Euro 2024: presentation of the Spanish national team

Spain Euro 2024: Can They Conquer the "Group of Death"? | The Enterprise World

In anticipation of the upcoming European Championship, scheduled to take place on the football fields of Germany from June 14 to July 14 next year, the focus of experts and ordinary fans is on the Spain Euro 2024 national team. This tournament promises not only thrilling matches but also substantial financial incentives. The winner of Euro 2024 will be able to add an impressive €28.25 million to their coffers, while each participating team is guaranteed €9.25 million. The total prize fund of the tournament is estimated at a staggering €331 million, adding extra excitement to the competition.

At the helm of the Spanish national team is Luis de la Fuente, who succeeded Luis Enrique as the head coach. After their triumph in 2012, the team faced setbacks, exiting in the Round of 16 in 2016 and reaching the semifinals four years later. The new coach, Luis de la Fuente, brings his perspective to the team, injecting a fresh outlook.

Spain can boast victories at Euro in 1964, 2008, and 2012. This football legacy undoubtedly provides an additional incentive for the current generation of Spanish players. Whether it’s the pursuit of new trophies or the desire to restore past glory, Spanish players enter the competition with determination and ambition, making their team a key figure on the European football stage.

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Spain Euro 2024

In the Euro 2024 championship group, the Spanish national team will face strong opponents: Italy, Croatia, and Albania. This group promises not only exciting matches but also a challenging test of team strategy and the strength of the Spanish squad.

Spain Euro 2024: Can They Conquer the "Group of Death"? | The Enterprise World
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Albania’s coach, former “Arsenal” player Silvino, expressed ambitious thoughts about “creating dreams” before the draw. The progress of the Albanian team in the qualifying matches, where they defeated the Czech Republic and Poland, deserves attention. Italy, despite being in the fourth pot, is the defending champion, so a team with such a name will undoubtedly compete for a spot in the playoffs. For the Croatians to succeed, they will have to bet on 38-year-old Luka Modric, who will likely participate in his last major tournament.

Spain Euro 2024 head coach, Luis de la Fuente, shared his impressions of the draw, noting that the group Spain landed in is one of the most challenging in the tournament, but he expressed confidence in the strength of his team. He also emphasized that no team wanted to face Italy as an opponent, considering the Italians a very strong team.

Spain’s path to Euro 2024

With seven victories and one defeat, scoring 25 goals while conceding only five, the impressive result of the Spanish team in the qualification rounds is noteworthy. Starting the qualification with an unexpected loss in Glasgow to Scotland, the Spanish team, led by Luis de la Fuente, steadily moved forward. Returning to optimal form in the second half of 2023, they not only avenged their loss to Scotland but also affirmed their dominance in Group A.

Spain Euro 2024: Can They Conquer the "Group of Death"? | The Enterprise World
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The exceptional achievements of the Spanish team include winning the UEFA Nations League, highlighting their stability and skill. With seven consecutive victories and defeating Scotland in the return match, who secured the second spot in the division, Spain overcame challenges and demonstrated their ambition on the European stage.

Interesting facts about the Spanish national team before Euro 2024

Spain Euro 2024 is on the verge of its 12th participation in the European Championship, and this event is filled with unique statistical achievements:

  • Spain won Euro in 1964, 2008, and 2012, a record similar to the German national team. They are the only country to have won consecutive titles.
  • Except for penalty shootouts, Spain suffered only two defeats in their last 22 Euro matches, winning 13 of them and drawing 7. In six of the last seven tournaments, except for 2004, the Spaniards participated in the playoffs.
  • The last 50 goals scored by Spain in Euro were from inside the penalty area. The last goal from long distance dates back to the 2000 championship when Raúl struck against Slovenia.
  • In the last two Euro tournaments, Álvaro Morata scored six goals, putting himself on par with Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann, ranking second in the list of top scorers.
  • Dani Olmo became a leader in creating goals, providing four assists in the last two international tournaments, including Euro 2020 and the 2022 World Cup. No European player has been able to replicate his results.

A challenging path through the “Group of Death” implies encounters with strong opponents. However, despite uncertainties, the Spain Euro 2024 have every chance to secure a place in the playoffs and compete for high results in the tournament.

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