Six NFL Stars Who Are Also Entrepreneurs

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

In sports, especially in the NFL, there is no secret that there is big money involved. These franchises are making billions of dollars per year, which means that the most deserved people for the success of the team, the athletes, are heavily compensated.

The NFL is a popular sport in the United States that starts to spread all around the world. Athletes are signing multi-million-dollar contracts earning eight-figure incomes per year, That’s why some NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs as well.

NFL draws so much attention from the public generating billions in viewership alone.

However, because playing football professionally is not a long-term career, in fact, the average span of a professional NFL career is 4 years, athletes need to find another source of income that will support their lifestyle after they retire from football, Therefore some NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs

This is why many NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs with all of the money earned playing football professionally.

Such stories inspired us to take a look at some of the most successful football players of all time that managed to turn into entrepreneurs and start their own successful businesses.

NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs

1. Marshawn Lynch

One of the most talented running backs in NFL history, Marshawn Lynch allegedly in no way spent a cent of the money he earned from his NFL career, selecting to tuck away his on-subject income from the instant he turned drafted in 2007.

Instead, he lived day-to-day on the millions he generated from his Beastmode clothing line, as well as several profitable endorsement offers.

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

In addition to founding Beastmode Apparel, Marshawn Lynch owns numerous other corporations, along with Dodi Blunts, Beastmode Productions, and Rob Ben’s Restaurant.

e additionally cofounded the Fam1st Family Foundation, an agency created with the assignment of empowering and elevating underserved kids and contributing to the broader financial, instructional, athletic, and experimental possibilities that impact self-sustainability and long-time period community increase.

2. Drew Brees

Drew Brees is a former American football participant that spent 20 years in the NFL. He started out playing quarterback for the San Diego Chargers after transferring to the New Orleans Saints, where he finished his career.

When you ask ‘Who has the maximum landing passes of all time?’, Drew Brees comes second, simply in the back of the legend is Tom Brady. It is no surprise then, that during many years Brees name was ranked high on the Vegas NFL odds for MVP of the Year. He never won that award though, but he was picked as Super Bowl XLIV MVP, when he won the big game for the only time in his career playing for the New Orleans Saints.

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

Still, it looks like twenty years in the NFL isn’t enough for Brees in view that he was given his fingers busy again beginning more than one corporation.

He owns an online clothing business keeping together with his associate called “NineBrand” and has invested in many smaller franchises like Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches considering the fact that he’s a huge meals lover.

3. Brian Orakpo

Brian Orakpo was a dominant defensive participant within the NFL, spending most of his professional career with the Washington Commanders and Tennessee Titans.

Having been a first-round choice in 2009, Orakpo earned a very good income within the league, however, considering the fact that grew to become his awareness of a business empire revolving around cupcakes.

Alongside his former teammate Michael Griffin, Orakpo commenced a commercial enterprise referred to as Gigi’s Cupcakes in Austin.

Orakpo saw this circulate coincide with his retirement and become at once involved in picking a vicinity and ensuring the proper permits have been in their ownership.

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

Griffin baked the desserts, and Orakpo adorned them as the commercial enterprise took off.

A Microsoft Surface Pro industrial regarding the cupcake business saw Orakpo’s enterprise benefit a great deal of interest, with enterprise booming ever because.

Trademarking the name ‘Cupcake Guys,’ Orakpo and Griffin have in view produced a television display for the Food Network.

Orakpo’s fulfillment has given him the confidence to open an Esports gaming facility in Texas.

4. John Elway

John Elway retired from the NFL after winning Super Bowl championships with the Denver Broncos.

It had taken him everything of his career within the league to subsequently get his fingers on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. But his work far from the sport has been equally as fantastic.

Having grown to become the John Elway Autos commercial enterprise into an $82 million sale before even retiring, Elway has made extra cash in the commercial enterprise international.

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

Elway could keep to paintings inside the automotive sector, beginning with a Chrysler Jeep dealership in Colorado and two Toyota Scion dealerships in California.

He also opened a chain of eating places in Denver under the banner of ‘Elway’s Colorado Steakhouse,’ which has passed through full-size expansion as of 2011.

5. Jake Locker & Michael Koenen

Jake Locker, a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, and Koenen, who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, later went into enterprise collectively.

The duo, whom each has roots in Washington state, purchased a fitness center in Ferndale, Washington that they are renaming the Locker Room. They’re planning a grand starting for January and hope to open up extra places inside the destiny.

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

They’re no longer the handiest NFL players to apply their fitness information to open a fitness center: St. Louis Rams linebacker Will Herring currently moved his 3-year-antique fitness center to the Auburn University Club.

6. Rosevelt Colvin

After putting an end to his professional NFL career, Rosevelt Colvin decided to pursue his business dream. He currently owns five UPS stores in Indianapolis, which act as delivery access points for drivers and consumers.

But that is not all. Alongside his rather successful UPS business, he has been a part of a confectionary business alongside his wife.

Colvin found large success as an entrepreneur, and maybe his business earnings will surpass his NFL earnings very soon.

Top 6 NFL Stars Who Are Entrepreneurs | The Enterprise World

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