6 Tips To Enhance Commercial Building Security

6 Tips To Enhance Commercial Building Security

Crimes can happen anytime and anywhere – it’s said that one of the most vulnerable targets for crime is commercial buildings. Whether you have a retail store, a warehouse, a restaurant, or a corporate office, your commercial property can be susceptible to criminals, especially if they believe your building holds plenty of valuables. Thus, as business owners, it’s up to you to look out for the Commercial Building security and safety of your property, employees, and valuables.  

Truth be told, commercial building Security may be more complicated than home security. Commercial properties of any size have more components, which means there are also many factors you’ll need to secure like your employees, furniture pieces, sensitive documents, cash, and other valuables. When you overlook commercial building security, your building might be at risk of crimes like robbery, vandalism, break-ins, and the like.

And so, this post will guide you on how to properly implement commercial building security and minimize your building’s risk of crimes. Here are six tips to enhance commercial building security and keep your company safe. 

1. Hire Commercial Security Services 

One of the traditional and still effective ways to tighten commercial building security is hiring commercial security guards. These professional security guards are trained and equipped to protect your commercial property from threats. You can assign them to guard the entrances of your commercial building.

Meanwhile, the others will roam around the facility to monitor any movement or signs of problems. Furthermore, in case you or most of your staff are away during weekends, holidays, or special events, these security guards will be in charge of looking after your building and providing real-time reports. 

So, if you don’t have any security patrol staff for your business yet, now’s the time to do so. If you’re in Canada, you may search for some security guard companies in Toronto or other security services in your local area.  

2. Install Security Cameras 

Adding surveillance cameras is another excellent way to strengthen your commercial building security. Once potential criminals see that security cameras surround your building, it’ll discourage them from targeting your premises, deterring crime. Further, installing surveillance cameras all over your building allows you to monitor the entire building from one place. You can also assign a security staff to monitor the cameras and check for suspicious movement. 

To ensure your security cameras can effectively provide security for your building, you need to install them in key locations where criminals are most likely to appear. Some places that may need security cameras are: 

  • Entry and exit points; 
  • Garage or parking lot; 
  • Loading docks;
  • Elevators;
  • Storage facilities; and 
  • Restricted areas or rooms. 

If possible, you may also include putting security cameras in offices or other areas where your employees usually work. This way, you can monitor in case of any foul play or internal office security threats. It’s also essential to post signages that state your commercial building is covered with security cameras. 

Ultimately, installing security cameras will give you peace of mind that you can check and monitor your building round the clock – that there are watchful eyes on your company’s premises.  

3. Use An Access Control System 

Gone are the days when door locks and keys are used to secure your personnel commercial buildings. Now, you have the option to upgrade your locks and entry systems into an access control system for your Commercial Building Security.

Unlike the old door locking system in which intruders can easily destroy or pick the lock, the access control system is much stricter when permitting access. This keyless type of entry system is much easier, safer, and more secure than the traditional door locks. Instead of keys, employees and other authorized personnel can only enter your building by scanning their IDs, fingerprints, or face recognition.  

You also don’t have to keep track of all the keys to your building since you can control access and change user permissions from your phone. Additionally, you don’t have to give away duplicate keys to your employees, reducing the risk of getting misplaced or picked up by the wrong hands. 

4. Install An Elevator Control System 

If you have a multi-story commercial building, installing an elevator control system may be ideal. This is important, especially since elevators are one of the most common areas for crime attacks. Through this system, you can control the people who can only use the elevators and take them to any specific floor, strengthening your building security. 

5. Surround Your Building With Monitored Alarm Systems 

Aside from security cameras and access control systems, another technology to consider adding to your commercial building security is a monitored alarm system. This Commercial Building security solution will trigger its alarm and notify you and the authorities about any suspicious sound, sight, or movement. 

For example, if your windows or doors are damaged or opened, or your property fences are destroyed, the system will play a loud alarm to drive away intruders. In contrast, the loud alarm will also notify everyone in the building. You can also add a panic button feature so that anyone can use it to trigger the alarm whenever attacks happen. 

6. Maintain Your Commercial Property 

While you’re busy managing your business, ensure you also make time to conduct routine property maintenance to protect your building. If some fixtures of your lighting system are busted, replace the light bulbs immediately since most criminals prefer to attack facilities with insufficient lighting. In addition, don’t forget to trim the bushes surrounding your building so the intruders won’t have any spots to hide. You can add an additional layer of security by looking into companies such as Shady Biz Tinting to tint your windows so intruders won’t be able to easily peek through. Lastly, always check the locks of your doors and windows to ensure they’re functional.  

Enhance Security Of Your Commercial Building 

Ultimately, the security and safety of your commercial building depend on the security measures you take. So, aside from running your business, maintaining the security of your building should also be one of your priorities. Remember the featured tips and start improving the security of your commercial building today.

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