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SoftClouds LLC-Where Digital meets the Future Brian Friedman

As companies push for digital transformation, and the marketplace goes online, there are a lot of challenges companies and businesses face. This shift towards the internet requires specialists in the field to help migrate your business functions seamlessly.

When looking for the best in the field, Oracle comes in the top tier list. Many Oracle partner companies provide resources and benefits to independent software companies, businesses, etc. to provide them exceptional services such as CRM, CX, and more. 

In the search for some of the best Oracle partners, we found SoftClouds LLC. SoftClouds is one of the leading and top-performing Oracle partners. They offer comprehensive solutions with utmost standards and reliability. With their experience in providing customized architectural solutions plus their status as an Oracle Platinum Partner, they are experts in taking CX to the next level!

SoftClouds, redefining digital transformation

SoftClouds began its journey in 2005, with a core mission – “To guide companies through their CRM/CX digital transformation”. They planned to achieve their mission by offering innovative, creative, & consultative solutions.

What makes them one of the leading and sought-after solution providers in the industry is their client-oriented vision. They make sure that their team understands the client’s vision and goals. This enables them to provide innovative solutions, that incorporate the latest technology, that yields successful results, effective value, and a fluid transformation.

They have deployed technology solutions across a wide spectrum of industries from Transportation to HealthCare, Manufacturing to Automotive. The team comprises seasoned experts and highly experienced personnel, thriving on innovation to deliver next-generation solutions that optimize customer experiences. The team was honored with the most prestigious & coveted “Company of the Year – Stevie Gold Winner Award” in 2020.

These factors along with the company’s core values and striving for perfection mentality has made SoftClouds, a trusted business advisor, which recommends solutions that best fit your businesses. 

The 16+ year journey has endowed the company and its team with many accolades and achievements. They received coveted awards and recognitions, such as: “Most Successful Companies in America” and made a much-deserved place on the “Inc. 5000” list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the USA three times in a row. 

 SoftClouds’s journey, and what pushed them to succeed?

Since its inception, SoftClouds was built with innovation for the future in mind. Their initial struggle was to find a customer base to embrace their far-sighted vision. As they were one of the most initial entrees in the industry, way ahead of the curve, and ready to provide a service of the future!

They started working closely with their clients, understanding their needs and vision, along with educating them to understand the need for data, customization, and personalization.

SoftClouds focused on a better customer experience, customization, and hyper-individualization that enabled users and provided a quicker ROI for customers. The customers could see instant results that helped in customer management & interactions, and ROI.

The company offers a fantastic client-centric approach, a highly technical and experienced team having diverse experience across many industries, with a knack for innovation and creativity, led SoftClouds to new heights. 

It is the team’s focus on developing skills, experience, innovation, and productivity in implementing solutions, which sets them apart from the competition in the market. They have a proven record of loyal and extremely happy customers, which made the industry trust the experts at SoftClouds as the key to digital transformation.

This trust also led to client referrals, aiding their growth to provide a high-quality solution as well as building long-term relationships. Also, to evolve and adapt to clients’ needs they started making the necessary changes, including technological expansions and process-oriented teams that established creative delivery workflows. 

This provided SoftClouds with the base to scale into different industries, expanding their offices from the US into India and more recently to Japan. All these factors pushed them to succeed and gain immense recognition and a dominant place in the industry as one of the best. 

Factors establishing the long-standing success of SoftClouds

Undoubtedly, it is the extraordinary team of SoftClouds that strongholds the foundation of the company’s success. SoftClouds is proud to be an “employee-focused” organization and stands firm in its belief that happy employees work better, which leads to highly satisfied clients. 

They believe that keeping up with new and emerging technology is critical for the company’s success. Their innovative, strategic, and creative concepts help them to keep up with the ever-changing technology environment.

The company has grown exponentially in the past 16+ years. They have received both positive and negative feedback on their road to success and they value them equally. The positives boosted their morale and the negatives drove them to do better in all aspects of their business.

Their approach and view towards the importance of feedback continues to keep them on the right path to success and motivates them to lead the learning curve for the industry as well.

Here are a few successes since inception:

  • A high-quality team that is focused on quality & innovative solutions.
  • Worldwide office locations increased from 1 in the US to 4 offices in 3 different countries (US, India, and Japan).
  • Over 25+ Awards in the past few years for innovation, solutions, and CX like Stevie Awards, Inc5000, and other worldwide industry-leading magazines.
  • Accolades from both clients and partners, most notably the Partner of the Year Award from Oracle.
  • Team members are widely recognized and are keynote speakers in the industry-leading technology and CX events, like Oracle OpenWorld, IBM Think, etc.
  • Known for innovation in solutions and have won multiple awards. 

Unrivaled service offerings of SoftClouds

SoftClouds takes the perspective of the clients as the top priority to create solutions, forming the right strategy to solve each problem. They understand that every client’s vision and business is unique and they aim to offer the best possible solutions to meet their business goals.

They highly focus on Oracle CRM/CX solutions like Sales & Service Cloud, CPQ, Commerce & Subscription Cloud, and B2B Service Cloud providing users with the very best Customer Experience. SoftClouds and its team strive to take CX to the next level and that is the reason their clients are elated by their outstanding, innovative, creative, and tailor-made solutions.

Their company’s progress is built on continuous innovation. They prioritize customer satisfaction and dedicate themselves to developing creative strategies that benefit their clients and their users. 

SoftClouds’s fast and efficient solutions delivery is one of their most valuable assets in moving forward with technology, latest trends, and practices. As new technology evolves, so do they, thus never staying in the now, but always planning, and pushing towards the next horizon!

New additions to the service arsenal of SoftClouds

As a forward-thinking technology solutions provider, the team has always emphasized creativity and cutting-edge innovation. This has not only ensured a leading and leap-ahead position in the market but also has deepened their relationship with their clients. 

They offer CRM/CX technologies and implementations along with Digital Transformation expertise solutions; they also integrate cutting-edge technology such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics to push the boundaries of customer experience.

Flag Bearers at SoftClouds LLC

The company has not only evolved over the 16+ years of its journey but so has its team and management. What started as a leap towards the future, has now become a well-known and established brand, taking CX and Digital Transformation to the future. 

This belief and dedication towards setting benchmarks in the industry and establishing SoftCloud require a team of strong principles, experience, exceptional skills, and capabilities. Beyond all of this, the company needs an equally talented, skilled, visionary, and a beacon for all. In comes the management and leadership at SoftClouds, being one of the most talented and experts in the field, with an unparalleled vision and leadership that knows no limits. 

Brian Friedman is the GVP – Strategic Global Sales at SoftClouds.

Brian got involved in mobile technology during the very early days as the owner of one of the first four cellular retail companies in the US. There was no playbook on how to run this business, owing to the business’s freshness and never tested services. 

He along with his team were writing rules daily. Brain owned the company for 9 years and saw an opportunity to move cellular retailing to eCommerce. This was long before everything was available for purchase online and his team built a platform to enable the purchase of cellular phones and services online. 

All the major operators thought they were doing something crazy. They ended up with all of them as their customers and one of them acquired the platform. This not only provided him with an experience that is far to match up and much less underestimate it. He’s been in, with, and around in technology ever since, and moved to SoftClouds 5 years back, contributing to its staggering growth.

Brian has been one of the most precious and experienced resources of SoftClouds. His achievements far outweigh any other team in the industry and give SoftClouds a huge edge over any other company in the segment. 

Brian has founded three unique companies in the cellular space:

  • One of the first four cellular retailers in the US.
  • One of the first eCommerce companies selling mobile phones and service plans.
  • One of the first independent Android app store platforms that were tied directly to mobile operators for direct carrier billing.

Brian’s views on responsibilities of an entrepreneur

In Brian’s opinion, an entrepreneur is a true jack-of-all-trades who is fully responsible for the entire business. To be a successful entrepreneur and a leader, you constantly need to lead and mentor. 

“You must bring the right people into positions and give them the room to grow into themselves and their position. That takes knowing when to direct and when to get out of your teams’ way”, Brian adds.

Brian finds ‘Getting to Yes’ to be one of the most interesting books and would recommend it to everyone. “All too often we look at all the things that can or will stand in the way of success. Looking at each situation with a different view helps us to see how we achieve our desired results while still helping the other party succeed as well”, Brian adds about the book.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

Team and Work-culture at SoftClouds

SoftClouds is an organization that places a high value on its employees and considers them to be their most precious assets. They make it a point to involve their employees in every element of the business, to give them a sense of ownership. 

They have an open-door policy that encourages everyone to express their thoughts and ideas, and some of their best ideas have come from within. Gratitude jars, workplace celebrations, and team-building exercises are among the activities they have in place to recognize and reward their accomplishments.

All these factors push the team to strive harder and push for excellence in everything they do. Their coordination and sense of responsibility towards the company and its clients make them truly unique and unmatched in the industry.

Brian’s take on the competition in the market. 

Without competition, we wouldn’t continuously strive to be better and find our place in the industry.

Competition is natural and motivating. We don’t seek to replicate what our competitors are doing; we seek to differentiate ourselves. This allows us to find our niche in our industry and helps us carve out the place where we can be successful and make a difference for our customers.

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