Why Your Company May Need a Panic Button?

Why Your Company May Need a Panic Button

A majority of people are aware of panic buttons in banking establishments, they know them as the hidden switch that tellers can press to alert police about any robbery currently happening. 

In contemporary society, any office space or business could run the risk of facing problems like unwanted intruders, theft, or violence. Apart from this, a panic button can also assist with many other situations like medical emergencies. 

For this reason, more and more organizations are thinking about installing panic buttons throughout their space, so that if trouble comes, onsite staff or law enforcement officials can attend to the matter when they are alerted. 

Assessing the need for a panic button

As a manager or business owner, you know your place of work better than anyone. And chances are you already have spaces that worry you. Nevertheless, it’s always best to talk to a security professional to tailer make your needs through understanding your business surroundings, such as the areas in your workplace that are risky and the number of employees you have. 

Some businesses due to how they are structured are more susceptible to violent crime. This can be because of the communities they function in or the amount of traffic they have. For example, if you pay attention to the news, it’s clear that pharmacies, cell phone stores, liquor stores and convenience stores are key targets for criminals.

In the same light government buildings, hospitals, schools, and even professional and commercial offices also have a measure of risk. Take for instance, if an angry parent confronts an educator, or irrational customer or an enraged spouse feels offended by a retail store, it would seem logical to place panic buttons in many locations that have potential risk.

Furthermore, enterprise businesses due to the number of employees they have and the size of their facilities usually have a greater need for emergency assistance in case something happens.

How many panic buttons are needed?

The truth is, there’s no magic number, but the number of panic buttons you choose to install as they will be determined by the floor plan your business has and also where your employees are located. For instance, if there is a waiting area with an individual reception desk or customer window, then placing a panic button in that location is a good idea. 

If the intruder hurts the receptionist before the panic button is pressed and the safety of the office is now compromised, more panic buttons could be in different locations, like the break room, a desk close by, an office in the rear end of the building or a room where employees are commanded to go to incase an emergency erupts. 

The bottom line is if the panic buttons are strategically placed, there’s a greater opportunity to let security personnel or law enforcement know of your predicament. 

In bigger organizations, like an enterprise or warehouse company, a panic button may be needed in the far corners of the building, just in case, an employee spots an intruder who got access through the rear door. That way if a button also has access control, the interior doors of the building will be locked to keep the intruder out.

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