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Profero Team started its pharmacy benefits revolution in 2012, with its base of operations in Dayton, Ohio. The leadership of the organization began its journey to reduce healthcare costs for self-funded/self-insured employers by utilizing innovative pharmacy benefit management consulting and strategies.

Profero Team offers:

  • Pharmacy Benefits Consulting to Optimize Plan Management and Cost Mitigation
  • Third-Party Prior Authorizations and Utilization Management Programs
  • Pharmacy Benefit Claims Monitoring and Formulary Management
  • Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics Consulting
  • Hospice and Palliative Care Consulting
  • Hospital and Clinic Pharmacy Optimization Strategies
  • Pharmacy Build-Out and Optimization Consulting

The company began expanding into health improvement initiatives through the expertise of a pharmacy consulting team. The company now offers consultations on pharmacogenomics (e.g. genetic testing to determine and optimize drug therapy), nutrigenomics (e.g. optimizing diet and the impact of drugs on overall health), medication coaching for seniors and special needs families (e.g. assisting patients with navigating their medication use and reducing cost), and disease management programs. 

Today, Profero Team collectively represents some of the nation’s most comprehensive pharmacy expertise and experience unparalleled by any other company.

The Initial Journey of Profero Team

Though every business faces its initial series of challenges that are the make-or-break factors of a business; for Profero Team the challenges were quite daunting and complex, because of the nature of their service offerings. As they set out to change and revolutionize the traditional approaches followed in pharmacy benefits management.

As the organization set out to bring innovative solutions to the market, it had to put major emphasis on understanding the fundamental challenges its clients face. Although rising health care costs are often realized, the root of the problem is not often recognized due to the complexity of healthcare in the U.S.

The Profero Team offers an educational-consultative model to its clients to empower clients. Profero Team paved its way through all the challenges with a client-centric approach, enabling them to gain a dominant and respected position in the market.

Factors triggering the growth and establishing the long-standing success of Profero Team

Profero Team, since its inception, has been geared to solve the complex problems faced by employers, benefit consultants, physician practices, hospices, and hospitals. The company has always strived to offer innovative solutions that align with its client’s needs and requirements, right to its root causes.

To achieve this excellence in pharmacy benefits management they started by developing key strategic partners that advocate for their company’s role. Early in their development, they partnered with a few clients who put their trust in them. This allowed them to prove their expertise and client-centric approach in the market. Fast forward to today, they work with several hundred clients. The only constant is the same level of standards, support, and dedication to helping every client!

The company has grown to approximately 40 employees and consultants, that bring consulting and clinical expertise in various areas such as oncology, diabetes, substance use disorder, etc.

Profero Team’s success is based upon three major areas:

  • The Profero TEAM – our people
  • The Profero Team Success – our outcomes
  • The Profero Team Innovation – our evolving solutions

“As a piano player in a band that embraces improvisation. I find that our music parallels our business. At every performance, we improvise – and we never duplicate a single performance. Our model is that every client and every day is a new performance…..we don’t seek to duplicate the prior performance. Our music is evaluated based upon our quality and creativity – the same as our business. – Marc A. Sweeney, CEO & Principal, Profero Team

Quality Services of Profero Team 

There are many innovative solutions offered by Profero Team. Not only are they ahead in breaking industry benchmarks, but are always striving for setting new milestones as they seek to optimize their client’s outcomes. The services offered by Profero Team are:

Pharmacy Benefits Consulting

For Self-Funded/Self-Insured Employers

Upon completion of a comprehensive analysis of drug expenditures, benefit plans, existing programs, and current trends, their team will present a detailed presentation of findings and recommended changes to the client. Upon request, Profero Team can manage your PBM Request for Proposal (RFP). Profero Team is not a broker, PBM, or insurance agent but will work alongside them to achieve a successful outcome.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

For Employers, Physicians, & Hospices

Profero Team includes clinical pharmacy experts with specialties in prior authorizations, formulary management, hospice, palliative care, pharmacogenomics, diabetes, pain management, nutrigenomics, and several other areas, allowing them to provide specialized care to meet the client’s needs.

Precision Medicine Services

A Tailored Approach Leveraging Nutrigenomics & Pharmacogenomics

Nutrigenomics research has shown that your genetic profile can have a significant impact on weight loss, athletic performance, and several health-related areas. Knowing and making changes based upon the results could have significant impact.

Profero Team consultants can evaluate how an individual’s genetics impacts their overall diet. Consultants will recommend customized solutions to assist individuals and achieve personal results.

For individuals who desire to have a genomic-based medication consultation, their consultants will guide them to ensure that medications are achieving the appropriate result while minimizing side effects. In some cases, medications can impact weight and/or athletic performance. Their consultants will work with a patient’s physician to determine the best solutions.

Medication Coaching Services

Stay ahead of the industry trends and ever-changing practices with Medication Coaching provided by Profero Team. They will assist in gaining insights and equipping patients to achieve excellent medication practices, and ensure maximum care and resource management.

What sets Profero Team apart, and new additions to their services?

The team conducts an opportunity assessment and analysis for each prospective and existing clients to determine a path forward for optimization. This is also pooled with other assessments, including feedback which enables Profero Team and its team to improve and evolve their service offerings to best meet the needs of their clients.

Although various companies may offer some of the services that Profero Team provides, what sets them apart is the detailed and in-depth service offerings they offer, which provide a holistic solution rather than a basic fix.

Also, with decades of combined experience along with years of expertise in creating and successfully implementing services, earning the invaluable trust of their clients, while offering class-leading solutions consistently, truly makes them a sought-after company in their domain, and always a mile ahead of the competition in the market.

Newer solutions that are now offered are their pharmacy claims monitoring for employers and medication coaching services for seniors and special needs families. This will surely be a game changer in the healthcare and pharmacy benefits for the senior population.

A Truly Profound Leadership

An organization like Profero Team requires a highly experienced and visionary leader, who knows the ins and outs of the industry but also has the skills to successfully envision and implement the vision, mission, and services of Profero Team.

Profero Team, apart from one of the most skilled and diverse personnel in its team, has a prolific and highly capable leadership, tactfully handling the company, nurturing and inspiring its people, and propelling its growth.

Marc A. Sweeney is the CEO & Principal of Profero Team.

Dr. Sweeney has been in pharmacy for approximately 30 years with experience in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, homecare, hospice, and family medicine. He has spent over 20 years in academia, including the founding dean for a school of pharmacy.

Dr. Sweeney has assisted in starting several companies, pharmacies, and two colleges of pharmacy. He was also the past president of the Ohio Pharmacist Association. 

Dr. Sweeney has a B.S. in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University, a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from The Ohio State University, and an Academic Leadership Fellowship from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr. Sweeney is proud of the great success of Profero Team and building a national and international network of colleagues. He is thankful and grateful for receiving over 30 awards and honors during his career.

Dr. Sweeney talks about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

To self-identify strengths and weaknesses and surround yourself with team members that complement your skill sets (and not duplicate). Success is multiplied through a team approach rather than an individual approach.

One of his favorite quotes is: 

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill

Dr. Sweeney’s views on constant vigilance – a need or a strategy?

Constant vigilance is a need and a strategy – we need to always be watching our surroundings, the market, and the disruptors. We can never NOT be alert

Dr. Sweeney’s take on the rat race in the market?

We try to stay ahead of the market – when we create the market or create the solutions, we operate above the market…. And we can never rest on our laurels

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