in the first year, SMI Coated Products today has a sale of over 100 million square meters.

SMI Coated Products Pvt. Ltd.

SMI is the Largest Indian Label Stock Manufacture, delivering more than 1 Crore sq-meters/month. SMI has introduced its elite assembling office spread of 25,000 square meters of land in MIDC, Ambernath, Maharashtra. With half of its Label Stock Solutions being exported to various pieces of the globe and 60% of its crude material being Imported, Ambernath is the ideal area because of its vicinity to the Port.

SMI Coated Products has been delivering Label Stock Solutions to more than 25 years. In this period they have made many creative strides in their excursion. SMI is the pioneer in Indian Label Stock sector that introduced a one-meter wide Acrylic coater in 1997. In 2004 SMI turned into the main Label Stock Manufacturing business to give Label Stock Solutions utilizing both Acrylic and Hot Melt Adhesives.

Since 2009, SMI began bringing in extraordinary evaluations of Pure Acrylic Adhesives and added another first Label Stock Manufacturer giving uncommon Label Stock Solutions. SMI has been on a development way from its actual beginning and has been developing reliably between 15-20% in the course of recent years.

SMI is currently exporting to more than 22 countries like UK, France, Australia, UAE, SAUDI, South Africa, etc. This gives them the edge to provide innovative products to the ever-growing Indian packaging industry.

SMI has been chosen as top 100 brands in India, by a London based organization out of 60000 brands in India  SMI’s exports were perceived and awarded by the Government of Maharashtra for 5 back to back years. And furthermore, has gotten the renowned Entrepreneurship grant from the Govt. of India within the sight of the President of India. SMI is a solid Domestic player with a Global mentality and consistently prepared to give you the top tier name stock arrangements according to your need.

Cutting through the complexities

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! SMI has also tackled well with the hurdles and created a unique place in the market.

Along with the standard issues of all startups of lack of finances, trained manpower, specified machines, and other resources, knowledge of what makes things work is very important. There is no formal education available on Label Stock and what makes it work. A long detailed study of different books available helped SMI to chart their course.

The fact that they have to coat around I gsm of release chemicals, and around 40 gsm of adhesive made the whole process very tricky. Machines were designed indigenously and they thank the machine manufacturers who took up the challenge of moving into unknown territory. It was left to their dogged perseverance to successfully make things happen.

From machineries to testing equipment, everything was a challenge. It was a time when we were questioned about the need for tension controllers!!! Technology had to be brought about judiciously balancing the requirements and funds availability.

Confidence in success in India and the fact that all Label printing machines were similar gave SMI the confidence to start exports. Their testing procedures helped them inconsistency, SMI Coated Products’s strong urge to keep the Indian flag flying high, egged them to better quality and the success in Exports boosted their confidence to take SMI Coated Products to greater heights.

“Consistently Relevant Solutions”

SMI Coated Products focuses on delivering a consistently good quality product that is Relevant to the customer & the customer to have a wide range of solutions to choose from. The motto, “Consistently Relevant Solutions” pushes them to create newer solutions and ensure consistency, by developing better systems on a day to day basis in production and constant quality checks. This can be seen at their a-list QC Lab, Customized ERP System and ISO Standards

Mr. Ajay Mehta – A leader with a 360-Degree innovative vision

After finishing his education, Mr. Ajay joined his parent’s business print Lamination. They used to get printed sheets from offset printers, laminate them and return them to the printer. His parents were pioneers in the field and they started this way back in 1961. In a short time, he realized that this business may not have a bright future and wanted to start something new. They then started doing a fascinating work of fabric lamination.

The laminated fabric found a use for shoe uppers, upholstery, curtains, school bags, and luggage bags too. In a world that was demanding newer things regularly, these laminated fabrics gave a completely new perspective and business soon prospered. However, the durability of the product became its bane and the buyers who wanted change, suddenly found that these products were long-lasting as well. In 1992 they closed down that business. Mr. Ajay was scouting for new business and they decided to move into the field of self-adhesive materials. Since 1993, it has been a happy, learning journey.

Mr. Mehta admires Swami Vivekanand the most. The success story of Oyo Rooms inspires him a lot. He says “The story of Oyo rooms is very inspiring. From a zero base, they have built an unbeatable position in their field with their innovative idea. It resonates with our motto of Consistency, Relevance and a unique solution to the needs of the market.”

I am very happy to see SMI Coated Products grow leaps and bounds over the period over years. Being the largest Indian Label Stock manufacturer is one of the visions fulfilled. Of special importance has been keeping the Indian Flag flying high by exporting 50% of our products to various countries.

Ajay Mehta

The Driving Force

The SMI family is a close-knit family. Each of them takes care of each other and works together in a spirited manner. The key that connects them is the pride of being an Indian company and supplying globally. The team is all focused on understanding the technicalities and implementing the same through the processes.

“It is a very competitive world today. We at SMI, end up competing with what we have achieved and better ourselves on a day to day basis. We have to do things to the best of our ability and not get carried away by all others in the fray. There is a place for everyone and it is up to us to participate or not in the rat race”, Mr. Ajay stated.

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