The Keypad Lock: A Companion For Any 24-Hour Locksmith In Phoenix

The Keypad Lock: A Companion For Any 24-Hour Locksmith In Phoenix

It’s about time you went keyless but do you know the safest and most secured way to go keyless?

The answer to your security upgrade requirements is the Keypad Lock System; a fully automated system that can be integrated into the access control system of your home. It facilitates access into and out of your property, eliminates the need for a physical key, and greatly improves the protection of your homes and offices. But how does one system achieve all this?

How Keypad Locks Work

The mechanism is simple. There’s an automated lock and the key to unlocking it lies, not in the form of a metal key, but in the numerical codes that have to be entered into the keypad. Think of it as something similar to your phone’s security system where you need your passcode to unlock the device.

If your code is entered correctly, you’re in; if not, the system locks the door for a set period and alerts you of a possible intrusion. This system greatly enhances security around your property and it’s very easy to access. Let’s take a look at what else makes this system so great.

Benefits Of Using A Keypad Lock

If you ask any 24 hour locksmith in Phoenix about the best ways to secure your home, they’ll quickly highlight the need for a keypad lock. The keyless trend is growing rapidly and here are a few reasons why you should hop on the bandwagon.

1. Easy Installation

When it comes to installing a keypad lock, all you need is the system and a 24-hour locksmith in Phoenix that knows how to install the system. You also don’t need to change your entire door or lock just to install the system, making the keyless transition a smooth one.

2. Easy Entry

With a keypad lock on the door, say goodbye to days of having to scramble through a plethora of keys before finding the right key that unlocks your home. Let’s not even begin to talk about the jiggling in and out of keys, desperately searching for the right one that unlocks your door.

A keypad lock system is also great for situations where you find yourself in a hurry and need to go in quickly. All you have to do is input the code and you’re inside in a matter of seconds.

3. Tighter Security

If burglars turn up at your household, they’ll immediately rue such a decision when they’re welcomed by a keypad lock system. The same way your kids immediately drop your phone when they can’t unlock it, a burglar will abandon all hopes of breaking in when there’s no doorknob to wiggle through with a pin or a lock to pick.

In the end, your home is more secured and security threats are greatly diminished.

4. Flexibility

When you go on trips and ask a friend to look after your kids, pets, or plants, they’ll need your security code to enter. But that shouldn’t bother you because you can simply change this passcode when you return. This eliminates the risk of your code being passed around like the daily newspaper.

5. Cheaper Option

When you think about it, a keypad lock saves you the extra bucks you spend on duplicating and replacing keys. You also don’t have to spend so much on maintaining, fixing, or even changing your locks. One keypad lock can serve you for as long as you need due to its durability.

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