Vastada Consulting – The Upcoming leader, Changing the face of PR and Marketing Industry

Vastada Consulting

Vastada Consulting – Changing the face of the PR and Marketing Industry

This year has not been less than a revolution when it comes to the world of business. Although there was a fair share of ups and downs, it all led to new developments and encouraged the companies and firms to adapt to tackle the underlying situations. All this did not stop new businesses and start-ups to emerge and we all saw a spurt in the number of new businesses and start-ups. With the increasing number of businesses and start-ups, the competition in the market is also rapidly increasing.

In the midst of all this, we tend to forget how tough it becomes for a company or start-up to get through the competition and make sure their products/services reach their targeted audience and deserve the name and position in the market that it truly deserves. As new businesses and start-ups already have a lot on their plates when they’re starting up, therefore it becomes very tedious and difficult to keep up with PR, marketing, brand building, promotions, and other associated tasks.

In comes, Vastada Consulting, the upcoming and leader in PR, communication, and strategy consulting. With a very high client satisfaction rate, Vastada Consulting emerges as the leader in the PR and marketing industry providing highly unique and specific solutions and all that in one place. With a wide range of services offered, Vastada Consulting delivers on its promise of providing expert, efficient, scalable, and best-in-class solutions. They not only provide a high standard and quality solutions but also come out as one of the most reputed and sought-after companies in the PR and marketing industry.

In conversation with the Founder & CEO of Vastada Consulting, Neha Yaduvanshi. Let’s find more about Vastada Consulting, its services offered, and her entrepreneurial journey.

Tell us about Vastada Consulting, and the journey along the way.

Vastada Consulting is a leading strategy, communication, and PR consulting firm for private, public, government, and social sector organizations. Our firm specializes in campaign design and execution, creating leadership positioning with unique ideas, crafting successful and powerful ideas, concepts, and stories through words, pictures, and video across broadcast, online, and print media for our clients. Vastada Consulting ranked among the top 20 PR agencies in India. While our reach is global, our approach is local to provide dynamic and target-focused media coverage to our clients.

Vastada Consulting is an integrated strategy and communication agency delivering Public Relations and Influencer Marketing also. The success of our clients is our ultimate goal and we are proud to share that our PR has helped our clients in getting visibility, building credibility, winning prestigious awards, securing funds, and entering into new markets.

I decided to pursue my dream in 2016- that’s when Vastada Consulting was born. I would say that we are still in our initial stage and have a long road ahead, but we are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time. Being a woman and young CEO, it was difficult to gain the trust of clients as unfortunately, society seemed to believe that a woman couldn’t accomplish her goals. Additionally, I believe young CEOs (be it any gender) do face trust issues. It is really difficult to convince your first client and give them a reason to invest in your service. But once you get that opportunity, it’s up to you how you utilize it. 

Vastada Consulting specializes in campaign design and execution, creating leadership positioning with unique ideas, crafting successful and powerful ideas, concepts and stories through words, pictures, and video across broadcast, online and print media for our clients.

After my first client, my team was only 2-3 members but I am proud of my leadership skills as because of that one project, that one client- we gained the trust of many more as we were recommended further by them. It’s not like the first person I met with was ready to work with me. I faced rejections, failures but never gave up.

The first few rejections hit me hard, but the thought of packing up never came. The initial time was a fight but I guess it’s safe to say that I emerged victoriously. Today, renowned brands, start-ups, family businesses, and political organizations are our clients and trust us with their strategy and communication. I couldn’t be more grateful. 

Tell us about the services Vastada Consulting offers, how do they differentiate from the competition, how do you take these services ahead and if there are any new additions to the list.

Vastada Consulting specializes in Public Relations. We offer services like media management, online reputation management, press releases, press conferences, brand building, campaign design and execution, content strategy, product launches, print, online, TV coverage, events and promotions, corporate communications, Influencer marketing, cause marketing, product marketing, speaking opportunities and much more. We also deal with OTT platforms. We have worked across 15 industries on 80+ unique PR campaigns and have a media network of 350+ platforms PAN India.

Effective Public Relations & Communication helps in brand building and developing credibility for the company. What sets us apart in this challenging game is our thinking and imagination to shape brand communication into authentic and meaningful conversations. We believe in creating innovative communication using the latest trends for consistent engagement and interactions.

Vastada Consulting represents our clients on multiple platforms to attract, engage and convert consumers for an enhanced market share. Creating a unique positioning, crafting a captivating story, and building strong relationships are three vital parts of our PR services. We create powerful stories and select the right communication channels to maximize effectiveness, develop trust and credibility for the brand. 

The success of our clients is our topmost priority. Each day we try to do something that no one else is doing. I guess that makes us different. The brainstorming sessions, the teamwork, and the dedication we put into each of our client’s plans is our strongest point. We divide and conquer and also believe that creativity comes when we work together. As a team, we have designed some award-winning campaigns for our clients.

Vastada Consulting has already started a digital marketing agency- Imperfect Digital, which I am proud to share has helped many businesses keep up and running even during the pandemic. Along with PR and Influencer marketing, we have stepped into digital marketing. We are very keen to offer our services to start-ups and technology innovators. We believe that there are some great start-ups out there with zero recognition. We want to appreciate every talent and help them reach a stage where they can showcase their products/services to the entire world.

Each day we try to do something that no one else is doing. I guess that makes us different.

When it comes to expansion, we are aiming to target the multinationals entering the Indian market. Vastada Consulting is looking to extend our services in the US, Europe, Singapore, Africa, UAE and leave a mark globally starting there. We are planning to emerge as a global PR agency by 2025.

Vastada Consulting started their very own digital marketing agency-Imperfect Digital in May this year. As we know the year has been very hard on businesses, we are proud that our services helped many businesses maintain their online presence, and hence keep running. 

Imperfect Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency in India that offers an extensive range of services to enable your business to grow. Using the latest technologies and innovations, we focus on data-driven campaigns, engagement, and quality lead generation. We are known for a great conversion rate at an affordable price. We help our clients solve various challenges such as generating ideas for digital innovations and campaigns, designing social media strategies for business growth, and executing digital campaigns for high conversion rates.

Vastada Consulting has a group of experts who constantly research the latest trends in the market and assist you from start to finish with a multichannel digital marketing solution, till you reach your digital marketing dream. We offer a total scope of digital marketing services to guarantee that your business reaches the top and can remain there despite strong competition in the market.

Please talk about your professional experience, and the reason you chose a career in Marketing and Public Relations and the diversity changes you noticed in the PR industry over the years.

Before this, I gained expertise by working across various MNCs and studying how the market works. I worked in the marketing and sales departments particularly because it helped me understand the crucial points. To run a business effectively, you need a very strong marketing game plan.

By gaining expertise by working with renowned brands, I learned a lot and was able to help with my ideas also. I have worked in the Automation Industry Section, MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited, Franchise India Brand Limited, and The Global Green Company Limited before kick-starting my venture.

I guess interesting. This is a digital era. And every business out there, no matter how amazing it is needs marketing and PR to reach the desired audience. I knew I had a strong eye for the correct platforms, the correct research, and the analysis needed to build a strong brand. This is the reason I chose to fulfill my dream of being the CEO of a PR firm.

Also, many people around me were completely unaware of the power of marketing. Even though marketing is all around us- the banners we see, the advertisements we watch, the slogans, the hoarders, the air balloons- everywhere something or the other is being promoted. My mind was always filled with ideas about what I could do for all brands.

My journey has been amazing. I have learned and grown each day. I do feel that the sector has evolved but I feel there is so much more to do. PR began receiving traction only in the past few years. Before that people were completely unaware of the power of PR. I believe we, as PR people, need to be more cautious of what a brand strategy should look like, every area needs to be examined- the most important of them- the public reaction.

I have learned that forward-thinking and diversity-focused communications are very important otherwise clients can very easily give up on you. I have always focused on hiring people from different backgrounds to promote diversity so that it can be reflected in the work we do.  In a nutshell, PR has evolved, but we can work more on the diversity issue.

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