SecureVel – The leading Name in the Cyber Security Industry

Securevel Solutions

SecureVel – The leading Name in the Cyber Security Industry

Since the major shift of transactions, marketplace and work to the online mode, the internet has become the place for the companies and start-ups to showcase their products and services. As the internet has become the office and the marketplace for most of the companies and start-ups, the risk involved around the around the company, their servers, etc. is ever increasing as there are a lot of personnel who would not stop posing a potential threat to the company for their data, patents and other important information. Also, as the major work is being done online, there is a greater need for an efficient, robust and effective solution provider when it comes to data security and other technological processes.

In comes the pioneer in providing safety and security solutions, SecureVel that provides best-in-class and highly efficient cyber security solutions. SecureVel has maintained their high delivery and service standards making sure that their clients are highly satisfied and their data and other important information, etc. is completely safe. SecureVel has revolutionized the cyber security domain with their products/services and are one of the most sought-after and leading names in this industry. Their cyber security solutions are not only efficient and feasible but they also provide other unique products/services that stands them out from the rest of the companies in this domain.


SecureVel is a leader in providing “niche” solutions that solves real security issues for enterprises maintaining highest industry standards and providing solutions that are unique and tailor-made to their client’s needs. They have an arsenal of experts who work round the clock to reduce complexity and speedup security. Not only they are experts in the field bringing in their experience and providing a highly satisfying user safety but SecureVel also brings innovative solutions which simplify and protect your conventional and new generation connected devices.

SecureVel has always believed in being one step ahead of the generation and making sure that their products/services are of the highest standards and packed with the latest in technology development. They strongly feel Automation with intelligence “AI” is a key of future success and their solutions are enabled with AI and Machine learning.

Products/services offered at SecureVel

PhishSecure is a Phishing Assessment and Security Awareness User Training. PhishSecure Security Awareness Training provides an added layer of security by testing and educating employees about the latest threat trends. PhishSecure’s unique tools and methodology helps you reduce the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infections.

We carry out phishing simulations and provide a report of the number of vulnerable users that have fallen prey to the simulations and based on that, we educate users through different methods such as videos, training materials, or even training sessions. We believe technology alone cannot protect you but you need your employees to be better equipped as well.

Khushamad Nazir, Founder & CEO of SecureVel Solutions

Some of the highlights of PhishSecure are:

  • Simple and User-Friendly:
    PhishSecure is a simple and user-friendly solution for driving phishing simulations and online training. Launching phishing simulations is made easy through pre-existing phishing templates and connectors for authoritative identity repositories.
  • Extensive Reports:
    PhishSecure provides Phishing Campaign and training completion reports, which can be downloaded in Excel and PDF formats. These reports are updated in real time and snapshots are available on the Mobile Application as well.
  • Trend Monitoring:
    PhishSecure provides clients detailed reports for current as well as past campaign for Trend Monitoring. The trends can be monitored across designations, departments as well as locations. Trend monitoring allows you to compare your employee’s performance.
  • Analytics:
    PhishSecure does the heavy lifting of analyzing the results of Phishing Simulation campaigns. The analytics engine helps clients make informed decisions on prioritizing training and remediation efforts to improve the organization’s security.

In addition to this, SecureVel also offers Online Brand Production that assures brand reputation protection, detects any suspicious domains registration, data exposure, possible confidential information leakage and credential theft, identifies security threats of websites and apps, if any and reports if any email ID’s have been misused or compromised due to data breaches.

Khushamad breaks it down for us as he explains how a company that may be building several products or various brands which are being marketed across a website may be prone to domain infringement where the hacker may attempt to register a lookalike domain and then try to high-jack the users and their valuable information. This is where the company’s Online Brand Production offering comes to play and eliminates any such threats.  

The features and distinguishing factor about SecureVel:

  • Access to Real time security risk level of individual, Department and Organisation in Dashboard.
  • Turn your users from weakest to strongest link in organisation.
  • Customized Dashboards for CXO’s.
  • Fully Automated Unlimited Scheduled Campaigns.
  • Simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage, and industry specific phishing templates.
  • Enterprise reporting and scoring showing stats and graphs for phishing results to management.

SecureVel brings innovative solutions which simplify and protect your conventional and new generation connected devices and support your IT Security solutions.

SecureVel has a team of experts who work round the clock to reduce complexity and speedup security. Turn your users from weakest to strongest link in the organization.

SecureVel offers phishing simulation solution that can quickly identify users vulnerable to phishing attacks by launching your own targeted internal phishing campaigns.

Apart from the features of SecureVel which separates them from the rest of the companies in the same domain, they have an upper hand in the market with their impeccable products/services and the long-standing name with the reputation they have accumulated over the past years they have an arsenal of experts with next generation security technologies to provide premium support. They provide one neck for all enterprise security needs. They are not only providing higher levels of cyber security but also simplifying security so the clients understand it in the best possible way.

SecureVel’s Expertise and Partners/Associations

  • Next Gen Firewalls.
  • Data Leakage Prevention.
  • Data Leakage Prevention.
  • Email Security (Cloud & Onpremise).
  • Nips/Vulnerability Assessment/PT tools.
  • SIEM.
  • Privileged Identity Management.
  • Web Application Firewalls.
  • Datacenter Servers (Physical/Virtual Security).
  • Cybersecurity Analytics & Trainings.
  • Server Load Balance/ADC’s.
  • DDOS.
  • Endpoint Antivirus NAC & Encryption.
  • Bandwidth Management.
  • Advanced Persistent Threats.
  • Mobile Security &Wi-fi Security.


  • McAfee
  • Forcepoint
  • Barracuda
  • Netskope
  • Cyberark
  • Symantec
  • Microsoft
  • ForeScout
  • Trend Micro
  • Fortinet
  • RSA Security

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