Tesla surpasses the $1tn valuation mark, investors rejoice!

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Traders and fans rejoiced as Tesla climbed 12.6% after hitting a mega-deal, making it into a $ 1tn valuation company. This was made into a record time, turning the company’s valuation to $ 1tn from $ 990 bn in just two days. 

Tesla’s stock was speculated to fall due to its negative balance sheet over the past years until last year. Elon Musk’s vision, leadership, and expertise have turned the company’s momentum upside down. The company is now one of the top 6 companies in the world by market cap.

Tesla Inc. now stands with Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Google-owner Alphabet, and Amazon. Tesla Inc. is transitioning the world into sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels, renewable energy solutions for homes.

What made the stock push past the $1000 dollar mark?

This push was made possible with the billion-dollar by Hertz, the car rental giant. The company ordered 100,000 Model 3s for $ 4.2bn which will be paid over the next 14 months. Also, Hertz will be investing in a network of charging stations and the required infrastructure.

Analysts believe this has opened new doors for the stock, and the upside potential has just started showing itself. Elon Musk and his exemplary leadership, management, and expertise are gearing up the company for a blast!

Also, the company is one of the few names in the EV space, with a fully functional, and reliable product line. Also, the huge network of charging stations provided is a big add-on. This makes EVs practical, affordable, and trustworthy,

What makes Tesla so loved by traders, and an exemplary investment 

Electric cars are becoming mainstream now, and Tesla is the biggest name in the space, innovating and flabbergasting everyone. With many thrilling products in development, the company is yet to show its full glory and establish its mark.

Tesla is expanding its charging networks and production infrastructure, enhancing the reach and practicality of electric vehicles. Environmental factors and skyrocketing fuel prices are pushing us to look for better and cheaper alternatives.

Tesla has answered all the worries with a product line that is immaculate, futuristic, and unrivaled. What holds in the future is surely an exciting wait but one that surely is eco-friendly and flawless. 

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