What Are the 8 strategies to boost your organic growth on Instagram?

Best 8 Strategies For Organic Growth On Instagram | The Enterprise World

Instagram is going on all cylinders in 2022 and the coming years! For years, Instagram was seen as Facebook’s little sister, useful for millennials and Gen Z’ers to post photos but not a substantial cash producer for the publicly listed Facebook. With the introduction of additional Instagram features in recent years, such as the ‘Shop’ function and ‘Stories,’ Instagram began not just producing cash, but also overtaking Facebook in revenue growth.

Here are 8 strategies for organic growth on Instagram;

1. Stock up on high-quality hashtags.

Hashtags began on Twitter and quickly spread to practically every social media site. However, when it comes to Instagram hashtags, some people love them and others despise them. Even with just one hashtag, the engagement of a typical post improves by more than 12.6%.

Hashtags are one of the most effective techniques to build Instagram accounts. The right hashtags are intended to present your brand to specific consumers and boost your chances of instantly attracting new followers and likes.

Best 8 Strategies For Organic Growth On Instagram | The Enterprise World

For instance, hashtags are tools that help in the process of content optimization. They aid in categorizing articles and videos, making it simpler for readers to find the information they seek.

For example, a food blogger would publish a photo of a salad bowl with the hashtags #HealthyEating or #vegetarianfood. Those searching for incentives to eat healthily might turn to this article.

2. Call to action

Many businesses use Instagram to keep their services in front of their customers, but they don’t instruct them on what to do or how to accomplish it. Solve your readers’ predicament with a call to action.

Some individuals send their readers to their website’s main page, where they may join up for the website. Alternatively, attach the call to action to a specific product.

You may also submit your call to action in the comments area. The call to action is often placed in the post caption, but the comment sections may also be utilized effectively. When someone comments on your blog and requests for more information about a product, you may respond with specifics and a link to the content page.

3. Make use of Instagram tagging

Tagging bloggers, influencers, or relevant collaborators in your Instagram photos is a terrific way to get momentum and increase the number of people who see your profile.

People may be mentioned in your post text or tagged directly in your Instagram photographs. When you tag an account, it is notified, and your post appears in the “Tagged” area of your and the tagged account’s profiles.

4. Post Frequently

Best 8 Strategies For Organic Growth On Instagram | The Enterprise World

Before we begin, bear in mind that each social media account, as well as its audience, is unique. So, experimenting with and evaluating various posting frequencies is the best approach to go.

Let’s now discuss the general agreement on Instagram posting frequency.

A typical Instagram profile with good following posts at least 2-3 times each week. Accounts with more followers, on the other hand, produce at least 2-3 posts every day.

More renowned firms may afford to publish numerous times each day and yet get high engagement and reach. Small companies, on the other hand, should avoid flooding their followers’ feeds with many postings every day.

Instead of relying just on feed updates, make use of the Instagram story area. You are allowed to publish at least one article every day.

Tip: If you want to publish regularly while saving time and effort, use a social media scheduling service to plan your posts.

If your posts consistently get genuine interaction, the Instagram algorithm puts them at the top of your followers’ feeds, and you will quickly notice an increase in followers and likes.

5. Do not be afraid to share videos.

Video marketing is a popular subject on the internet, and if you want to improve your Instagram performance, you must invest in video marketing. 46% of internet users believe that they only look for further product information after viewing product-related videos. As a result, linking your profile to some excellent videos might be a game changer for you.

Video provides you with a single relevant language to explain what’s going on inside your company. It might be your greatest move toward giving your brand some individuality. While photos take time to load, videos are more likely to influence your opinions and the company’s specific goals.

6. Write Engaging Captions

Another important factor in Instagram development is your caption. You want to take advantage of the fact that it may be up to 2,200 characters long.

While not every Instagram post has to be a book, utilizing that caption to create a tale may assist to engage your audience and pique their interest in your company and what you have to say.

Best 8 Strategies For Organic Growth On Instagram | The Enterprise World

Begin with a strong opening statement to make the most of your caption. Get your viewers to click the “See more” button and read the remainder of the caption. When your Instagram post calls for it, tell a narrative, and always conclude with a call to action

7. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful Instagram growth strategy. Finding relevant influencers, reaching out to them, and designing a strategy for how they can promote your brand are all part of influencer marketing.

There are many approaches to finding the finest influencers to collaborate with. First, you might spend some time exploring the site and looking for influencers that have a similar target demographic as you. To find influencers easily, use apps like story-story.co, which enable you to download stories related to specific hashtags.

There are lifestyle influencers, parent influencers, fitness influencers, and so on. Pay attention to their primary talking points and the demographics of their followers to evaluate whether having this individual promote your product makes sense.

The next step is to inquire about a possible collaboration. Most influencers have a direct email or their agent’s email posted in their profile, making it simple to contact them about collaborating.

Following your first outreach, you will get a media kit with price and package details. Keep in mind that if you have a limited budget, you should target influencers with a lesser following.

8. Improve Your Instagram Bio

You only have 150 characters for your Instagram bio, so make the most of it.

This clearly communicates to prospective followers what your company does, allowing them to determine whether or not they want to follow you and buy from you.

Write a precise explanation of your company in your bio while yet including elements of your brand identity.

Bottom Line

Instagram has proved to be one of the most efficient organic marketing tools for a business. All you need are a few pointers to get your expansion efforts underway and ahead of the competition.

All of the tactics listed above have been tried and tested and are a solid way to increase your Instagram presence. Concentrate on these suggestions one at a time and assess how they affect your account development.

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