The BBQ Cleaner: Searing a Sizzling BBQ Grill Cleaning Business with a Smoking Success Rate

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Established in 2006 and came to the marketplace in 2009, The BBQ Cleaner started offering its world-class cleaning business opportunity and helped its first customer start their own grill cleaning business. Today, a decade later, there are 270 grill cleaners across the country, who have the BBQ Cleaner to thank for their success. 

What’s more, their thanks are all they owe. There is only one upfront cost for this unique business opportunity.

The profit potential of this cleaning business can’t be understated. Every dollar that a grill cleaner makes is theirs to keep and do with as they wish. Many clients happily fill their schedules and leave it there, but some expand to multiple units, hire more hands, and build their grill cleaning empire in the process.

The BBQ Cleaner has been rated by franchise gator as one of the top 15 proven businesses to start in the United States. The company is the Pioneer and Leader of the Barbeque Cleaning Industry.

Overcoming Initial Challenges and Setting New Benchmarks

When The BBQ Cleaner started this concept was relatively unknown. It certainly made sense however without proof, it will be somewhat unknown. However, within four weeks of launching, the company had a waiting list of eight weeks for people just to get on its schedule and get an appointment.

Offering First-Class Products and Services

The BBQ Cleaner believes in providing a convenient and effective BBQ grill cleaning service so that homeowners in New Jersey can enjoy a healthy and hassle-free experience every grilling season.

The company uses the Ovenu cleaning system which has been used successfully globally in over 500 locations in 11 countries and three different continents.

As a market leader in the BBQ cleaning industry, the company enables technology in its offerings. Technology has made both new client acquisition and client retention so easy and so cost-effective.

In terms of products and services, the company aims to keep expanding and growing with leaps and bounds. The amount of success it has received over the years and the incredible response from people who want to join the business community is tremendous. The company states, “The decision was pretty much made for us with how strong the demand was right out of the door. However, it’s a challenge sometimes to keep up with the number of people that call.

Meet the Visionary 

A serial entrepreneur, Jeffrey Krentzman is the Owner of the BBQ Cleaner. He is fondly known as Jeff, who developed the BBQ Cleaner business model in 2009 and successfully expanded to over 270 additional operating locations internationally. Jeff continues to be a trailblazer in the entrepreneurial world. He has quickly become a top authority on a variety of subjects and frequently appears on various media outlets to speak about the BBQ Cleaner’s unprecedented success. 

A cleaning business opportunity that has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. For a decade now, he’s been helping future entrepreneurs start their BBQ grill cleaning business by arming them with a proven, turnkey business model. The BBQ cleaner business model provides all clients with the equipment, training, and ongoing support they require to ensure they have everything they need to become another successful cleaning business story for this well-respected brand. 

With his experience and sheer knowledge about successfully running a business, Jeff has to date created over 270 new entrepreneurs/locations across the United States and Canada who have established their businesses running both single and multi-unit locations, providing them with control over their own lives. He has a proven track record of leading prosperous businesses and most importantly his strategies and insights drive consistent and desired outcomes. 

Apart from that, he is always looking for additional ways to grow business further nationwide, as well as helping others realize their full potential by guiding them to becoming successful owners of their businesses. 

Jeff makes it a point to travel extensively to new operating locations for grand openings to ensure operators build their businesses correctly. He has developed over 300 pages of the Operations Manual on the blueprint The BBQ Cleaner Authorized Technicians follow to run their business for many years. He has built an entire sales process to sell to future operators. The BBQ Cleaner system as well as for operators to sell their BBQ Cleaner services to their clients. (over 75,000 clients served nationwide). He has created various forms of advertisements across multiple media mediums for operators to implement in their markets.

He has managed to import an inventory of products from Europe across the US for product sales exclusively for The BBQ Cleaner Authorized Technicians.

Thanks to the continued fast-growth success of the BBQ Cleaner, you can also find Jeff speaking about various entrepreneurial subjects on franchise interview podcasts and radio shows. Jeff has also been a guest instructor at Dale Carnegie training, in addition to returning to his alma mater, Boston University, to speak about his success as an entrepreneur.

More about Franchise Leadership 

Jeff thinks there’s been a greater reliance on leadership to make sure the support they are providing is up-to-date and adjusted to the current times. People will look to you for guidance, so you need to make sure you are doing the best thing in the current times.

Jeff’s Responsibilities and Accomplishments 

Jeff started it in 2006 and started offering it in the marketplace to other businesses across the country and Canada in 2009. He states that the best accomplishments are the incredible success stories of people who join the BBQ Cleaners community and business. For so many, they feel like they have struck gold with this business. 

Offering a Holistic and Constant Support to Team and Customers

Jeff states, “We are here to support all of our locations daily in any which way they need. Whether the questions be marketing, customer service, technical, or anything else, chances are by now we have seen that question before.”

Releasing the “Franchise” Model

BBQ Cleaner realized they were the pioneers of this business and it knew 

exactly what made the previous three years of cleaning grills here so successful, and it was confident that it could show people in other markets exactly how to replicate the same success.

All About becoming a Franchise Partner of BBQ Cleaners

When one works with BBQ Cleaner, the company helps them set up their BBQ Grill Cleaning Business and makes it its commitment to help them at every step of the way run their grill that is flexible and scalable. 

There isn’t a certain criterion as there are so many people who find success here with a multitude of different backgrounds. But most of the time it’s people looking to be their boss, work from home, set their schedule, etc.

The three prominent reasons why one should consider franchising with BBQ Cleaners are, 

  • Keep 100% of what you make
  • Little to No Competition at all
  • Huge Market Demand 

Jeff believes this to be the reason behind BBQ Cleaner’s long-standing success. Along with it, the owners pay no-ongoing fees, own 100% of their business, and work from home set their schedule. Repeat business is through the roof, so many locations don’t advertise after a few months.

Additionally, as every sector has a few alternations over time, the franchise business has too. So, to comply with the following changes, BBQ Cleaners doesn’t overcomplicate things and keeps things simple. It keeps things very easy and turnkey and in doing that, it makes it easy to consistently have one of the best businesses someone can start in the marketplace.

In times of difficulties like the pandemic or economic recessions, BBQ Cleaners are constantly making sure it has adapted to the current landscape to maximize its success potential.

A Robust Future of Franchise Business

Jeff thinks he is going to see many companies like BBQ Cleaners which allow people to pay no-ongoing fees continue to see strong growth. At the end of the day, success is all about how much money each location keeps in its pocket and maximizing it for them.

Jeff’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Franchise Sector

Do your due diligence. Make sure the market isn’t oversaturated in the type of business you are looking to do. Make sure you have support and also make sure the customer demand will be there. If you can find something that incorporates all of those, you’ve got a great chance at finding success.

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