Leveraging Automation for Real-Time Visibility in Supply Chain Execution

Real-Time Visibility in Supply Chain Execution | The Enterprise World

Supply Chain Automation can make or break a business; one disruption can throw things off. An estimated 90 percent of global goods are shipped by sea. Having real-time visibility of your shipment’s progress provides enhanced operational visibility with frequent updates.

Automation and the Internet of Things have changed the ways businesses operate. The network can track location data and transmit it to the software program of your choice. Leveraging automation for your supply chain execution can help with decision-making and predictive insights.

Adopting advanced technology for your supply chain management needs is intimidating. Still, it’s a step toward gaining an advantage over competitors. Read on to learn how you can use supply chain software today!

What Is Supply Chain Automation?

Real-Time Visibility in Supply Chain Execution  | The Enterprise World

Supply chain automation is the next step in improving your workflows. Most automation uses digital technologies to ensure accuracy and live location tracking.

The best programs use Machine Learning, AI, and robotic process automation. Learning to use automation is a step toward saving money and enhancing efficiency.

Reasons to Consider Automation for Supply Chain Execution

Businesses face several challenges with their Supply Chain Execution . Costs are rising, and regulations are changing. Operating a manual supply chain is challenging because it requires keeping up with industry changes.

Here’s a look at some top reasons to consider automation for Supply Chain Execution management and visibility.

1. Rising Costs

Rising costs are affecting raw materials, fuel costs, and higher wages. Businesses are in the unenviable position of passing those costs onto loyal customers.

The other option is to absorb the rising costs, which will reduce your profit margin. Automation can streamline your processes, saving money and boosting operational efficiency.

2. Demand Fluctuations

Meeting customer demand is a balancing act for businesses, large and small. The challenge becomes more significant when your products are seasonal in nature. Managing a supply chain without increased visibility makes adapting to changes nearly impossible.

With increased visibility, you can forecast sales numbers and customer needs. It’s an effective way to ensure you have the supply on hand to maintain customer loyalty.

The consequence of limiting automation use is overstocking on goods. You’ll face more challenges due to warehouse storage costs preventing new shipments.

3. Sustainability

Sustainability is a positive step for your brand and the environment. Consumers are searching for products and goods sourced and created with sustainability in mind. The increase in Google searches has risen 71 percent in the past eight years.

You can use automation to review your production methods. It’s an opportunity to be transparent about your efforts to increase sustainability. Your efforts are the ideal way to build customer trust and become a top choice within your industry.

Benefits of Supply Chain Automation Visibility

Increased supply chain visibility provides several noteworthy benefits for your company. Investing in automation software can give you a leg up on your rivals while increasing efficiency. Look at the top benefits automation can provide your company and employees.

1. Increased Team Productivity

The most substantial visibility gap in most supply chains is in transportation. You’ll know when a shipment will depart and arrive, but the updates end there.

Supply chain visibility can give you live updates on the location of your shipments. You’ll receive estimated arrival times and status updates throughout the shipping process.

You can take a burden off your employees by investing in supply chain software. Previous methods required diligent phone calls and emails for updates. The software will automatically provide updates, helping your employees stay on the same page.

Look for a program that provides warnings about shipment delays. You’ll have more time to analyze and sort issues to keep your supply chain rolling. Pair your software with robotic process automation services to complete more work in less time.

2. Lower Transportation Costs

Real-Time Visibility in Supply Chain Execution  | The Enterprise World

All businesses want to find ways to cut costs. With energy and labor prices rising, finding effective ways to improve operational efficiency and save money can help your brand grow.

Supply chain automation is a fantastic way to lower transportation costs. Transportation comprises a substantial amount of your expenses. Driving distance is a significant factor.

You can use real-time visibility to track driver routes, speeds, and fuel efficiency. The increased insight allows you to hold your drivers accountable. Dwell times are a factor to consider; improving them helps your carrier and brand save more.

3. Measuring Delivery Performance

Many new companies face challenges with delivery performance within their supply chains. A lack of tools and software makes measuring delivery performance and making changes difficult.

Learning to measure performance is the first step toward improving it. Despite technological advances, most brands use traditional methods like email, phone calls, and faxes.

Automation is vital for supply chain execution. The top software options automate the process of entering shipping information. Bar codes allow carriers to scan to update or upload new information.

You’ll discover loading and unloading times, helping you to reduce costs and dwell time. Your ability to track carrier performance can help you find alternative options. It’s an essential resource for inventory management.

4. Customer Visibility

Keeping the end customer happy is vital to preventing them from looking at alternative companies or services. Logistics optimization lets you pass visibility to your customers. It’s essential for helping them track their orders.

Many companies face new demands from customers that are challenging to meet. Two-hour deliveries, follow-ups, and tracking can take much work to keep up with.

The increased demand will push your business to improve the quality of delivery services. You can avoid end customers alerting you about shipping delays. The visibility will increase trust and confidence in your service.

Boost Your Supply Chain Execution Today

Real-Time Visibility in Supply Chain Execution  | The Enterprise World

Your business’s Supply Chain Automation is its lifeblood when expanding and attempting to meet customer needs. With challenges like rising costs, increased customer demand, and sustainability, you can increase visibility and supply chain execution.

Use supply chain software to provide updates to the end customer. You’ll lower transportation costs and gain live data to measure delivery performance. It’s also an excellent way to increase team performance.

Investing in efficiency is a step toward becoming an industry authority and leader. Read our Business content to strengthen and upgrade your supply chain today!

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