The Best WordPress Logo Designs of 2023

The Best WordPress Logo Designs of 2023 | The Enterprise World

Every brand needs a Best WordPress Logo Design – whether you’re running a world-class enterprise like Google or a new startup. The main reason is that logos are seen as a unique representation of what your business stands for.

So if you’re planning to create a new Best WordPress Logo Design or revamp an existing one, you must do it well. And that’s why we’ll analyze some logo designs from different top brands or personalities hosted on WordPress in this article.

Here is all About The Best WordPress Logo Designs of 2023;

1.  The Obama Foundation is a website owned by the 44th president of the United States Of America, Barack Obama. The WordPress Logo Design stood out to evoke the feeling of hope and trust, which aligns with the foundation’s core purpose.

The halved curve represents a rising sun over the horizon, which signifies hope. Thick strokes usually portray trust, authoritativeness, and confidence.

Notice how the dark stripes are similar to the red stripes of the USA’s national flag – a beautiful display of patriotism.

This iconic logo perfectly portrays the message of continuity, positivity, and hope.

2. Themeisle

Themeisle is a WordPress-hosted website that provides several services, including WordPress themes or templates, logo maker, and plugins. Themeisle’s logo combines an icon and text in Title Case.

The icon is a multicolored bird which might represent vibrancy and energy. You can use Procreate and some free procreate brushes 2023 to create something similar. This software allows users to employ several artistic color combinations that can help convey a sense of diversity and lasting visual experience.

The logo’s text, “Themeisle”, reflects the core value of this company as a leading WordPress theme creator. Don’t forget the light blue-colored isle, which connects with the iconic bird and portrays the eagerness to explore more of what the platform offers.

3. Techcrunch is a leading tech news reporter with comprehensive coverage of the developmental changes occurring in the tech world. The TechCrunch logo is designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind.

The Best WordPress Logo Designs of 2023 | The Enterprise World

While green often signifies freshness and sustainability, it can also signify technological progress and development. The missing top-left angle of the “C” text gives off an intriguing feeling leaving viewers to wonder if it is a new design trend. Either way, this is a peculiar feature that you can use to identify Techcrunch’s logo from other TC designs.

Overall, the design is bold enough for easy scalability on all font sizes, simple, and versatile.

4.  Angry Birds

Probably one of the most striking logos on WordPress-hosted websites, this top-notch piece stands out with its upright franchise text.

The Angry Birds logo gives off a playful, careful feeling with its simple contours and strictly carved lines.

We also have the unfeatured star of this logo – the real angry bird, behind the scenes. It features a frustrated and angry facial expression which captures what the players of the Angry Birds game are experiencing in real-time.

There are also other variations featuring different birds with distinct expressions.

5.  Animal Logic

AnimalLogic is a renowned visual and animation-centric digital studio with giant footprints in popular releases like Planet of the Apes and Harry Potter. Their website is hosted on WordPress and features a pretty cartoon-like logo with much resemblance to a camel or giraffe, but neither.

The icon is backed up with a textual design of the company’s name in black and light blue. The WordPress Logo Design strokes are sound and solid, depicting stability and balance. There’s also the curved trunk, which portrays flexibility in a sense.

Overall, this logo represents core brand messages like creativity and innovation. You can also directly link it to a single identity -animals, which is in correlation with the company’s name.

6.  White House

The iconic Whitehouse website is hosted on WordPress, with its logo depicting a standalone and multi-roomed building. Notice how the building’s white frames are contrasted with a navy background.

The flag top is almost unnoticeable, but you can’t ignore the traditional charm it adds to the whole design. Other minor details, like the outward-facing and welcoming main door of the Whitehouse building, reflect openness and accessibility.

Talk about fonts; the Mercury and Decimal non-modern style is stealing the spotlight. According to typographer Jonathan Hoefler, “The serif felt more august, befitting the office of the President.”

7.  Yelp

Yelp is a website designed to collect social reviews on different categories of businesses while facilitating networking between platform users and local businesses. The Yelp blog boasts of one of WordPress’ most straightforward yet visually appealing logos.

The WordPress Logo Design features an iconic speech bubble that encourages communication and networking. Notice how the red color adds an energetic and exciting feel. Yelp’s modern San-Serif font is relaxing and gives the logo a professional look without compromising the core.

Lastly, the two circles and their distinctive colors signify diversity and energy while giving a friendly feel. Overall, Flickr’s logo portrays its unique identity and conveys visual creativity.

8.  Wired

The Best WordPress Logo Designs of 2023 | The Enterprise World

Wired is an all-around WordPress-hosted magazine website with a comprehensive coverage of topics ranging from business, politics, and science to technology. Their logo is quite simplistic and features a very modern typographical display.

The first, second, and third letters are boxed in a black square, while the font is white. On the contrary, the even letters are painted black on a white background. This gives a very contrasting view and makes sure the logo stands out easily.

Wired’s font type is edgy and has sharp angles, representing professionalism and authority.

9.  PlayStation

The Sony logo is probably one of the most intriguing designs on this list. First, the initials of Play and Station are on top of each other, with the “S” shape creating the floor.

The Best WordPress Logo Designs of 2023 | The Enterprise World

Both shapes are in an elliptical position to portray the shape of the earth and pass the brand’s tagline along – “Live in Your World. Play in Ours”. Other notable features include using strong, bold colors, which adds more authority to the brand’s existence.

The fonts were custom-designed with gradient shading, which confers more depth and a pseudo-2D look to the whole logo.

5 things to know when creating a WordPress Logo Design for your website;

If you’re planning to launch your website on WordPress, then you might need to be aware of some important design rules, such as

1.   Logo size and dimension

The size and dimension metrics describe the width and height of your logo. And this is very important for a lot of factors like visual appeal, user experience, and website loading speed.

If the header logo is too small, it could be nearly invisible to users browsing your website with a computer. Too big, and the logo will look distorted.

Also, big-sized logos often take up a chunk of your database storage. This means more loading speed for your website and could drastically increase the bounce rate if it takes too long for a page to load. So as you’re creating awesome content for your website, your logo should not be a red exit signal to visitors.

2.   Uniqueness

Take TechCrunch as an example. Although many brands use TC in their WordPress Logo Design, TechCrunch’s creativity took it a step further and gave the “C” shape a top-left signature.

There’s a possibility many brands will share the same initials as your brand name. If you’re out of options, try adding something that will make yours stand out and more unique.

That’s why your WordPress Logo Design size should be around 200 – 300px in width and 50 – 100px in height for maximum scalability, according to Kathryn from WordPress.

3.   Brand consistency

When designing your logo, whether outsourced or personally done, it should reflect your brand’s core values succinctly.

Consistency is seen in the type of fonts you use for your WordPress Logo Design on-site and the ones used for promotional materials. Users must recognize your logo in one glance, whether on a brochure or printed paper, or online.

4.   Design uniformity

Design uniformity deals with the color, strokes, and style you use. For color, make sure you include the main palettes you’ll use in creating other sections of your website content.

It’d be chaos if your logo featured yellow, red, and blue while other aspects of your page were in greens and blacks.

The strokes and fonts you use matter a lot. Your WordPress Logo Design font shouldn’t look so edgy while your website content adopts an entirely curved San serif. Unless necessary, let there be rhymes.

5.   Scalability

Remember we talked about choosing the right size and dimension for your logo. If your logo’s width and height are inappropriate, it will scale out of the box and interfere with navigation.

Such browsing disturbances usually disrupt your visitors’ browsing experience and create a bad user experience.

How to upload your logo on WordPress?

Uploading a WordPress Logo Design on your WordPress website is a no-brainer, as you can do it through the Wp customizer or by downloading a plugin like CSS Hero.

1.   Log in to your WordPress dashboard

If you use a Wp-hosted website (, you can access your dashboard by entering your details into the login box. You can gain access through your hosting panel for a WordPress website hosted on a third-party hosting server like Bluehost or Godaddy. If that doesn’t work, simply add the /wp-admin/ suffix to your site address.

2.   Navigate to the appearance section

There’s a left bar on your dashboard after logging in. Scroll down and locate the “appearance” section. Hovering your mouse over it will bring several options, but our main focus is the customizer only.

Go ahead and select the “customize” option.

3.   Site identity

Your customizer should look similar to the image below. Find the “site identity” option; usually the first option, but its location might change depending on the theme you are using. The customizer dashboard lets you track your changes in real-time.

4.   Select upload

After clicking the site identity option, you will see a box prompting you to upload a header logo or use the title text option. There’s another one below for uploading your favicon. Favicons are website icons that you can locate on the browser tab.

Click the “Select logo” option.

5.   Choose from the media library or system’s storage

You can either choose a WordPress Logo Design directly from your WP media library if you have one there already. Otherwise, you should upload from your PC or operating device and proceed to crop before clicking the “upload” button.

6.   All set

Once you upload the file, click the select button to make it reflect on your website. After uploading, your new header section looks like the image below. Preferably, your WordPress Logo Design should be in a format that perfectly synergies with your header bar color.

7.   Site title

So let’s say you don’t have a WordPress Logo Design yet, or you’d love to just go simple till you’re ready. You can add a site title – maybe your brand name. Note that you can also combine both the site title and a logo together, but make sure they’re not both saying the same thing.

8.   Upload favicon

Depending on the type of WordPress Logo Design you’re uploading, you can simultaneously upload your website icon right below the header logo option. Some brands use their logo image for icons as well, but it is recommended that you resize your icon to 512 x 512 pixels, as shown in the image below.


Logos define and portray your brand in the easiest way. That’s why you need enough inspiration and prototypes before launching it on your WordPress-hosted website.

Make sure you follow the recommended WordPress Logo Design size and dimension to avoid browsing disruptions and slow loading speed. Lastly, keep it scalable, uniform, and unique.

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