The Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers To Watch

The Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers to Watch features,

Tachyum: Tachyum is a semiconductor company headquartered in Las Vegas NV, with product and business development offices located in Santa Clara CA and Bratislava Slovakia. The company’s flagship processor chip is on track for tape out and silicon sampling in 2022.

Tachyum’s 128-core Prodigy is the world’s first universal processor, capable of seamlessly switching from normal data center workloads to AI or HPC workloads while delivering industry-leading performance across the board. 

The underlying cause is the physics of nanometer class devices, which existing approaches to hardware, software, and system design, fail to overcome. Advancements in semiconductor density, power efficiency, and cost have slowed dramatically.

The Industry is facing a performance plateau crisis and is discussing the death of Moore’s law; which states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, and the cost of processors is halved. 

The underlying cause is the physics of nanometer class devices, which existing approaches to hardware, software, and system design, fail to overcome.

A solution requires a fundamentally new approach, one that non-disruptively converts existing software to new computational mechanisms, created specifically to unlock the performance of nanometer-size devices. Tachyum’s Founders have a proven track record, in previous companies, of solving problems caused by device physics, to deliver disruptive products to market.

Tachyum will unlock unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and cost advantages, to solve the most complex problems in big data analytics, deep learning, mobile, and large-scale computing. The deep impact will be felt across a broad spectrum of markets and industries. 

EDGEMATRIX: EDGEMATRIX is an industry pioneer that can provide “video edge AI” that analyses camera images on-site (edge) from end to end as a one-stop-shop. They are a start-up of about 30 people in Tokyo Japan but have specialists who can provide hardware devices, software, cloud services, and solutions including installation work. Their offerings are the following products and services.

“Edge AI Box” is a device that processes high-definition video in real-time on-site (edge). 

“EDGEMATRIX Platform Service” is an integrated management platform for devices and AI applications. Video edge AI solution” implements on-site and solves problems. Also, the company provides

“EDGEMATRIX stores” that sell AI applications developed by various partners, forming an ecosystem of video edge AI.

Neurosensum: Neurosensum is a Neuroscience and AI-based consumer research company that tries to understand consumers’ subconscious responses using cutting-edge tools like EEG, Virtual Reality, Eye Tracking, Reaction Time-based applications, Facial Coding, etc.

At Neurosensum, we believe that with advancements in applied Neuroscience, it is now possible to dig deep into the consumer’s brain for marketers to understand consumer’s subconscious responses to an advertisement, a billboard design, a supermarket aisle, or product’s packaging.

We are the only neuroscience player in Indonesia and the fastest growing market research company in Indonesia. Neurosensum has been growing very fast.

Unfortunately, we cannot share the numbers as it is privately held. What we can say is that Neurosensum have quadrupled in 3 years of business and now have more than 100 people working full time with us.

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