Who will win Group C at the 2024 European Championships: preview

Euro 2024 Group C: Who will win? | The Enterprise World

Football Euro 2024 will be held in Germany for a month from June 14 to July 14. A total of 24 teams will take part in the European Championships, which will be divided into six groups of four teams. The national teams will continue their further path in the tournament, taking the first two places in the quartets, as well as the four best third places.

In Euro 2024 Group C, the battle for first place will be fought by the following national teams: England, Denmark, Serbia, and Slovenia. By studying the latest results of the teams and their compositions, it is possible to more accurately predict who will win the quartet.


The Three Lions qualified extremely confidently and deservedly won Euro 2024 Group C. Gareth Southgate’s boys managed to beat Italy, Ukraine, North Macedonia, and Malta. With six wins and two draws, Harry Kane and company did not suffer a single defeat. It should also be noted that the British had the strongest attack and defense in the quintet, which scored on average just under three goals per game and conceded one goal in two matches.

Euro 2024 Group C: Who will win? | The Enterprise World

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England has an excellent squad and the team looks very confident in terms of play. The chances of not only winning the group but also aiming to win a trophy for the “Three Lions” are quite good. If you want to earn money by betting on the Euro 2024 Group C, then we strongly recommend doing this on the Mostbet com UZ website.


“Danish Dynamite” won sextet H in qualifying, but was ahead of second Slovenia only by additional indicators. Having won seven victories and drawn once, Kasper Julmann’s team suffered two defeats from Kazakhstan and Northern Ireland on the road. At the same time, the “scarlet guard” scored fewer goals against the Slovenes and conceded more. Nevertheless, there is no point in doubting the competitiveness of the Danes.

Euro 2024 Group C: Who will win? | The Enterprise World


The “scarlet guard” has a fairly strong composition and this team can create problems for absolutely all members of the quartet. However, it will be quite difficult for the Danish team to aim to win these four. Although Simon Kjaer and company will make every effort to surprise the football community and reach the playoffs from first place.


The White Eagles did not look their best in qualifying, but managed to finish second in Quintet G. Four points behind first Hungary, Serbia was three points ahead of third Montenegro. Having won four battles, Dragan Stojkovic’s team drew twice and lost. While scoring on average just under two goals per game, Serbian players conceded a little more than one goal.

Dusan Tadic and his partners are famous for their team play and, with the right attitude, are capable of making it out of the group. However, the extremely unstable “white eagles” are unlikely to seriously count on first place.


“The boys” somewhat unexpectedly earned a ticket to the final part of the 2024 European Championship, taking second place in Group H. Having lost to Denmark in additional indicators, Slovenia was four points ahead of Finland and Kazakhstan. Having won seven matches and finished in the world title once, Matjaz Kek’s boys lost twice to the Finns and Danes on the road. At the same time, the Slovenes had the strongest attack and defense in the sextet.

Euro 2024 Group C: Who will win? | The Enterprise World

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Slovenia will play in the final of the European Football Championship for the first time since 2000. The group is not easy for Jan Oblak and his partners, but the “guys” must put up a fight and try to get out of the top four.

Our Forecast For Euro 2024 Group C

Slovenia and Serbia will likely battle it out to be one of the top third-place teams in the group. Denmark can set up properly and play strong enough to advance from second place to the 1/8 finals. England is the undisputed favorite of the quartet, which is highly likely to win it unless the Three Lions experience a decline. 

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