JANUARY | 2021



Featuring for the cover story is Lavelle Networks. Lavelle Networks is one of the top names in the network landscape that is accelerating the digital revolution around the world.

Within 5 years, their flagship product line “ScaleAOn” has become the choice of leading Indian enterprises using SDN technologies.

Shyamal Kumar, Karthik Madhava, and Vishal Khare came together to drive this innovative journey, along with a committed team of engineers who wrote the first lines of code and are still building the company.

SecureVel is a leader in providing “niche” solutions that solves real security issues for enterprises maintaining highest industry standards and providing solutions that are unique and tailor-made to their client’s needs.

They have an arsenal of experts who work round the clock to reduce complexity and speedup security.

TagBox is helping organizations solve site operations and supply chain problems like Product Quality and Compliance, End to End Traceability, and Operational Efficiency.

TagBox has customers spread across F&B, Pharmaceuticals, Hi-tech/industrial, Logistics, and Discreet Manufacturing segments.

TagBox’s BoxLens platform is being used by these organizations to improve the visibility of their Products, Staff, Assets, Processes, and the Environment in which all of these are operating in unison. 

Codelattice is a team of 200+ passionate technocrats spanning eight countries. They are a digital solution provider established in 2009.

They develop cool software for complex business problems with bleeding-edge technology.

The company has had phenomenal growth in the past 10 years, growing from one office to eight countries worldwide.

Read out an interview with Mr. Vijith Sivadasan, MD, and Co-founder at Codelattice, and know more about the company.

Agilisium is a Big Data and Analytics company with a clear focus on helping organizations take the “Data-to-Insights-Leap.” To that end, Agilisium has invested in all stages of the data journey: Data Architecture Consulting, Data Integration, Data Storage, Data Governance, and Data Analytics.

Our talent pool comprises 70+ certified experts in AWS & GCP Data Analytics services, and we have successfully migrated 15+ PB workloads onto the cloud.

Under the 360 degrees futuristic vision of Mr. Raj Babu, CEO, the team Agilisium is transmogrifying businesses with the top notched offering.

Shiftco, one of the leading logistics solutions company in India is making hard and smart efforts to provide their clients top notched services and empower them.

In a talk with Mr Gopi Nair, CEO at the company, we discussed the current industry scenario and how Shiftco is transogryfing its clients businesses.

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