Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd. – Building A Strong Future 

Tanaji's Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd. – Building A Strong Future 

“Symbols of passion. Catalysts for growth.”

Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd. is specializing in delivering Engineering & Construction services. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it to The Best Construction Companies To Watch In 2023. 

Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd., which was incorporated in 2010 under the name Creative Associates, has developed into one of Pune’s top turnkey providers. The business fabricates steel and cement structures, but it also works tirelessly to build landmarks that stand for excellence, dependability, and security. 

Creating new benchmarks in quality and professionalism, the company enjoyed exceptional growth and evolved into Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd. in 2014. The company holds an excellent track record of 11 years with 100 + projects delivered to date. 

The business takes pleasure in its extensive and diverse project portfolio, which includes MEP and infrastructure projects for institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential structures. If we were to look at the firm’s successes, we would discover that it has built around 30,00,000square feet of space thus far and has another 10,00,000 square feet of development underway. Additionally, it boasts a solid core team with a combined experience of 28 years. 

The company has embraced high standards with the most recent building technology and skilled management approaches thanks to the wealth of expertise under its belt. With every job, it is outperforming the client’s expectations. 

Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering the best product to the satisfaction of its valued customers. The concern for quality is nurtured at every level. 

The company provides training to all team members, starting with the directors, who too are actively involved, along with all employees, in contributing to the quality and continual improvement of quality management systems. 

Standing on a strong foundation of qualifications and having long experience, the company understands that every day is a new day for learning within the construction industry. 

It believes that the biggest assets to maintain its high standard are experienced, young, trained, and skillful team members with a dynamic approach to the execution of each task. 

Strengths To The Core 

  • Single-window convenience: everything from design to delivery under a single roof 
  • Team of qualified, experienced planners, designers & engineers Ability to execute projects of any scale & scope 
  • Well-documented systems & processes as per ISO norms 
  • Sound financial health 
  • A strong network of trustworthy associates, vendors & consultants 
  • State-of-the-art construction equipment & machinery owned by the Company 

The Man Behind The Curtain 

Tanaji Chavan 

 Managing Director 

“A dynamic, competent team is our biggest asset.”

A stable organization is a direct result of strong leadership. In any company, it is thought that effective leaders drive organizational development and progress. They have the necessary skill sets to boost numerous business processes’ productivity and efficiency, which spurs the expansion and improvement of organizations. 

Mr. Chavan is the best illustration of this thought. With more than 28 years of experience in the industrial, residential, institutional, commercial, and MEP sectors, Mr. Chavan plays a key role in the company’s strategic decisions. With a clear grasp of the reality of the construction industry, his expertise definitely adds value to every project. 

Mr. Chavan is an excellent leader, who continually motivates his team to rise to new challenges. He believes that an entrepreneur has to take all responsibilities against the client, vendor as well as team. 

The core group of employees at Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd. consists of entrepreneurial visionaries with excellent leadership skills. Our top management is guiding the company toward a new horizon of expansion thanks to their great business sense and wealth of experience. 

Mr. Chavan says, “Our Employees are the asset of the company and the team is ready to take challenges always.” 

Stepping Stones 

Numerous problems are faced by expanding businesses. As a firm expands, various issues and possibilities necessitate different answers; what worked last year might not be the best course of action today. All too frequently, mistakes that could have been avoided make what could have been a successful company become an also-ran. 

Building Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd to its now glory was not different. The company initially faced the challenges of getting the orders along with receiving payment on time from its clients. Raising the funds for new projects was yet another milestone. 

However, for the firm to maintain its development and success, it is crucial to recognise and avoid the usual traps brought on by growth. Entrepreneurs must be especially careful to avoid making matters worse in the long run by their actions today. 

Effective leadership has helped Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd to make the most of its opportunities, creating sustainable growth for the future. 

Long Lasting Success 

There are a few crucial elements that you must get right if you want to create a company that can genuinely endure the test of time. 

Mr. Chavan followed the right steps by providing top-notch services that ensured the safety, quality, and on-time deliveries of the projects. For Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd, customer satisfaction, and post work service have always been on the top list. A positive approach was like the icing on the cake. 

Mr. Chavan says, “We have completed 10 lac sqft construction in a short duration of two years and reached a turnover of 100 crores.”

Services Of The Company 

Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd gives numerous services under one roof. These services are required for construction projects. The team is always on the lookout for the latest development, technologies, and demands. 

Tanaji’s Creative Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd offers the best and quickest structural design solutions. Most of its clients view the company as a provider of quick and affordable solutions. Having the appropriate people on board who are knowledgeable and experienced helps it to surpass its clients’ expectations. 

It has a long and illustrious history of emphasizing environmental, social, and economic results to create environments that adapt to the complex global factors influencing our future, such as growing urbanization, climate change, inequality, and resource stress. 

Being cost-competitive helps the company to gain more clients and multiple projects in one go. Their services include: 

  • Industrial structures 
  • Institutional buildings 
  • Land development 
  • Pre-engineering buildings (PEB) 
  • Infra projects 
  • Commercial and IT buildings 

“We understand the requirements, and priorities of clients and plan accordingly.”

Mr. Chavan’s Message To Budding Entrepreneurs 

“Be positive, keep patience, and be dedicated.”

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