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The 5 Best DELL Solution Providers In 2022

The 5 Best DELL Solution Providers In 2022 features,

Eastern Computer Exchange: Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc. started in 1990 and has grown to a Global IT Solution provider focused on the Cloud and Digital Transformation with Zero Trust Security, albeit on or off-prem or a combination of both. 

Eastern Computer Exchange is adept at infrastructure architecture, security, networking and cloud—and most importantly, they pay special focus on understanding their customers’ IT business needs better than anyone.

When customers work with the team at Eastern, they get the best choices available from IT industry gold standards like Dell, Cisco, Citrix, Z-Scaler and more.

After three decades, the company has achieved an unmatched trust from their customers being their strategic partners. From day one, they have had one driving motivator that has consistently guided them: 

“To put the customers’ needs above our own. “The team has never been driven by what benefits them; it’s all about the customers, and always has been.” Because of this, their customer retention rate is among the highest in the industry. In fact, their first client is still with them today, decades later.

At Eastern Computer Exchange, the team has built a culture of curiosity and empowerment, and it’s reflected in the everyday behaviours, actions and attitudes of our leadership team, their managers and their employees. 

It is this mindset that has allowed the company to successfully grow its business while helping customers integrate the finest IT solutions for their own businesses.

GCSIT: A much different kind of engineering firm, GCSIT is a firm that is focused on helping its customers create agility in the infrastructure from DevOps down.

The entire team’s dedication to learning from, teaching, and serving their customers has positioned them as a driving force in several key technology areas including hybrid, private and public cloud, automation, digital workspace, disaster recovery, and software-defined networks. 

As CEO, Michael Norring is building his team to empower their customers to ready their businesses to survive in this era of continuous evolution. The company does this by readying the businesses to handle complex and dynamic infrastructure with their innovative solutions.  

Each client relationship is unique to their business goals and needs, but each is designed to drive new business value, reduce time to market, and enable sustainable growth.

GCSIT’s engineering teams collaborate with you to create and maintain custom-built, agile infrastructure solutions. To accomplish this goal of providing these solutions and transforming your organization and making it digitally sound. 

GCSIT learns your business, your customers, and your current technology infrastructure capabilities. Michael Norring, CEO, took over the company in 2019 and has led the company on a growth journey never imagined possible previously. 

The company has experienced 3x growth in revenue. They moved from transactional selling to relationship building to better serve the company’s customers and help them stay ahead of the curve.

With Michael Norring building an efficient team, their commitment and focus on the long-term success of their customers increased substantially.

By partnering with the customers, the company is there at all parts of the customers’ digital transformational journey.  

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