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The COVID pandemic has certainly pushed companies at the peak of digital transformation and has transformed the processes like never before. Many organizations have now accelerated their digitization processes with regards to their customer and supply-chain interactions and also of their internal operations. 

Adding these digital or even digitally enabled products has accelerated their portfolios by a whopping seven years. Unimaginable isn’t it? This has helped companies to at least present temporary solutions and meet the client demands more quickly than before the pandemic. 

The wave of digital transformation is such that more executives than ever are considering funding for digital initiatives, subsequently increasing the costs, the number of people in technology roles and also the number of customers. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Recommended Google Partners to Watch in 2023 is Xebia, a company enabling a seamless digital future and creating the digital leaders of tomorrow. 

The Company- Xebia

Xebia is an IT Consultancy and Software Development Company that has been creating digital leaders across the globe since 2001. With offices on every continent, they help the top 250 companies worldwide embrace innovation, adopt the latest technologies, and implement the most successful business models. 

To meet every digital demand, Xebia is organized into chapters. These are teams with tremendous knowledge and experience in Agile, DevOps, Data & AI, Cloud, Software Development, Security, Quality Assurance, Low Code, and Microsoft Solutions. In addition to high-quality consulting and state-of-the-art software, Xebia Academy offers the training that modern companies need to work better, smarter, and faster. 

Today, Xebia continues to expand through a buy-and-build strategy. Xebia has a global presence with offices in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Nordics, UK, Middle-East, Columbia, South Africa, India, Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia.

The X-Factor- 

“Our mission can be captured in one word: Authority.”

The only way to achieve this is by constantly reinventing, hiring exceptional talent, claiming the position of thought leader, and sharing knowledge. That’s what got the team to where it is today, and they are incredibly proud of that.

The Xebia team is driven by the strong desire to make a difference. And to keep moving forward, the one motto they swear by is- to keep innovating. What fuels the growth of the company is their highly experienced and knowledgeable work culture. 

So, when teaming up with Xebia, expect in-depth expertise based on an authentic, value-led, and high-quality way of working that inspires all they do.

What Makes All the Difference- 

Xebia has primarily been a very coding-focused organization. The team takes pride in being the software craftsman that it is. What sets them apart is their vast knowledge and doing things right when it comes to software development, be it test-driven development, behavior development, or any other format. 

The company has been known for its Agile and DevOps competency for a very long time. The latest trend that is making a mark in the market is the wave of Low Code. 

“That is where we have been focusing.”

The Products and Services- 

“Driving digital transformations with technology and consultancy.”

Effective digital transformation can help organizations to speed up the processes by automating them. It can also help to reduce the costs by making cloud technology effective.

Xebia helps clients to secure their business by offering services that meet the needs of end users, and free up time and resources for innovation with data-driven solutions and managed solutions.

Xebia is a pioneering IT consulting company with global reach and limitless ambitions. 

“Our impact extends beyond today. We help organizations across the world unlock their digital potential and realize sustainable change.”

The company provides innovative solutions and services to help client organizations transform digitally faster and with ease according to their capacity and strategy. The team provides a wide range of services, such as Digital Strategy, Full Stack Development, Robotic Process Automation, DevOps, Big Data and Data Science, Agile Product Management, Agile Consulting & Transformations, Quality and Test Automation, User Experience Design, Cloud Infrastructures, Blockchain and AI Strategy. 

“The objective of Xebia is to provide our expertise to various other industries across the world.”

Xebia primarily serves such industries as retail and consumer goods, travel and hospitality, transport, banking, finance, fintech, trade, industry and logistics, public utilities, media, telecom and entertainment, healthcare, IT and business and technology.  

Although organizations realize that the correct data and insights allow them to stay ahead of the competition, it is the ‘how’ where Xebia’s expertise provides them a leg up. Answering critical points, such as how to turn data into insights, or how to dig out meaningful information from millions of touchpoints, is vital for the success of an organization’s data strategy. 

Becoming a data-driven organization requires unlocking the data, storing it and giving everyone access to it and even involves evaluating the data maturity level on a regular basis. 

“We have the expertise to enable global businesses to create a roadmap that offers them direction on where exactly to invest and the ways to design and build a suitable contemporary data platform.”

The Core Pillars of a Strong Foundation- 

People First

Xebia puts people first. The team actively enables continuous personal and professional growth with respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability. They cultivate great ideas, innovate and actively support people to become their best versions. That’s what has helped them to grow.  

Sharing Knowledge

Supporting the passion of exceptionally smart people forms the foundation of the organization. Xebia’s bi-weekly company-wide knowledge exchanges, innovation days, tech-rallies and training programs make knowledge flow within Xebia and beyond and contribute to exploring and achieving the full potential, individually and collectively.

Customer Intimacy

The company builds long-lasting relationships with its customers and serves them on an equal level. They work on common goals and trust by showing genuine interest in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently.

Quality without Compromise

At Xebia, quality without compromise is the mantra. Be it the work they do for the customers, the tools they all work with, the hiring process, their parties, or the office designs. 

“We set the bar at 100%, because we don’t compromise.”

Anand Sahay- Leading the Way

Global CEO  

As a senior IT leader, Anand carries over two decades of experience in building and leading global high-performance teams for driving sustained business growth and creating shareholder value. He has worked in five different countries in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. 

Anand keeps a sharp eye open for new and upcoming technologies and weaves unique service offerings around them to create innovative service-line products and potential markets. He has been a software programmer, client engagement manager, business development professional and head of global IT operations.

  Besides, Anand is a strong and established leader who has led turnarounds for companies by handling failures head-on and implementing heavy change management to turn companies into global enterprises with strong financials. He quickly builds high-performance culture and takes bold steps to put companies on a path of recovery and growth. 

 Experience & Education 

 Having held top positions with leading global companies, such as Interglobe, VP; HCL, GM; Polaris, Asst Systems Manager; and Samsung, Project Lead, among others, Anand loves technology and its applications and also creates value for customers and stakeholders. 

  Anand has an Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from Birla Institute of Technology, an MBA from Duke University–The Fuqua School of Business. He also has a PMP certification from PMI-OC Project Management Institute, Orange County Chapter. He completed his AISSCE–Science with Computers from Modern School. 

“We provide innovative solutions and services to help client organizations transform digitally faster and with ease according to their capacity and strategy.”

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