The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing: How To Engage And Connect With Your Audience?

The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing: How To Connect With Your Audience? | The Enterprise World

According to research, people must remember the information they receive from external sources within 72 hours. Of course, the exceptions are essential data for the user. Thus, many companies face the question of how to present information to the clients so that it remains in their memory for as long as possible. The solution is to use stories. Storytelling in marketing help you connect with your audience and involve them in the company’s internal processes. In this article, together with the expert Maryna Mykhailiuta, we will try to understand this rather complicated question. You will learn what storytelling is, its types, and its successful use in marketing.

What Is Storytelling?

A compelling story is a unique key that helps establish an interaction with the company’s customers. It not only stays in the memory but also increases loyalty and trust toward the storyteller, evoking certain emotions in the person. This all leads to the company’s primary goal of increasing sales. This is why storytelling In marketing is gaining popularity so rapidly, regardless of where it is used, whether TV commercials or online webinars.

In simple terms, Storytelling in marketing presents information in the format of stories and narratives. You can learn basic information about it at Its main task is to attract the listener’s attention and influence them through emotions. Reputable companies use this technique for such purposes as

  • building knowledge about the product and the company;
  • establishing an emotional connection with the audience;
  • increasing recognition and loyalty on the part of customers.

Different types of storytelling can be used to achieve these objectives. Below is detailed information about each of them.

Types of storytelling in marketing

Today many different types of storytelling are used in various fields. Some users think of stage performances or television commercials when they think of the term, but it is much more varied than that. Check out the table below to see the main types of this process.

The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing: How To Connect With Your Audience? | The Enterprise World
WebsiteEach company can present its development history or other useful information. One interesting solution would be to create an interactive assistant who can tell important information to the client in an unusual way. This will certainly attract the attention of the user, as well as help to create a trusting connection. In this case, the imagination can be simply unlimited.
Chat botToday you can create a chatbot in almost any messenger. This method helps to convey a message to customers in a fun way. The user communicates with the bot choosing the answer options, and the bot, in turn, tells the story. In this case, customer engagement is also facilitated.
EmailsThis is a rather old but quite effective method of storytelling in marketing, which is used in marketing. It enables you to convey the main idea of the company through a short story. Some companies use an interesting trick: they send the user one story split into several letters. Each part ends at the most interesting point. This greatly increases the audience’s interest in the company.
PerformancesThe stories told properly, whether offline or online, help to deliver the information to the listener and to motivate him or her to take action.
Radio and television commercialsAs a rule, advertising on television or radio is considered quite short, so it is quite difficult to use this format. However, some representatives of the business have already managed to entice the audience in this way. For example, the story about the left and right sticks of the famous candy bar became very interesting and memorable.
VideoThis is one of the most common formats of storytelling in marketing. It is used on the internet and various social media sites to increase sales and awareness. Using videos on YouTube or Instagram, companies communicate to their audiences both important information about promotions and merely entertaining content that establishes a trusting connection between the customer and the company.
BillboardAt least once each of you has seen this format of advertising. It is considered quite effective but only if the right template is created. Often, advertising is placed on two sides of the billboard. For example, one side may feature a question the clients are interested in, and the other – the answer. Thus, having seen one part of the advertisement is difficult to walk past without paying attention to the continuation.

It is essential to know how does a performer create a group-storytelling experience. In any case, remember that the best story wins when it comes to storytelling, which means that sufficient attention must be given to creating the story itself. This is quite a time-consuming process that requires a lot of energy and emotion.

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Examples Of Successful Storytelling In Marketing

Some well-known brands have long used storytelling for marketing, as it is a convenient and easy tool to connect with their audience. Here are some of the most successful process narratives examples:

  • Think Different by Apple ;
  • Natural Beauty by Dove ;
  • Just Do It by Nike ;
  • Share a Coke by Coca-Cola.
The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing: How To Connect With Your Audience? | The Enterprise World

Each of the above examples proves that with the right story, a company can achieve its objective: to increase the number of customers or sales and to establish the audience’s trust in the brand. Treating this issue with great responsibility is essential for the result to manageable. First, you need to choose the right type of storytelling for your case because not every type of business is suitable for speeches (read more about this at,words%20and%20ideas%20being%20expressed) or emails.

It is also worth remembering that it should be used more than ordinary advertising. The primary purpose of such a tool is to bring the potential client to a particular thought. The buyer must understand that the product is not being imposed on him and that he is the one who decides to buy it.

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