Special Offers from Casinos by Email: Why You Need to Check Your Email Box?

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If you’re an online casino newbie, you might wonder what exactly is meant by the term ‘’casino bonus’’. These are promotional offers used by online gambling platforms to attract new players or reward their existing ones. Players usually choose the operator based on the available promotions or perks. Polish players do this by consulting pl.bestcasinos-pl.com or similar sites that do in-depth reviews of online casinos in specific regions. Bear in mind that the available Casino email bonuses change regularly, and new promos become available.  

If you wish to be fully up to date with what your operator has to offer, then you should frequently check your email. Here we will discuss different freebies and digital goodies you can get via email if you are a regular player.  

Types of Casino email bonuses You Can Receive 

As mentioned, you can get all sorts of bonuses in your email. Here’s a snapshot of the types of offers you can expect: 

  • Personalized offers 
  • Reload (for returning players) 
  • Promo codes 
  • Daily/Weekly drops 

All of the above-mentioned incentives will be explained in detail, and then we’ll talk about other reasons why you should check your email.  

1. Personalized Offers 

Personalised marketing is the new name of the advertising game. It’s a way to show your customers you notice them and care about their preferences.  

Online casinos often use AI-powered algorithms to gain insight into their users’ preferences. By analyzing their players’ gaming habits and history, the software generates offers specifically tailored to individuals.  You might receive emails which contain free spins for your favorite slot game, or free chips for roulette.  

Of course, remember to read the full terms and see if the promo has wagering requirements. These consist of rules and limitations that come with using a particular bonus, such as the number of times you need to wager your winnings before withdrawing them. 

2. Reload Bonuses  

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If you haven’t been active on a site or app, then the operator might try to nudge you through a reload offer. Reload Casino email bonuses aren’t exclusively available to inactive players, but you are likely to receive an email urging you to play some more and to make another deposit. The reload offer is there to sweeten the pot by giving you up to a 50% match on your payment. For instance, say the offer is 50% of your deposit amount, up to 200 USD. By making a 400 USD deposit, the casino will send 200 USD over to your account. The casino can email you a promo code or a link via email, which you can then use to get a match on your next deposit.  

3. VIP Promo Codes 

If you are an active high-roller, who regularly makes deposits, the casino may invite you to join one of their VIP tiers. That being said, not all operators require you to join their loyalty program. Sometimes you’ll be automatically enrolled and not even know it. This is why it’s a good idea to check your email thoroughly. Casinos will often send out these VIP promo codes via email, and if you’re not on top of your inbox, you might miss a valuable opportunity.  

4. Daily and Weekly Drops 

Many sites have regular Casino email bonuses that are randomly distributed to users, called Daily or Weekly drops. Oftentimes, these offers have certain special terms, so they’ll need to be activated by the player. You can do so by checking your email for any pending drops you might’ve received, which you can then activate on the casino site.  

Bonuses Expire 

One of the primary reasons you should check your email regularly – bonus lifetime. No bonus lasts forever, and it’d be a shame for you to miss out. By staying on top of your emails, you’ll easily spot these promos as soon as they arrive. Once a bonus has expired, it cannot be redeemed, and you’ll have to wait for the next one. 

Verification Incentives  

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Make sure to check your email to see if there are any reminders for pending verification.  

Identity verification is part of a casino’s KYC policy and a way of preventing fraud and money laundering. It’s also necessary to verify your account before you can cash out any winnings. In a way, this is how you can get quicker payouts. Sadly, many players don’t complete this procedure until they need to withdraw their winnings. To that end, operators might incentivize you to verify your account beforehand and avoid unnecessary payout delays. What’s more, you’ll likely awarded a small bonus if you complete the verification process.  


Bonuses are a great way to boost your winnings and have even more fun while playing. Not all Casino email bonuses are created the same, and the wagering requirements can change from bonus to bonus, so it’s highly advisable that you consult the terms and conditions of the bonus before you use it. In any case, keep an eye out for any emails that might bring you such lucrative offers. 

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