Sunil Tulsiani: A Visionary Real Estate Tycoon Coaching People to become Millionaires 

Sunil Tulsiani: A Visionary Real Estate Tycoon | The Enterprise World

Entrepreneurship and Leadership are tough nuts to crack. The reason behind its toughness is the number of crests and troughs one has to undergo during the journey. 

Today, many leaders and entrepreneurs are floating around the sea of Entrepreneurship and Leadership, testing the waters and trying their best to swim and win. However, many drown and only a few reach their desired shore.  

Sunil Tulsiani is one of those few who have successfully set an example of true leadership and entrepreneurship. With his determination and undeterred passion for real estate, Sunil Tulsiani has reached his harbor of success with much hard work and excellent performance. 

The Man of the Hour

Sunil Tulsiani is  a former police officer, who served in the police force for 15 years. Eventually, he decided to shift gears and become a real estate expert. Today, he successfully wears many hats as a successful  investor, internationally renowned speaker, and celebrity real-estate wealth coach.

When Sunil Tulsiani hopped into the role of a real estate investor, in his first year of doing business, he ended up buying and selling 77 properties. This made him known as “the wealthy cop,” and his beloved nickname has stuck around to this day. It is Sunil’s persistence, passion, and purpose that drive him to achieve the peak of excellence in his career. 

With no signs of slowing down, Sunil Tulsiani decided to share his knowledge in the form of investment education. His ultimate goal is to create 100 millionaires through real estate investment and entrepreneurship. With years of experience in the industry, Sunil has already helped countless individuals achieve financial success and is now committed to empowering others to get to the next level. 

A firm believer in inclusive growth, Sunil Tulsiani loves to teach and nurture his club’s members how they too can succeed as real estate investors and live a financially stable and happy life. 

The Foundation of PIC

PIC (Private Investment Club) is Sunil’s brainchild. As an accomplished real estate titan, Sunil Tulsiani is well-known for his business conferences and events. On the podium, he shares his sheer knowledge and real-time experience, and decodes the many ways to tackle challenges and strategize business roadblocks.

Sunil Tulsiani decided to give back and share the taste of success with his art of teaching and coaching. He ensures to educate entrepreneurs with the real estate investment lessons he has discovered in his journey. Hence, he sowed the seeds of PIC which has bloomed into a full-fledged beautiful yield.  

The Private Investment Club is the largest elite real estate investment club in North America. Established in 2006, it quickly gained traction in the Greater Toronto Area. Today, PIC has a global network on six continents.

Sunil Tulsiani states, “I opened PIC—the Private Investment Club—because I found that there was nothing like it. Basically, most of the other clubs were selling courses, and then they’d sell advanced courses, and then they’d even sell more advanced courses. Now, there’s nothing wrong with educating yourself, it’s really important. But do you need to invest $50,000 in advanced courses when you’re just starting? What I wanted to do was get my members to take action and do something about it. So, I call it the “Doing Club.

With PIC, Sunil’s ultimate mission is to enable people to PLERK. “Plerking is doing what you love and making money. And so, my focus is for people to find what they love, whether it’s speaking, coaching, real estate investment, entrepreneurship, or even trimming hair,” states Sunil.

As a real estate expert, Sunil Tulsiani is backed with a profound experience of over 18 years. With his wisdom, he continues to empower individuals and corporations to be successful, wealthy, and brave in the fast-paced business environment. 

Sunil adds, “PIC aims to grant its members access to what we deem to be invaluable: its network. We are made up of a collective of entrepreneurs, joint venture partners, investors, real estate enthusiasts. People who may not have a specialization when they first join but they have the drive and determination to succeed no matter the circumstance.

Our club is the best space for friendly business meetings, networking, and education for advanced real-estate investors as well as people who are just looking to learn the ropes of real estate investing.”

As a committed citizen who strongly believes in socially responsible policies, Sunil sees PIC as the perfect instrument to help others create the wealth they need. He says, “There can never be any guarantees in any kind of investing. The markets are always volatile and you can never predict what will happen from month to month, but through PIC you can, at least, receive the kind of targeted, specific advice necessary to help you make better-informed decisions.”

Sunil Tulsiani has a simple rule, treat everyone with respect, take the lead role in any project and invest first, create a win-win situation for everyone involved, and do what you say.

The Bittersweet Beginnings

Every successful leader and entrepreneur who has climbed the top of the pyramid wins much applause and recognition. However, the journey to reach the top is never a smooth sail, the numerous challenges one encounters along the way can make or break them. Sunil’s journey is no different, he faced many hardships, fought battles, and changed its harsh reality into success. 

Sunil Tulsiani was born in India to an indigent family. His daily life was far from normal, he had no running water, no washrooms, and no electricity. His father worked in a factory in India. To change their coarse reality, Sunil’s family decided to move countries and came to Toronto in hopes of a better and stable life. 

Sunil Tulsiani was almost 13 years old when he moved to Toronto, he struggled all his life with schooling.

He shares, “I didn’t get good marks. I would struggle because I did not enjoy school. And in 1990, in Canada, I became a police officer. I went from being a uniformed officer to being a police detective. Then I became a police negotiator. And, finally, I became a platoon commander. And I was with the police force for about 15 years. One day my wife comes to me and says we’re having a divorce. We have two children. I had to decide whether I should keep the job or keep my family. So, I decided to quit my job,” shares Sunil.

At that moment, Sunil was clueless about what his future held. He quit his job and didn’t know what to do. So, he attended many business seminars and conferences and finally decided to go into real estate. Recalling the initial days of his real estate journey, Sunil quotes, “I took a course from a guy named Robert G. Allen, from the US. I paid $5,000. And with the assistance of that course, I ended up buying and selling 77 properties in one year.

The Power-Packed Initiative: Creating a 100 Millionaires through Real Estate Investing and Entrepreneurship

Sunil’s initiative will provide guidance and support to those who are looking for financial freedom and wish to create wealth. Through his coaching, books, seminars and mentorship programs, he aims to teach aspiring entrepreneurs the skills needed to succeed in real estate investment. He hopes that by helping at least 100 people become self-made millionaires or multi-millionaires, he can help more people build a secure future for themselves.

Sunil Tulsiani has made it his mission to help others achieve their financial goals by providing them with access to exceptional training, mentorship, connections, access to capital, and investment opportunities. To date, he has trained close to a million people worldwide and continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life.

The more successful people we have in our communities, the more jobs are created, the more wealth is generated, and the more positive change we can make. I hope that the 100 millionaires we help create will go on to inspire and empower others, creating a ripple effect of prosperity and financial independence.” 

I have seen firsthand the transformative power of mentorship and coaching, and I am committed to paying it forward. This is not just about creating wealth – it’s about creating a legacy and leaving a positive impact on the world,” he adds.

Sharing the Stage with the Top-Echelons 

Sunil Tulsiani’s professional journey is remarkable. Starting his career as a police officer, he went on to become an expert in the real estate industry and is now an internationally acclaimed public speaker. His success has been acknowledged by notable business figures such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert G Allen, Kevin Harrington of Shark TankTM, and many others who have joined the Private Investment Club.

Sunil has shared stages with renowned personalities like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Les Brown and many more. As he continues to reach greater heights of success in his field, he is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the industry. His journey has set an example for young entrepreneurs and leaders to pave their paths and lead from the forefront. 

Additionally, Sunil Tulsiani is a seven times best-selling author and  has spoken in front of more than 7500,000 people around the world. Audiences include real estate clubs, business seminars, high end masterminds, women’s groups, university students, and aspiring police officers

More about his Course/Book: The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich (SOGR) is a roadmap to bringing massive amounts of cash flow and attaining monetary freedom. It is the formula that has been used by millionaires/

multimillionaires since 1910. 

In this updated version, Sunil Tulsiani and his mentee bring out the secrets of this time-tested, money-making formula for the modern world in a simple, easy-to-understand language. 

This updated easy to read book will teach you:

  • How to get super rich
  • How to thrive in any type of economy
  • How to bring massive monthly positive cash flow
  • How to grow your full-time or part-time business

The “Science of Getting Rich” Course enables the global business community to outgrow their businesses and attain new levels of business growth and success. 

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An Advice worth Every Penny

Sunil’s journey is intimidating yet inspirational. He has lived through the many realities of life. His success story is exceptional in every sense. Sunil is a true example of how one can change their life by taking action. Being a go-giver  and an action-taker, he motivates budding aspirants to take action. He adds, “Take action, take action even when it’s scary. Being a veteran police officer, I learned that I needed to take action, especially when I was scared. I need to do things that scare me…like taking a course, hiring a mentor, and not procrastinating.

Learn from your mentors, and then collaborate, build partnerships, and build your brand and credibility. Today I feel very blessed that I have shared stages with many of my legendary mentors.. So, what sets me apart—and I still feel so blessed—is that I have some key relationships, friendships, and access to money. I also have systems, including a business system, a branding system, a monetization system, and a real estate system that has helped thousands of people on the planet.”

Here’s what the Legends have to Say about PIC 

1. Robert Kiyosaki

“Giving you guys credit for being a part of this club and continuing to learn.”

2. Grant Cardone

“Sunil Tulsiani attracts super successful people in his club, get your seats now.”

3. Brian Tracy

“Sunil Tulsiani will show you how to make a lot of money in real estate with his techniques, tactics, and methods of investing, buying, and selling.”

4. Jack Canfield

“If you want to achieve any goal in life, this is the guy you should work with.”

5. Robert G. Allen

“The private Investment Club is fantastic. You need to hang around people like Sunil so that you can learn to think and act the way millionaires act.”

To learn more about Sunil Tulsiani

Join Sunil Tulsiani at his upcoming events (virtual or in-person) in Canada, the USA, and India. His upcoming events include members-only sessions, the Capital Raising Bootcamp, a Growth Summit with Robert Kiyosaki, the Canadian Wealth Summit with Grant Cardone, and many more.

For more information, please send an email to or connect with Sunil Tulsiani on social media. Lastly, don’t forget your incredible free gift! Here’s the link again for full-access to The Science of Getting Rich program:

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