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Crayon Software-Navigate Your Digital Future Mr. Vikas Bhonsle

Cloud migration has today become more mandatory than just a luxury. With technologies making more shifts than ever, a digital environment and a digital transformation is more than a necessity. At Crayon Software India, they take care of all your digital needs and help you navigate your digital future. 

In this interview with The Enterprise World, Mr. Vikas Bhonsle, CEO of Crayon India gives us more insights about the company. 

Tell us about the company.

We at Crayon Software Experts India help our customers in building the commercial and technical foundation for a successful and secure cloud-first, digital transformation journey. The Crayon Software group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with more than 3,300 employees in over 50 offices in nearly 40 countries. We operate a global, customer-first and vendor-agnostic IT consultancy helping our clients select the best solutions for their business needs and budget to thrive and innovate with software, cloud, data, and AI.

Crayon Software-Navigate Your Digital Future Mr. Vikas Bhonsle

Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

We are considerably new in the Indian market, which has only worked to our advantage. Also we are a people-first company, and we take pride in that. We are more customer-oriented than product-oriented. 

Pandemic has made us see digital transformation from different perspectives. We understand that each customer has unique requirements, and our objective is to provide them with the best solution for their particular problems. Customers do not benefit from great-sounding technologies but from the solutions that will solve their problems easily and quickly.

With that in mind, we had set our goals to help companies move and innovate faster, modernize aging infrastructure, scale globally, get better insights from their data and restructure organizational models to create better customer experiences. From a short-term vision, we are focusing on providing business continuity solutions to organizations through the use of collaboration tools like MS teams, and Multicloud adoption. These factors have helped us in our growth journey so far.

What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Crayon Software Experts India provides a fully managed service for Software and Cloud Asset Management that are customized and designed as per the clients’ requisite to make them feel relieved from managing their IT investments and allowing them to focus on other business areas. We provide world-class experts to monitor and report on IT investments.

We conduct regular status meetings with key stakeholders, where comprehensive reporting for as many publishers as desired, including recommended actions for optimization are provided. Having a global team of accredited experts, the organization assists its clients in planning, optimizing, managing, and innovating their IT estates throughout the entire lifecycle. It strategizes to provide a unified interface to its customers through an intelligent Cloud.

Crayon Software Experts India emphasizes Software Asset Management (SAM) as the key GTM strategy and provides optimal license in addition to consultation services. 

Our services are custom designed for the clients, and it ensures that they are relieved from managing their IT resources and can free them to focus on other productive channels. We are partnered with world-class experts and solutions which helps us to analyse, monitor and assess various IT investments that a company should make.

Crayon Software Experts India focuses on navigating the ever-changing IT landscape by enabling a new-age workplace and supporting business growth with unique innovations. All of its services are delivered by implementing the best methodologies and frameworks. With such an approach to deliver the best to its clients, the company is all occupied to introduce its security and customer cost optimization measures.

 How do your services help companies to leverage new technologies to increase business scalability and sustainability?

We help clients select the best solutions for their business needs and budget to thrive and innovate with software, cloud, data, and AI. With a global team of accredited experts, we assist our clients with services to plan, right size, optimize, manage, and innovate their IT estates throughout the entire lifecycle. We help businesses make data-driven and cost-saving decisions while navigating the digital future. 

 How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

We are a people-first organization, and we ensure that we provide technologies to our customers that solve their immediate problems and bring speed and efficiency to their business processes.  

Also, a well-established communication process and a reliable support system are crucial to the success of any service provider. We ensure that our existing customers are getting the best services and that we continue to help them scale their businesses on the cloud in the future.

Crayon Software have regular discussions with the industry CIOs, CTOs, and key decision-makers, to understand the real-time challenges companies face and the solutions required. Even during the pandemic, we were on the ground, taking continuous feedback and speaking to our customers, partners and the broader ecosystem. We ensure that our current offerings are relevant and updated for the current time. 

Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

I have been with Crayon Software Experts India since June 2014. Before that, I was with Dell for over 14 years as a General Manager of the Mid-Market of Dell India, where I handled a business portfolio of over 300m USD. During my time in Dell, I managed different regions portfolios and had an International stint of Marketing as a Brand Manager for the South Asia region.

In Crayon Software, I took responsibility for developing and implementing the company’s vision and strategy to become one of the fastest-growing Cloud Companies globally and for the transformation of Crayon Software in India into an end-to-end technology solutions provider. In my complete 20 years of professional life, I have gathered experiences in Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Strategy Formulation, Operational Management and Relationship Management.

 How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

At Crayon Software, we believe that our people are our assets. We trust in taking care of our people and placing their interests above everything else in the organization.   

Our culture is everything at Crayon Software. When all the necessary vectors line up, and the difference is marginal, it is Crayon Software culture that trumps everything else. Our company culture is designed to infuse desired behavior amongst our workforce and lays down values and norms that permeate every stratum within the organization. It also helps create a strong bond with our employees.

Respect, integrity, winning attitude, collaboration, social responsibility norms, and belief is something that our people relate strongly to, and this provides a defining and impactful reason for association with employers. Crayon Software strong culture builds an emotional connection that sustains our relationship with our employees.

What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs?

Two things are really crucial for entrepreneurs to be successful. Getting the right people, and having the right strategy. As a leader, it is vital that they care about their organizational development, their team, and about the individual careers of their people. I believe that if you want to build a high-performing team and run a company that is built to last, you should engage in deliberate practice to develop the full range of abilities that eventually spells success. As an entrepreneur, one must take responsibility for the operations of a company or a business and provide the necessary leadership and direction for the organization.


Global Headquarter:                    Oslo, Norway

Year of inception:                         2002

Interesting Facts:   

  • 50% of the workforce engaged in pureplay advisory & consulting services is on software & cloud.
  • We provide the strongest, robust & most intelligent cloud platform to the 2 most popular hyperscalers in the globe.
  • We address 80% of Global Market, which represents our services.
  • We have setup something called as the ISV incubation center. Here we work with ISV’s across industries & help them evaluate, based on their technology, the most attractive option on the cloud.
  • Another unique proposition is that we are one of the very few people, who have the expertise & capability to carry out GDPR assessments for our customers.
  • We optimise our customers Digital IT spends by leveraging the expertise we have in Cloud Analytics. This has helped customers save significant amount of money by optimising their Cloud Infrastructures.
  • Path-breaking services: Software & Cloud Analytics, Advisory & Consulting Services, Managed & Subscription Services, GDPR Experts, Volume Licensing Optimisation & Management.

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