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Pharma and Life Sciences companies are at the forefront of producing chemicals, medicines, etc, which has a direct impact on our lives in so many ways. They have to follow stringent regulations, work under tight schedules, and produce results that are foolproof and effective. 

This makes the job tough for these companies, adding to the pressure, but to survive and succeed, they have to do it!

But how?

SONEAS is one of the most prominent names in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry, with a pan world presence, a clientele spread throughout the globe, and three facilities in Budapest, Hungary.

They offer a comprehensive and exhaustive range of services that enable and help your company to achieve its goals and success. Their team of experts stays unmatched and offers excellent service and support standards. They are one of the few names in the industry which emphasize on by-products and work to reduce the global footprint.

They are a one-stop service provider for Pharma and Life Sciences solutions, highly sought after, with a loyal and satisfied client base. They are one of the most Trusted Pharma & Life Sciences Solution providers in 2021

Re-Defining Pharma and Life Sciences – SONEAS

SONEAS began its journey of helping and enabling pharma and biotech companies, 25 years ago. SONEAS was established in 1996, with its head office based in Budapest, Hungary. They offer early product development and manufacturing, pre-clinical, or initial clinical activities, and large-scale production services. Their pilot plant facility commissioned in 2002, enabled them to offer an exhaustive range of chemistry services to support pharmaceutical and fine chemicals development, optimizing their product development cycle, and improving speed to market.

SONEAS has some of the best facilities in The company brings to bear its comprehensive set of capabilities, including R&D facilities, chemistry know-how, large scale metathesis production capabilities, quality assurance and control, regulatory compliance, and process innovation, to get the obstacles out of the way of its clients’ operations. SONEAS offers expertise in developing technologies for the production of intermediates for pharma and non-pharma applications, with all its processes being reproducible, transferable, quality compliant, economical, and environmentally acceptable. 

SONEAS is a CDMO company operating on 73,544 m2 and capable of providing starting materials, intermediates pharma, and non-pharma applications as well as other fine chemical products on a commercial scale. Primarily, the company develops Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates to ensure clients’ development programs are catered to on time.

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We are not involved with clients just for business, but we are involved in long-term projects with them that too at various stages of development.

Péter Ács, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer (COO), SONEAS

SONEAS and its team are always dedicated to catering to their client’s needs. They are a client-centric company, enabling their clients by understanding, predicting, and fulfilling their current and future needs. They are always there for their clients, helping them from a wider perspective, right from development to guiding them to steer clear of the challenges, they are always there with them at each step of the journey.

Primarily, the company works on the development of lower APIs from the late discovery stage, including process optimization and root scouting. Here, the company focuses on both, client’s immediate needs and their requirements for the next step to make it easier and more economic for them.

SONEAS over the 25 years of its journey has helped countless clients grow, strengthening the bond of trust and reliance, along with growing and innovating their services and support. They provide services that bring speed, creativity, and flexibility for several biotech firms to move through various product development processes quickly.

“After completing the optimization of a particular stage of product development, we quickly move to work on the optimization of the later stages. Because of our collaborative approach to client engagement that results in swift activity across the current and future development stages, clients save time and cost significantly,” Péter adds.

They help their clients achieve faster development and save time. They enable their clients to bring their product to the market or to a certain stage of development in a record time. They also work in close collaboration with their clients even in the development lab to prepare for a scale-up simultaneously. SONEAS completes the optimization of the early stages, it works on the optimization of later stages to save time.

SONEAS exhibits innovation, efficiency, and responsibility. They are always aware of their responsibility towards the environment, ensuring there are fewer undesired by-products and hazardous wastes, which, in turn, contributes to faster development. Thus, they are not only focused on their clients but also on their global footprint.

All these factors not only make them highly sought-after but also the preferred choice of the clients. Their dedication, unmatched services, and exceptional standards of service make them one of the best and complete solution providers of Pharma and Life Sciences services.

How SONEAS delivers on its promise of efficiency and perfection?

SONEAS offers a complete range of services, making them a one-stop service provider in Pharma and Life Sciences space. They have made and honed their services in such a way that companies of all sizes can avail and maximize their benefit from them. For small biotech companies offering early development, materials, pre-clinical activities, to large companies which require a reliable partner that can offer services of utmost quality, with unmatched standards, in a prompt manner for process optimization and scaling. SONEAS also supplies material for the commercial stage for big pharma companies. 

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The company’s team operates from three sites in Budapest, Hungary housing R&D labs, kilo lab, pilot plants, and large-scale manufacturing facilities. Uquifa Sciences S.L., a global supplier of specialty pharmaceuticals and chemicals, with global operation in Spain and Mexico recently acquired SONEAS.

What this means for their clients, is an assurance of trust and reliability that SONEAS is known for, along with the added expertise coming from the two companies. Together, SONEAS offers a full range of services, including small-scale R&D services, piloting, and much more. This makes SONEAS one-stop-shop, and the perfect partner for all the clients looking for a comprehensive and trusted supplier.

The company has also earned a partnership with XiMo, a firm founded by Nobel laureate Professor Richard R. Schrock and other experts in chemistry. This opportunity provides the company and the team to use the catalyst developed by Professor Richard R. Schrock on a commercial scale. 

This new generation of catalyst contains Molybdenum or Tungsten instead of Ruthenium which makes the trigger less expensive. SONEAS is constantly working its ways and innovating throughout the processes, having exhaustive knowledge and experience in applying the catalyst’s inert nature and performing metathesis reactions at the commercial scale. 

As the firm worked with an extremely low catalyst loading and running metathesis reaction on a 6000 liters scale, it had to build a unique treatment system. They have successfully learned and developed this technique, eventually producing around 40,000 kg products this year using metathesis technology!

SONEAS is excited about a few of its projects, adding more unrivaled services to its arsenal. The company plans on adding new manufacturing capabilities, especially on the large-scale front, which will lead to 30 percent of its growth. The company is also looking at diversifying its market, spreading its reach, and innovating its services to serve other industries such as flavor, fragrance, and cosmetics. 

The company is focused on bringing back Europe’s early chemical industry environment, which has now disappeared. They wish to bring it to the forefront through its trained staff and unique approach toward chemical processing. 

In the end, we are focused on constantly becoming more efficient and better organized while offering quick responses to clients

Péter Ács, General Manager and COO, SONEAS.

The Team of SONEAS

“Our team is well trained to perform exceedingly even in a challenging environment in a flexible manner. Sometimes, we are overlapping activities with clients so that they can achieve their targets. For example, SONEAS’ team may have started development projects while the client may be working on the optimization of compounds.” – Péter Ács, General Manager and COO, SONEAS

SONEAS’ team comes from a background in Pharma and Life Sciences, having experience from enabling and helping companies of varying sizes, countering many problems, and conquering every challenge along the way. The team is hands down one of the best in the industry, integrating the latest innovations and technology into their services, always updated with the latest trends and practices, most importantly, always being there for their clients and helping them in any way possible with the best services and support possible.

The team welcomes challenges and is always ready to help their clients. Their dedication, relentless efforts, and problem-solving approach push them to produce excellent results even under tight timelines and high-pressure environments.

The team is not only known for its expertise and deliverables but also its unmatched transparency and customer intimacy. They are with their clients, each step of the way, making sure the communication is perfect and there is no information missing between them and their clients. 

For example, SONEAS collaborated with a client located in California. Even with a nine-hour time difference, the team worked in the lab and exchanged the results with the client in California daily to incorporate them into their plans. This way, SONEAS was able to compress the development time of the project without compromising on quality.

All these factors, along with the unmatched services, the legacy of the company, and their client-centric focus establish their strong presence in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry, setting benchmarks, leading the innovation curve, and enabling their clients to grow both in an efficient manner.

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How SONEAS enables its clients to succeed and develop

SONEAS has pushed many of its clients to achieve spectacular results, faster processes, and efficiency. They are with their clients, helping them at any stage of the process, to ensure clients achieve maximum results no matter what stage you hire SONEAS, the team ensures they will provide you with the best services possible, and will not stop there but also guide you ahead and provide you with all the necessary information, experience, and services to get those desired goals, and propel you to success.

SONEAS has successfully implemented its services and achieved phenomenal results over its journey. They have helped and enabled a variety of clients to spread throughout the globe. Their clients have a strong and established presence in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

SONEAS and its team learned that most U.S. clients are well funded and focus on minimizing delays to reach the next stage faster, while European clients usually face a shortage of funds and look at curtailing costs to cover actual needs. These varying needs and demands of clients have enabled them to grow and evolve along the way, perfecting their skills, learning new technology, methodologies, and skills, assisting clients in any way possible, providing process optimization for U.S. clients, and cost efficiencies to the ones in Europe.

Here are some of the clients and their stories, and how SONEAS has changed and innovated the way they work and achieve results that surpassed clients’ expectations.

  • SONEAS was approached for assistance by a client in their 3-step synthesis of an API intermediate. SONEAS soon uncovered that the reduction step (one of the three stages) created a substantial amount of by-products. To tackle this, SONEAS and its team modified the API intermediate synthesis method and eliminated the reduction stage, making it a 2-step process. With this, they prevented by-product formation and also increased the overall process yield from 60 to 75 percent. Thus, adding to the growth and success of their client by also keeping the global footprint in check.
  • Another client wanted an API intermediate to their procedure as the original process had severe corrosion and safety problems. The team deployed their finesse and phenomenal solutions, which resulted in an optimized and safe process suitable for industrial-scale production. They also helped them improve the total yield from 45 to 60 percent with an enhanced process.

These are a few examples from the long list of satisfied and loyal clients, where SONEAS has successfully modified many clients’ processes, offering them efficient and remarkable results.

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